Letting the days go by…

Over the past five days, i’ve done all of the following things, not in any particular order:

– Sang with a rock and roll band in a redneck bar.  Got invited back.

– Laughed my fool ass off at the funniest Broadway musical ever created.

– Was enthralled, and mildly aroused, by the brutal grace of the sport known as flat-track women’s roller derby.

– Connected with a man i met when i was 10 years old, over a gourmet meal he prepared for me, watching the full moon rise over the East River.

– Spent an undeniably wonderful evening celebrating my brother-in-laws retirement… with my family.

– Nearly gotten “Taxi Face” from being slammed into the plexiglass divider in a NYC cab en route from La Guardia airport.

– Carried an empty cat-carrier through a bar saying “Stand back! Lion cub!”

– Shared contraband liquor with local politicians at a formal fundraising luncheon.

– Failed to recognize my own brother, as he’d shaved his head of the artificially darkened scraggy pony tail, and had bought some new glasses…

– Cast votes in my homeowners association annual election via text message to my ‘proxy’.

– Finessed a solution to a  potentially deal-breaking barrier to a collaboration between universities, industry and government research organizations.

– Drank hot sake with a hot date while eating a $10 piece of raw fish.

– Talked to my dog over the phone.

– Harassed people doing a television shoot by saying “Excuse me, are you somebody?”

– Drooled on my shirt while sleeping on an airplane.

– Fought with a hot date over who got to order “edamame” because we both like saying it.

– Talked to my Mom about budding family disturbance while looking out on Times Square through the same window used by Dick Clark’s cryogenically preserved head on New Year’s Eve.

– Saw a mummy.

– Packed for a roadtrip in less than an hour.

– Watched some B-list pop stars dance to their new release in the executive lounge of a NYC bar.  At 4:00pm in the afternoon.

– Talked my sister’s partner off a ledge as she deals with her first serious bipolar disorder breakdown. 

– Wrote a blog post that will be read by a couple hundred people or so from around the world… while eating lunch and swilling a couple pints of beer in a fake Irish pub, waiting the start of my next Broadway show…

And the question remains:  How did a bedraggled, snot-nosed loser of a kid from a virtual trailer park in the midwestern United States ever land this gig?

“How did i get here?”

– David Byrne

52 thoughts on “Letting the days go by…

  1. Hey! I can lay claim to a few of those incidents. Another blogger grabbed by the wrist and dragged through Manhattan. Who’s next? Step right up!

    FYI for comment lurkers: B-list pop stars = Salt n’ Pepa. “Push it real good!” Also, a Food Network B-lister and his surprisingly good-natured and accommodating set-up crew.

  2. And, if you don’t mind my adding, two rooms full of van Gogh masterpieces, a temple built in 15 BC, some whoop ass Tiffany windows and Times Square, packed and blazing bright, at 10:00 p.m. Not your typical Tuesday. Or mine.

    • these folks were absolutely delightful! very fun to play with… and pleasant, too! i don’t know why i love edamame, or like saying it, but it’s good stuff…

  3. booooorrrrinnngggg… please only post when you have something to say!! 🙂

    Glad you had fun sweetie! Lemme know when you’re up this way… I can’t promise a broadway show but I can promise plenty of drunk irishmen. xoxox

  4. I believe it’s called MOXIE.
    mox·ie (mks)
    n. Slang
    1. The ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage.
    2. Aggressive energy; initiative:
    3. Skill; know-how.

    Yeah, that sounds like you. 😀

    • i had borrowed a cat carrier from my niece when she brought down my kitty… i’ve had it for over a year, and it was a chance to return it to her. never mind the other people in the bar…

    • when i hit a run like this, i never have to wonder if i’m alive or not… the breadth of ‘stuff’ is what amazed me. lucky, lucky, lucky to be able to ‘swing’ through all these different kinds of trees…

    • if you walk into a bar at 11pm on a friday with a cat carrier, every woman in the place will stand up and walk over to see what you’ve got. i decided the ‘lion cub’ response was the only way i’d get to my niece without too much trouble. unfortunately, that forced every man in the place to stand up and walk over to see what i had…

      the Van Gogh’s? made me cry a little… but it was so crowded i couldn’t just sit and stare at them… i’ll just have to go back!

  5. Empty cat carrier through a bar saying stand back…

    LOVE it. You are definitely a piece of work. (BTW, that is a very good thing.)

    As for how you got there, some will say even a blind squirrel finds an acorn now and then. At least that is part of what I claim for my meager success. As for your station in life? No luck there. Just raw work, brain power and pure moxie.


    PS: Call me sometime, will fill you in on the latest on that project we discussed a few months back.

    • good to hear from you again, Mr. TAG! i’ve used the ‘blind squirrel’ analogy on numerous occasions… our southern roots are showing, huh? will try to track you down again when things slow a bit… the next few weeks are raucous…

    • thanks, synchy… it’s bad. my heart is breaking and i can’t do much more than i have… my next roadtrip may not be anywhere near as much fun. she’ll get through it, but it’s bumpy. xoxo

  6. Sounds much better than mine you Woman of the World, plus the added bonus of hanging with the world re-knowned UB, my last week in a nutshell, spent one night in ER with son who fell out of bed and split head open (nothing serious didn’t even need stitches) got drunk, hung out at park with boyos, got drunk, ate drugs, worked, slept, got drunk, ate drugs and i think that’s it.

    • you could have been my companion for the entire ride, dear kono, and been perfectly at home at every step! for what it’s worth, after i retire, i shall join you for such a weekend…. and i can guarantee you i will be perfectly at home at every step of YOUR weekend! hope “Danger” is doing ok from his misadventure…

  7. if you can’t tell i’m hungover this moring due to a certain overtime hockey game, that said if you’re ever in the burgh you’ll get to tour nothing but the finest dive bars the city has to offer.

  8. i’m exhausted just reading that but thankful you do post about whats in your life. it brings me moments of enjoyent tears out right snorts and some confusion.

    • awww…. what a sweet comment! you get it! what overwhelms me sometimes is the diversity of ‘stuff’ in my life. this was a bit extreme, even for me. i think this is why i am sometimes GLAD i was that little snot-nosed loser kid. if i’d have had a silver spoon in my mouth from birth? would i really appreciate all this as much?

    • my head sure is thick as a rock sometimes! thanks! it was quite a ride… technically, SIX days, as i didn’t get home and tuck into bed until 3am due to another delayed flight (if you can believe THAT?!?!)

    • i don’t know about ‘badass’, but i will work very hard at making as much of an opportunity as i can… the fact that the NYC trip was a business trip (with one vacation day tacked onto the end) required a bit of work on logistics… but it sure was worth it!

  9. Wow. I don’t know if I could keep up with you young folks. . . Spoken as a person who only got 2 hours of sleep last night, and NOT because I was eating edamame and seeing broadway shows.

    The more I read the more I thing Unbearable banishment must be the nicest New York tour guide ever.

    • i’m pretty beat. 3 hours sleep and up to go to work this morning. took a longish lunch and came home to nap to recover a bit between meetings. i am not able to do this for more than a few days without need for serious rest.

      as for mr. banishment? he is the real thing – a genuinely delightful human. his giddy adoration for his city (yes, it is his) comes through with every giggle, odd fact or shared favorite secret place he provides. he will customize his view of the city to the interests of visitors, too…

    • it was a good run, but the bucket list is untouched. closest would be the little band thing – but it doesn’t count until i actually do the work, practice, and get at least one paying gig with a band. everything else is just modified karaoke… but i’m getting closer. another group lined up for an unpaid summer gig, too…

  10. HEY! That “man” you wrote about was me! What an honor to be mentioned in your adventurous whirlwind tour of the big apple! It’s still so strange to think that we have known each other for ?? years and have reconnected. Looking forward to being a part of MORE of your adventures! XOXO to be cont….

    • ABSOLUTELY! It is kinda strange – we share a common bit of history, but it’s obvious that we also share a lot more than that! i can’t wait to get a chance to hang out again – and there’s the matter of that screenplay you wrote sitting on my nightstand. best get reading soon! xoxo – and yes, to be cont…

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