30 Days to a…..

Watch this.  Go ahead.  i’ll wait.  It’s about 3 1/2 minutes… C’mon, attention deficients!  My internet-addled brain sat through it.  Twice.

My friend bob challenged me, and a few other mates*, to try something new for 30 days.  And report on it here.  It starts tomorrow, so i’ll have to figure out something i can do while taking an extended vacation for a couple of weeks…

30 day challenge.  Do something once a day for 30 days.  Challenge.  Hmmmm…

Give up sugar?  No way.  Booze = sugar.  i ain’t crazy.  Give up “white foods”?  Meh… one could argue that potatoes are beige.  Give up tormenting the emotionally unstable?  Would probably serve me well, but what fun would that be?

My days and nights are full of fun and adventure, work provides sustenance to pay for fun and adventure, and both of the progeny are in good places** at the moment.  What i lack is Purpose.  Growth.  Forward momentum.  Utility. 

Don’t get me wrong – this whole “farting around” thing is a blast!  i still have four weeks of scheduled vacation ahead in this calendar year!  Doing my first ‘zipline tour’ this week.  Have tackled new SCUBA certifications this year, and will be trying those out within a couple of months…

Living life as a pinball has drawbacks, though.  What i’ve lost? Among other things, my ability to drill into a subject, execute research from many angles, and formulate my own opinion.  Critical thinking requires data.  Extracting knowledge from that requires thought. 

Reading.  Not scanning but reading.  It’s different.

Sure, i spend hours every day reading.  But it’s beeps and squeaks on the internet.  Blogs.  Short ‘flyover’ news blurbs.  Headlines.  “Call and response” e-mail traffic at work, covering diverse subjects.

i have lost my ability to sit down and read for any length of time.  Unless my ass is in an airplane seat… but even then, i’m prone to sleep.  Often snoozing before the plane has pushed back from the gate.

Speaking of sleep, there’s another thing i sort of suck at…  My friend, AB, has been studying the effects of sleep on human cellular repair/regeneration.  She has repeatedly emphasized to me the importance of sleep on general health and longevity.

My sleep schedule is pretty bad.  In bed around midnight, asleep maybe 30 minutes later, and i start swatting the snooze alarm somewhere around 0600.  Less than six hours sleep/night?  Probably not enough.

So what to attempt for 30 days?  With the admonishment “Simple = Sustainable” rattling around in my head, it shall be this:

My 30 Day Challenge:  Read a book (e- or paper) for at least 30 continuous minutes/day.  Go to bed at least 30 minutes earlier*** than i usually would.  Can combine this with 30 minutes of reading at bedtime, but not required…

30 Days to a More Focused, Better Rested daisyfae… 

Will do the updates here.  Let the accountability begin!


* Let me know if you want to play.  He would like to get the game up to 30 people

** In general?  Not in my basement…

***  Weekends, i sometimes stay up later, but get up at 0730 when the sun shines in my face… at least this time of year.

58 thoughts on “30 Days to a…..

    • @savannah – i’m going to load up an e-book reader, and give that a try. since i lost my bifocals, i think the ‘large print’ function may save me!
      @nursemyra – oh, yeah… and i’m hoping to swap reads with you while we’re camping in the city!

  1. Hmmm…something new? Maybe I could make my challenge “to finish what I start.” Well, that would certainly be a novelty!
    I do have a fair slug of artwork in the pipeline, but as it’s for exhibition I couldn’t say much about it.
    I could give up wine for 30 days. I think I could.Damn! That’ll be a helluva challenge so I’ll pick up that ball and run with it.
    Here it is, in writing: NO WINE FOR THIRTY DAYS.
    Starting tomorrow, which in my world is July 12.

  2. I’ve tried to establish a sanctioned reading night, in which I don’t come home after work and flip on the TV before bed. I always start out strong but then lose my way when I finish a book. Learn from my mistakes.

    • that happens with me as well… or, i start reading something i don’t really enjoy, and instead of putting it down and picking up something i like better? i just put it down. feel like i’m cheating on the first book if i read another book before i finish. although i’m getting over that…

  3. Exciting – there is a new book by Alan Hollinghurst (The Line of Beauty) and also a new book by the guy who wrote The White Tiger. Hilary Mantel is to-die-for amazingly historically intellectual. If you like your Tudor history, you will love Wolf Hall. Happy 30s!

  4. Since you’re spending nearly 2 weeks of that 30 day challenge in my company I’ll be happy to help you read more and go to bed earlier! It’s what I’m famous for 😉

  5. I barely have 30 minutes to do nothing these days, so i’m gonna sit this one out, unless it’s spend 30 minutes contemplating the ceiling… uh but i do that already… if i have the time.

    • doesn’t have to be 30 minutes. just try something new each day for 30 days! it could be as easy as slapping an idiot at work. only takes a second, and you KNOW you want to…

  6. I’d like to have sex twice (or more) a day for 30 days.
    Sadly, Jack doesn’t live close enough for me to make that a reality.

    I’ll figure out something! 🙂

  7. i’m going to actually comply with those restraining orders. they’re only going to last another 42 days anyway.

    and good luck with your avoiding getting lost in the interwebz during reading time.

    • Yeah. it’s not stalking until they file the paperwork, huh…

      THAT’S going to be the hardest part – turning off the computer. but i think i may add that to the list…

  8. I’m going to be the anti-christ on this post. I’m actually going to increase my drinking and the consumption of red meat for the next 30 days. But I do admire your determination nearly as much I appreciate your great looking arse.

    • doesn’t say it has to be something good for you. just something you want to do… and my dear, has anyone ever told you that you have such a way with the ladies? a bastard is so hard to resist….

  9. I tend to agree with AB and the importance of sleep on one’s overall health. I know folks who have a difficult time with their sleep patterns being all screwy. I’ll be curious to find out how this turns out for you Daisyfae. You may have to start drinking earlier inthe day though, I hear booze screws with sleep too but personally I think it’s why I sleep so good. Jus’ sayin’.. 🙂

    • adjusting the target – plan is to try to get 7 hours a night. up from my 5 1/2-6. and alcohol before bed DOES affect the quality of sleep. a drink at dinner is one thing, but before bed? oicks!

  10. hmmmm, my husband says he’s going to do 50 sit ups per day for the next 30 days. I may just sit back and enjoy that. 🙂
    Crap. I can’t think of anything for me, more to come from my pea-brain!

  11. Yeah, see…there’s no way I could function on six hours sleep. I’d look and feel like a rag-mop the next morning. I take the term ‘beauty sleep’ seriously. I require, and my body gets treated to, seven or eight hours a night. One of my little luxuries I indulge in. And reading before bed settles you in. I sooo encourage it. It makes for a more restful sleep, unless you’re reading something by Stephen King or Dean Koontz, which I usually am.

  12. I have a self-imposed deadline for the end of August and the last couple of days I’ve been slacking. Seems like a good idea for me to write – for at least an hour a day for the next 30days and still have time left over.
    As you get older you do need less sleep but napping after lunch is good.

    • Hi, Pat! Welcome to the park! There’s something nice about the communal accountability… I think it will help keep me on track! I also love a nap after lunch – unfortunately, it’s tough to pull that off at work!

  13. Like the idea. There are options here, like the mountain of articles and books I need to get through. Or the forum postings to reply too (all uni stuff), hmm. Will need to think it over and figure it out. Ebook readers are fantastic and you will churn through it 🙂

  14. If you do two challenges at once, do you win? I’m saying that you’re doing my challenge, even though I sleep too much and read too much, so it’s totally lying. I’ll start in August, and my challenge is to learn Spanish. I just got back from Spain and totally loved it.

    • i don’t think there are prizes… although i should ask about that! prizes are good… even a cupcake. i’ve got to tackle a language at some point… need to be fluent in French in a few years, and better get started…

  15. I loved this post and the lecture. Hope your 30 days is going well! I’m sure your body will love having more sleep. I thought about this and realized that my life is so chaotic nowadays that I’m not sure I could actually manage to perform one thing consistently for 30 days! There is way too much of the OBE thing going on around here.

    Then I thought maybe I should dedicate to the idea of sitting on my swing for 30 minutes for 30 days. I managed 20 minutes two days ago before my client came for her massage early and put the kibosh on that.

    Sometimes I feel that my life is truly not my own.

    • i definitely feel better with the extra hour sleep… i am looking forward to going to bed! that’s new! i know that “OBE” feeling – there have been periods of my life that have blazed out of control, and i’m just a passenger on a fast-moving bus, holding on for dear life… there will be relaxing days ahead for you! i hope! the swing sounds lovely…

    • if it weren’t for the looming holiday, i would have likely commited to exercise. i know i’ll be walking a lot, but gym time, or even time on the cross trainer that collects dust and spiders in my basement, wasn’t a good choice!

      i’ll take good care of her, and send her back to you rested, healthy and happy!

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