Geek Humor – Part 765

Found this at the top of a remote stairwell this afternoon when sneaking back returning to the office after a long lunch* with a former boss.

Geeks.  They make the world better. 

Probably done by the same dorks who did this at Christmas.

* We talked about work.  It was a working lunch.  Yes…. there was nothing else going on there.  No smack talk.  No sharing of travel and adventure stories.  No repressed flirtations now that he is no longer in my chain-of-command.  Just bloody work…

44 thoughts on “Geek Humor – Part 765

    • when you say ‘bottom’ it makes my hand itch. i think we should meet up…

      ‘smack talk’ is either talking trash about people you know behind their backs, or that sort of teasing back-and-forth stuff that happens on a basketball court.

  1. Years ago I was sitting in a meeting talking about a party at my house that had ended in a pie fight (different story). One of my colleagues yelled out “22/7!” Without missing a beat, another colleague yelled, “4 times the Arctangent of 1!” I knew then that I would always want to work with geeks.

    • Amen! It’s like an exclusive, secret society… well, not so exclusive, and really not a secret. It’s family. We belong. Makes me want to snort with laughter…

  2. This is right up there with the “No Classified Processing” sign that is over the toilet in my building. Or possibly the tape outline of the rubber chicken in one of our labs. UCI prep makes people a little crazy sometimes…

    • oh, dear… from what i understand, that particular toilet gets lots of processing… isn’t that the one labeled “HazMat”, too? will have to check out the chicken… we went so far as to put tape outlines on the floor for “chairs”, “engineers”, “technicians” (with little foot prints)…

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