Let’s Make A Deal

Anxious for respite from work-related headaches, i waited outside my office building for my friend, Studley, to pick me up for lunch.  As i watched him pull into the circular driveway in his sporty Mustang convertible, i noted the vintage red Porsche pull up behind him.  i also noted that driving the vintage red Porsche was my former, and deeply beloved, Division Chief.

Smiling at Studley, i waved him off.  Pointing to the bright red hunk of automotive deliciousness i said “See ya!  i’m trading up!”

DivChief:  You may want to reconsider that – I bet he’s got air conditioning.

It was 110 degrees outside, with nearly matching humidity.  i may be fickle, but i ain’t stoopid….

36 thoughts on “Let’s Make A Deal

      • How did we survive without AC in cars? I never knew a vehicle could have AC until I was in my twenties, my Dad figured this was an added luxury that would a. break down and b. decrease his gas mileage. Of course, now he has air in all his cars. . .

        Our truck was born for Northern California and did not have AC installed. Still doesn’t. There is nothing wrong with drinking adequate fluids and driving with the windows down. You have to totally not care what your hair is going to look like, though.

        I just re-read this comment and the thought arose: For that matter, how did we survive without air conditioning? In the old days, we had shade trees around our houses, big porches and windows that opened. And for some reason, people had less asthma and less respiratory allergies then too. Wonder if there’s a connection?

      • i’ve gotten sort of used to not having A/C in the car. and when the one at home went wonky? i used a fan and opened my windows. wasn’t pleasant, but i survived…

    • Yay! Thank you very, very kindly! i’ll try to get around to doing the meme…. i may have done it before, but i’m so old now, i can’t remember…

    • i’m pretty sure i’m not a normal woman. although that bit of fickleness was ultimately driven by comfort, which is probably what drives most humans…

  1. I guess a girl has to do what a girl has to do……

    You go girl……(With head roll and optional finger wagging)

    I cant think of any more chick-ish sayings

    oh wait I have one more…

    Why are all the good ones married or gay?

    Done…phew…back to man business

    • the A/C in my home is also broken. i am getting used to the heat, but will likely have to do something (as in buy a new A/C unit…. ) before july and august smother me…

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