Hooray, hooray! We’re on our way!

My summer holiday starts today! 

This year, instead of lazing about on the Aegean, it’s off to the bright lights, big city!  i have the amazing good fortune to be meeting up with the incredible, edible nursemyra for adventures in NYC and Chicago!

This blog was for personal therapy.  Still is.  Over time, i was astonished at the by-product of writing – personal connections that developed with others… through comments, e-mails… and the sharing of words across continents.

The lumpy, shy girl from the neighborhood grew up and learned to say “What the fuck, i’m in!”  Caution?  Whazzat?  The adventures began when i decided to travel to Spain* to spend a week in the company of women i’d never met. 

Since that time,  i’ve had many blogger meet ups — and with only one unpleasant surprise along the way, i think it’s gone very well!  Culminating in a successful holiday in Greece last summer with the lovely dolce, and nursemyra, i’m quite comfortable scooting off again with my lovely travel mate from down-under!

For what it’s worth, we’re both packing lingerie and cameras…  a ‘double corset’ could happen.  Or not.  Because those photo shoots are a lot of work.  And we’re feeling pretty lazy… 

There will be books, and friends, and museums, and theater… and perhaps a few things more!  i’ll be posting updates on my 30 day challenge here, but otherwise, i expect to only be out and about in the blogosphere sporadically.

Happy July, y’all!


* Let alone, post photos of myself wearing only the barest essentials…

43 thoughts on “Hooray, hooray! We’re on our way!

  1. did i already tell you how jealous i am, sugar? or did good manners overcome my baser self and prevent yet another faux pas on my part? xoxoxoxoxo

    (have a marvelous time, honey!)

  2. Have a wonderful time! I have to say, selfishly, that it is a very great shame that you and nursemyra are going to be as close as Chicago and not be able to drop south to see The Havens. But I have no bright lights to offer….

  3. I too am sad that you’ll be soooooo close …. and yet?
    All I have is the majesty and beauty of Niagara Falls to lure you to the other side of NY! lol

    Enjoy the bright lights of BOTH big cities!

  4. It’s amazing, isn’t it, that we can forge real-time, real-life friendships from something as will-o-the-wisp as …a blog!
    You and the nurse and UB can have a group hug for me.

    • it is pretty wild… if someone takes the time to really read my words? they get a pretty good idea of who i am. and i find that some of these friendships are pretty powerful…

    • Honey, unless you’re a manipulative, mean-spirited whackjob with a severe case of narcissistic personality disorder? you aren’t going to be anywhere close! looking forward to the meet up!

  5. Hey gorgeous… I love the new look! (sorry I’ve been awol).

    Have a blast in NY. I’ll watch the news to make sure you guys aren’t causing too much trouble!

    (I’ve got my first blogger meet up in August… I’m excited!)

  6. (sings: Oh C’mon, baby don’t you wanna go, back to that same old place, Sweet Home Chicago”…) Please reenact Blues Brothers scenes for me, and do be sure to shake that tail-feather all over the neighbourhood. Enjoy the Myraness, happy holisticsdays!

  7. Well i’m sure the UB is on the agenda, what about Rassles in Chicago? No one ever comes to the Burgh, (sniff, sniff) well that not entirely correct that Canadian girl from Praying to Darwin visited just not me, probably as it should be, i’m much more interesting on paper than in real life, have a good trip and give that Nurse a squeeze for me.

    • drinking with Rassles is on my bucket list! as is hanging out with you… i’ll get there. just 4 1/2 hours by car… maybe 4 the way i drive… will squeeze a nurse on your behalf!

    • Nursemyra posted photos of herself wearing items from her extensive collection of corsets every friday for 3 years. When we go on holiday, we take shots of the two of us together in our under crackers – hence, “double corset”. If you go to the link in my post to Spain, you’ll get the picture…

  8. Have a fabulous time! Will you see UB? Jealous! (P.S. love the the new look–I’ve been remiss in visiting my blog buddies lately, so apologies if it’s not really that “new.”}

    • Already went out with UB Monday evening — and we took him somewhere he’d never been in NYC! He is also responsible for my new header photo – has been up a couple weeks. i like it…. We’re going out with the UB again tonight! Adventure awaits!

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