Pavlov’s Bedroom

The Boy was home for Mother’s Day.  It’s been about a month or more since he’s made the trek, as he’s been swamped with school and work.  He hadn’t seen the new furniture, and some of the changes i’ve made since his last trip home.

Giving him a tour of my bedroom, i proudly pointed out my monument to sloth, the coffee bar, just a few steps from my bed.  i awaken, start a cup, take a leak, and return to fresh brewed coffee.  Because i am very lazy.

The Boy:  This place looks like a hotel room, right down to the fake plant sticks in the vase behind the coffee maker…

It hadn’t hit me until that moment — but he’s absolutely right.  For the past couple years, as i’ve built my ideal “bubble”, it has evolved into a hotel room.

Five years ago, i upgraded my mattress and springs.  What did i buy?  The exact set that i’d fallen in love with a few years prior – replicating The Westin Heavenly Bed.   The first time i encountered this fluffy cloud of ecstasy, i was hooked.  Had to have it.  i had never had such a perfect night’s sleep.  i didn’t buy it from the website, mind you, just did some research and replicated it.  And i still love it.

At the time i bought it, i was sleeping with a brown dog – and have since added an orange cat – and i couldn’t go so far as to get all those frou-frou white linens, but i have the fluffy feather pillows and goose down comforter, with the high thread count sheets.  In shades that sort-of kinda almost mask the critter fur.

It’s a hotel bed.

The Ikea dresser and end tables?  Black.  Squared off.  Glass tops.  Simple.  It’s hotel furniture.

My leather comfy chair?  Would look at home in any Hilton room.  Just needs a room service tray on the footstool.

Talking with friends while on the road this week, i was reminded of the old George Carlin schtick on “Stuff”.  How we like it around us.  Even when we travel, we bring our “Stuff” so we feel at home.  Also how the hotel chains are further encouraging brand loyalty by keeping all rooms fairly similar in style, furnishings and layout – because we feel comfortable in familiar surroundings.

Reckon with all my time on the road these past few years, i’m working it backwards.  i made my “Stuff” look like the road.

45 thoughts on “Pavlov’s Bedroom

  1. well, as long as you are comfy, and some hotels i’ve stayed in i’d love to have copied to my bedroom they were friggin’ awewsome! ours does not look like a hotel room i’d be afraid of a hotel that was that extreme of a dump! but it sleeps good, seriously, so its all good.

  2. You and your offspring are brilliant for figuring this out. It’s one of those under-the-radar observations that require a good dose of insight. Veddy interesting.

    • it isn’t something that would have popped me on the head, but it’s absolutely true. not sure what it means, whether it’s significant, or not, but the reality is…. i really like my bedroom now!

  3. Your coffee bar in room looks amazing… Just out of interest, do you live in a huge house where the kitchen is that far away? Love it!
    We used to have something similar – a Tea’s Maid – do they have them in the States? It’s a tea making alarm clock!

    • my condo is 3,000 square feet, half of which is upstairs. it’s big, but the walk to the kitchen isn’t unreasonable. i’ve just gotten used to having a coffee pot nearby… haven’t hear of “tea’s maid”, but integrating that into an alarm clock? brilliant!

  4. One of the most enjoyable times I had traveling was in the early ’80s when we got a little travel trailer and took it up to British Columbia. I loved having my “stuff” around me. I hate living out of a suitcase and having all my clothes, etc., put away in the trailer’s closet and drawers was such a joy. (That and being able to pull over to the side of the road to use the john whenever you needed to, no matter where you were.)

    Love the Navy poster, by the way.

    • one of the reasons i didn’t hate the cruise to alaska with mom was that i unpacked once, and then it was all just ‘there’. i have a series of vintage recruiting posters… two of which are up in the hallway between bedroom and bath, and i’m still not sure “Navy” is going up there… i’m quite slow to decorate.

    • odd, but i’d not considered that a geek thing. but you’re right. i also use the word “phenomenology” in conversation far more often than most normal people.

  5. As an ex-hotel maid, I can testify that hotel rooms, in addition to providing comfort and familiar surroundings for the users, are also designed to be cleaned quickly and easily. This is a Good Thing, and deserves to be replicated.

    Nothing wrong with less chaos in one’s life.

    I’m not seeing the plumbing to the coffee bar, though. Is that the next step?

    • Hadn’t realized that, either, but you’re right. my room is extremely easy to keep clean and tidy. love the storage cubbies under the coffee maker, too.

      Irish has offered to assist if i choose to do the plumbing project… the Keurig has a resovoir, so i fill it with water every 3-5 days and i’m ok with that. ideally? sure. but my next reno project is the kitchen, so this one has to wait a bit….

    • you may have a brilliant marketing idea! i bought mostly leather furniture, as it’s far easier to keep sanitized from critters, but the bed is a perpetual challenge. but i love sleeping with my “pack”, so i’ll live with the fur…

  6. Elephant’s Child just gave me an idea: you could get a doona and sheets made out of cat hair and dog hair, thus disguising any animal fur that the furkids shed when they sleep on/in the bed.

    • i think it’s highly marketable! someone with gumption and energy should run with it. that wouldn’t be me, by the way. i’m fucking off for the rest of my life…

    • if i lived in a lovely victorian cottage, that’s what i’d do. but i’m in a cookie-cutter condo. this works. and i am frighteningly comfortable in hotels…

  7. I think it’s pretty brilliant of you to replicate the easy comfort of a nice hotel in your own house. Let’s all pretend you did it consciously. We’ll never tell.

    • not daily, but every two weeks, a crew comes in to remove pet fur, sanitize the kitchen and bath, and apparently re-arrange my bathroom make up collection in a fairly random manner… i love them. they clean the poo out of my toilets. i tip them well…

  8. After staying in a fru-fru hotel that had a make up table, I created one of my own at home….it’s nice to sit down with all my tools…a trowel, spackle, bucket of paint and see how I can affect my look of the day.

    • have stopped short of bolting down appliances. and have yet to steal one of my own towels… but i do need a nice fluffy bathrobe on the back of the bathroom door, now that you mention it. There’s nothing “mini” about my bar requirements. Would need a bigger bedroom for that…

  9. I don’t think the coffee bar makes you lazy at all – you’re just maximizing your efficiency of movement toward an awakened status.

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