Runaway Brain

During the monthly happy hour with my Breast Cancer Broads, my phone rang vibrated.  “RESTRICTED”, according to caller ID.  i ignored it, and continued on yakking with my friends.  About 10 minutes later, it went off again.  Unrecognizable series of numbers, never mind that i was with friends, so again i let it go to voice mail. 

Of course, no message alert tweaked me later.  Continuing with the festivities, i didn’t give it much thought.

The third time it went off, i was starting to get annoyed.  “C’mon!”, i thought, “Either leave a message or stop bothering me!”

Right around the same time, the thought dropped into my brain like a cartoon anvil: “Oh, shit!  That was from London!  Where my daughter is curently living!  SHIT!*”

Immediate distraction.  Racing thoughts.  We were finishing up our gathering, so i excused myself and raced home to check e-mail.  Mind was going a mile a minute.   “It’s almost midnight there.  If she was just calling to say ‘hi’, she’d have left a message.  Why was it showing ‘restricted’, then a number? Hospital?  What if she’s in the hospital after getting hit by a car because she didn’t look left when crossing a street or if she had an anxiety attack or was mugged of wants to come home because she hates school or she’sbeenabuctedbyaliens…”

You get the idea.

Rushing into my bedroom and lighting up the laptop.  No e-mail.  i quickly dug up the phone number for her mobile phone in London and called from the landline at home.  Went to voicemail almost immediately.  Leaving a “What’s up?” message – while trying to sound calm – i then sat back to catch my breath.

Mind continues to work…

“OK.  i can’t really do much even if something is wrong.  Bob** is there, and has her back.  Should i send him an e-mail?  No, it’s midnight there.  What the hell difference does it make whether i find out what’s up now or later?  Christ, it’s been another twenty minutes!  She’s fine – this is the kid who survived a bar fight in a Turkish brothel in Istanbul.  What happened? Did she get ejected from the program for some weird administrative problem?  Airfare is about a grand, but i could get there tomorrow night if i have to but why the fuck hasn’t she called back by now?”

Again, you get the idea…

Although it seemed like hours, my phone rang about five minutes later.  It was The Girl.

The Girl:  Hey, Ma.

daisyfae: What’s up?

The Girl:  I’m just doing some laundry and thought it would be easier to call than send you an e-mail tonight… Got your e-mail about sending a package, and would love it if you could find a battery charger for my camera.

daisyfae [finally breathing normally again]: Damn good to hear that!  i was pretty worried – once i realized it was you calling, i sort of freaked out.  Why did it take so long for you to call again? i was starting to lose it…

The Girl:  I got talking with this really neat French student down in the laundry room…

daisyfae:  ….

Check out the Disney short feature here.  Mickey discovers ‘shrooms…

* In case you’re wondering why i didn’t call her back?  i don’t have international calling enabled on my mobile.  i already provide my arm and leg when i fill up a car with gas, so there’s no need to provide the other appendages to the phone company for a service i rarely use…

** He’s an instructor at the school she is attending.  He’s also known her since she was born.  In fact, we recently started the rumor within his family that she is his “love child” from our youthful [ahem] entanglements.  And by the way folks, he’s not a ‘gold star gay’.

38 thoughts on “Runaway Brain

  1. I’ve done that too. As soon as I can’t reach someone, I’m sure they’re dead in a ditch somewhere. *Sigh* Curse of the “runaway brain”, I suppose.

    Glad to hear all is well.

    • i adore my spawn. am very glad i had them. would not send them back for anything… but i can envision a very full and rich life, following a very different course, had i not had them….

  2. Definitely one of the disdavantages of instantaneous communication. Years ago it would have just been left to the funeral director to send a letter by sea mail tellling you that the funeral went well five months ago.

  3. From the moment they are born until the moment we shuffle away fae this life, we will worry about our offspring. An interntional missed call would have had my head up my arse with the worry.

    • i’ll get even. perhaps being captured by head hunters while working in a jungle somewhere post-retirement, or protesting treatment of migrant workers in central america or something….

    • i may have to do that… as it is, she can send me a message on facebook that goes to my phone, so that’s as close to a text as i can get without the cost…

  4. Most amusing! Although I think a camera charger request is more text message material. I have trained my folks to accept text messages in lieu of voice contact for non-vital messages. Relieved to hear there is no major drama, of course!

  5. I’m thinking you need a GPS tag under the skin behind her ear and an auto-vitals monitor embedded in her wrist just to alleviate your parental worry. Plus, it’d be cheaper than calling Europe on a cell phone.

  6. During the Wilderness Years ( a term coined by my dear old man) he used to say as long as he didn’t get a call from jail or the morgue he figured i was alright. Basically he’s better at hiding his worrying than most. I’m hoping to adapt the same position with my boyos but we’ll see how that works out, i get nutty now when they have a cold, who knows how i’ll be when they are travelling the world.

    • i like that it was your dad that called them ‘wilderness years’. i have waited for those calls. and hope they are behind me…so far, so good. you, sir, are going to be an externally calm, internally frantic, father once your boys come of age… guarantee it!

  7. Of course if they happen to travel to Amsterdam dad will have to go with them as a chaperone, i don’t care how old they are and most likely they’ll end up trying to keep me in line.

  8. Be thankful you have “runaway brain” when it comes to the safety and well-being of your offspring.
    Sadly, I see too many children who’s sperm donation/womb-with-a-view “parents” don’t.

    Get the International plan while she’s there …. you’ll rest much easier.
    We’ll get you an appendage transplant! 😉

    • excellent point. one of my estranged nieces? they found a meth lab in the baby’s room when she was being arrested for beating up the security guard at a store when she was busted for shoplifting… mother of the year? not yet…

  9. I love the picture of Mickey and his runaway brain. That’s a great picture of what it feels like. I certainly would have been going nutso bananas with this one. You’re in good company. It’s funny to think that technology has helped screw us up. If letters were the only viable form of international communication, this would have never happened. (And we wouldn’t be having these cool cyber conversations either, so it’s all good in the end.)

    • for all of the worry? it’s when i don’t see it coming that it happens. which means i should just eat a handful of Xanax every morning and be done with it all… technology is to blame. no doubt.

  10. This is not confined to parents. I have also felt this way about Jim. Of course, when I felt this way he was in the Navy, this was before they invented the cell phone and email was in its infancy as well as the internet. So I could just cool my jets and wait until he was a. near a phone and b. had enough money to buy a phone card (where he was stationed the cost was $5.00 a minute yes I said $5.00 and I wasn’t making that up)

    Oddly enough, I don’t have a lot of grey hair from that.

    • good point… i have worried like this under different circumstances… and for all the good that worry does, you seem able to take the safer route! oh, and no idea why that link did the malware thing. it’s just his blog! did the same thing to me, by the way… weird.

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