Pause that refreshes…

We interrupt our regularly scheduled program for a gruelling business trip this week… Back later…


36 thoughts on “Pause that refreshes…

  1. Grueling is right!
    I hope you get some time to unwind, relax, enjoy a glass (or 3) of wine while watching the waves crash into the sand.
    Oh, and if there’s a gentleman in the picture? More bester!

    Till then, don’t work so hard.
    All work and no play makes for a cranky Daisyfae!

    • it was pretty gorgeous. foggy and chilly each morning, the sun would burn through by about 3pm, which is about the time i was done working, and we’d hit the beach! came home to cold rain…

    • i shared. it wasn’t too bad…. couldn’t have bashed all of that myself and maintained any degree of functionality. not that i have much to begin with…

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