But the lightbulb has to want to change…

In the midst of a holiday weekend adventure, i’m out of town with a couple of friends.  Studley McRocklegs – not only an accomplished cyclist, but an ace pilot as well – flew us to the Carolina woods to spend the weekend with an old friend of mine, the brilliant and delicious Professor AB.

Having gotten her PhD in Engineering from a top-notch school by the time she was 25 years old, AB is a rock star in our profession.  While out and about farting around this morning, we attended a large outdoor charity fundraiser.  Mid-way through the morning, Professor noted that i had been working the crowd.  Commenting on this or that, asking them questions about stuff, and generally mixing it up with the random collection of strangers we encountered.

Back in the car, headed out for more farting around, we discussed the differences.

Professor AB:  I just don’t like people, until they give me a reason to.  You seem to really like everyone.

daisyfae:  Until they give me a reason not to like them, yeah, i kinda do…

Studley:  I’m an introvert, but I work at being extroverted, because I kinda like people.  And it helps if you are trying to get laid to be able to talk to people you don’t know.

Pic found here.  And by the way, solid state lighting is a bit of technological magic… compact fluorescents?  Well intentioned, but a little toxic…

* We are Ambassadors of Farting Around.  Flying out-of-town, on short notice, to hang out with a friend and teach her the art of farting around.  Which replaced her plan to teach herself the more esoteric details of Mathematica this holiday weekend….

39 thoughts on “But the lightbulb has to want to change…

  1. I like people until they give me a reason not to, but I’m still not good at working a crowd and my days of trying to get laid by random strangers are long gone. Not to say that if something happened to Jim I wouldn’t be back on that path.

    The thought terrifies me.

    • getting laid is easy. getting laid WELL? there’s the challenge… nothing random about that process. it’s a science. and one i hope you’ll never learn!

    • i’ve developed a fascination with how other people think, live, and exist. i am always enthralled when i can share a moment. just a glimpse. it’s when they display claws, and decide to hang around that i scoot for the exit…

  2. As I get older I get more annoyed with people, especially the eejits who get a little too close. Farting around somewhere warm and sunny seems to be the way too go.

    Watch this space.

    • my defense? a well-honed “eejit filter”. usually can spot them, by watching their behaviour, before i engage. it’s pure instinct. it’s warm, not particularly sunny, but the company is spectacular!

      i’ve known the gorgeous perfessor for a long time… she’s one of the closest to me. introducing her to Studley – my ‘statistically significant other”? another fascinating adventure! on top of threading a small plane through ugly thunderstorms…

      hope you get some ‘warm and sunny’ soon. it’s good for the soul.

    • when i retire, i want to live with both of you in a commune. i’ll handle all of the automotive stuff and home repair. i think you two would get along very well….

  3. Daisyfae I’m more in your sort of extroverted line but it’s admittedly for a Studleyesque aspriations, often. Meanwhile, Uiver my statistcally destined co-cat-parent would love to know more about the piloting of the plane. He is an amateur flyer of sorts!

    • studley has a ’72 cherokee 6. room enough for two bicycles in the back if we flatten the seats. with a tail wind on the flight, we were up to 156 kts. weather was a bit rough in spots, though, so we were on instruments for the entire flight. but he’s skilled. no major puckerage on my part.

  4. You’re always out of town… you’re not homeless, are you?

    I think you’re right about it being hardwired – I’m definitely an introvert but I do work at connecting with people because I’ve always been a little jealous of extroverts. Ugh, commenting has exhausted me so I have to go to my corner and cry myself to sleep now.

  5. I call myself the extroverted introvert.
    I try to stay to myself, but I don’t.
    It’s really in my nature to WANT to engage others in conversation.
    Find out about their lives, what makes them tick, that sort of thing.
    But more often than not, people irritate the bejeebus out of me!

    So really, I have no idea where that places me.
    However, I can tell you that if you’re out and about somewhere and you see a loud and inappropriate (language and manner of dress) red head laughing her fool head off, it’s more than likely me.

    • perhaps the best of both worlds is to be able to do both/either. if it could be turned off with a switch? even better! we should hang out… i am ALWAYS dressed inappropriately!

  6. Just to comment on the whole introvert/extrovert thing – I am close to the line on Meyers Briggs. Just depends on the day which side. However, when asked by my wife about getting involved in the parental side of my kids’ school Marching Band because “we should get to know more people” my comment was “I already know more people than I care to. Don’t need to know anymore.” I guess I know which side of the line I was on that day…

    • *snort* just a suggestion – avoid band parents. many are delightful, but there will be that few… those people… and you may find yourself wanting to stab them… or stuff them headfirst in a sousaphone.

  7. Studley McRocklegs- too funny! Sounds like a character on The Flintstones, and if The Flintstone’s has taught us anything, it’s that pelicans can be used to mix cement. I’m more of an introvert myself, that’s why I get along better with an extrovert woman. It’s a balancing act I do for fun.

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