The curse of fat fingers…

Due to an unexpected situation at home, i had to send a text message to Sam, friend of The Boy, while still in NYC last week.

Unfortunately, i didn’t have Sam’s phone number – and had to first contact Matt, another friend, to get the proper digits.  This was being accomplished as i made my way to the airport, en route to Chicago.

daisyfae:  Sam – it’s daisyfae.  The Boy’s dad is on his way to town to spring him.  Just bag up his stuff and put it on my front porch – before 2pm if possible.  Thx.

Shortly after sending this, i received the following message in return:

Unknown Recipient:  I believe this message was sent in error.

daisyfae:  Apologies.

31 thoughts on “The curse of fat fingers…

  1. this is why i hate texting! (i even hate having to say texting) if you send me a text message, i will call you with my answer! (and i have the SMALLEST phone possible for an old lady who wears glasses and has fat fingers!) xoxoxoxo

    • i’m usually pretty good with texting… it was the number i screwed up because i read/entered it while bouncing around in the back seat of a NYC taxi…

  2. I’ve had that happen. The personal message was left on my cell after I’d gotten a new number, was obviously intended for some other woman, and the person that left the message was male, obviously drunk, and at some point had an intimate relationship with the person he thought he was leaving the message to. Oh, you know I had fun with him. I mean, it was just too easy. 😉

    • when i get a voicemail/text that is an obvious misfire, i usually reply to let the sender know that it was a misfire… although i would be sorely tempted to play with a guy who’s out drunk dialing!

  3. So happy to hear that other people have a similar problem. Damn button are too small for my eyes or my hands and they move around in the trickiest ways. Which is my excuse and I am sticking to it.

    • i picture the recipient as a lovely church-going woman named Edna… who had to call her husband Wilbur over for a consultation “Oh, dear, Wilbur… There’s some young man being sprung, and his mother is trying to get his stuff bagged. Whatever shall we do?”

  4. Quite often I get messages on my voice mail that are obviously for someone else. I generally call the people to let them know that they have not reached the person they thought they were. But the receiving of text messages in error doesn’t happen here — or the sending of them either.

    The only time I have ever texted anyone was when we were in Europe and it was actually easier to text than to talk since the network our cell phone was on tended to drop calls. And the recipient of the communication also preferred not to actually be talking when she could text instead.

    • there are times when it’s very convenient – i can text someone while i’m stuck in a meeting to tell them i’ll be late. or i can text someone to ask for a ‘rescue call’ to get me OUT of a meeting that i’m stuck in… it has it’s uses…

  5. I hate to kids love to send me text with those silly abbreviations that I’m too old to know what they mean. I always have to ask them what they really said, which causes lots of lol’s, rofl, wtf’s…to come over my phone and be called a noob. I just hit the call button instead and make them use their voice to respond. Hope the Boy was sprung OK. Love your very solemn response back.

  6. I don’t even have texting capability on my phone. It’s just a phone. Isn’t that quaint? At least it’s not a bag phone. I finally got my husband to give up the one he kept in his car. I told him he might as well have a CB radio, he was that behind the times. “Breaker, breaker, one-niner….copy that good buddy….”

    • this made me laugh! a bag phone? that still works? he could probably get money for that – maybe from the Smithsonian or some other technology museum!

  7. One Saturday night I got a text message meant for someone else. It was suggesting that I make the excuse of needing to go to the toilet to slip away from the person I was with to meet the sender near the toilets for an illicit kiss.

    • i am still quite curious about who it was… i like the idea of a sweet, older, tech-savvy woman – consulting with her husband about what to do… but it could have been some crunchy gangster-type, or a 12-year old with good texting skills…

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