Resetting the registers

Trying to learn to ski this winter.  This is an activity for young bodies.  Bodies which are low to the ground and elastic.  Not old, crispy bodies.  With integrated brains harboring some knowledge of physics.

Fortunately, i’ve regained some weight, and i bounce nicely.

It’s very enjoyable, though.  This is an activity that requires total concentration – and that degree of focus can drive anything else out of your brain.  Concentrate on your path down the slope in front of you… when and where to turn, anticipating the movements of the skiers ahead.  And wondering why the fuck there is a tree in the middle of the upper part of that particular run…

Mostly, what i’ve noticed, is a change in my point of view when it comes to winter.  Last year at this time, i was anxiously counting the remaining weeks until i could get the bicycle out and resume my regular rides.

Now?  i’m looking at the calendar and counting the number of ski weekends left.

Amazing what a fresh point of view can do for you, isn’t it?

32 thoughts on “Resetting the registers

  1. Yay, Daisyfae!!! I learned how to ski about 7 years ago. I never learned as a kid, which was a bummer, because I’m from Boston where most people ski. My mom was against any sport where you can fall down and hurt yourself – skiing, horseback riding, mountain climbing. It was tough learning when I was old and crispy (nice word for it, by the way), but I love it. I can’t stand snowboarders zipping in front of me, though. Little whippersnappers.

    • you give me hope, dr. altman! and it is often the snowboarders who give me angst… the sound of them swooshing and barreling down the hill makes me earn my “Ski Name” – which is “Skidmark” – because i’m a big chicken. better than what it was last season – “Shitstain”. Baby steps.

  2. Man, I use to ski in high school but all we did was use the chair lift as an excuse to smoke weed. Consequently, I never got very good. Eventually, I found that I wasn’t enjoying the cold quite as much as I used to. Also, the best skiing weather also happens to be the worst driving weather. So I gave it up. I miss the snow bunnies, though.

    • i won’t even take out my PHONE on the chairlift, for fear of dropping it. god damned if i’d risk dropping a blunt… i just like having something physical to do when it’s so motherfucking cold outside. otherwise, i’m curled under a blanket, eating cheese and crackers and watching bad tv, until spring.

  3. Skiing, regardless of form or type, equates, for me, to injury. We signed up for cross country lessons and had our first one last Sunday (today’s is cancelled due to severe cold). While I am not a rookie, I’ve never been taught the correct method. I managed to fall once and my left knee is still swollen and sore. I think I would have taken today off anyway, even if it wasn’t cold.

    I hope you wear a helmet. (Believe you do, if I recall last year’s skiing pictures correctly.) Have fun!

    • If you remember, my knee surgery a couple years back was due to an injury i got on my very first ski outing. i’m skittish, to say the least. but it’s fun, so i’m not giving up.

      cross country would be the intelligent choice… and i can understand how you can get hurt even doin cross country. helmet? yeah, on the big mountain last year, i did. i should probably do it on the local ski hills as well…

    • *snort* hadn’t seen this one… but it made me laugh hard. the first outing in mid-December, i was trying the bigger hill for the first time. there was a dad there at the same time, with his 5-year old kid. as they went down the hill, dad was yelling “PIZZA, CHARLIE, PIZZA!!!!” as little charlie french fried his way straight down the fucking hill… i about pissed myself laughing at that one… Dad followed him yelling “Pizza!” as the little fucker sailed fearlessly downwards…

  4. skiing is not for the likes of me…it’s the clothes and all the falling….i’m a faller….but mainly its the clothes….glad you’re back in one piece…

    • i had to re-do the wardrobe before this one because the clothes are fucking awful. decided that i’d be more comfortable, and look less “michelin man” if i got one of those sleeveless polarfleece vests. i looked like a fucking lollipop. ugh.

  5. unfortunately, i’ve reach the age where although i’ve acheived the amount of safety padding required, the rest of me breaks and i just now curse the snow. luckily we don’t seem to get alot of it anymore.
    btw, found your bloggy by reading manuels..=) good find from what i’ve been reading

    • hi cat, and welcome to The Park! any friend of manuels is quite welcome here! and from now on, i’m going to consider the cost of the pizza and fries i eat in the ski lodge as “safety equipment purchases”, as this adds to my padding!

    • i wasn’t entirely sure i could EVER get into or out of a chair lift… i have serious issues with heights. but once i’m out of the chair, i’m able to do it – much to my complete and total amazement!

  6. I learned to ski when I was 8. It was great until I broke my leg at 11. Then it took me about 4 years to get over the fear and then I started loving it again. It is my considered opinion that the clothes technology has improved radically since the 60s. I recommend polypropylene layers with a good windbreaker on top rather than the down lollipop look myself.

    So, straight from fun in the sun to joy on the slopes, then? Nice that winter has changed its image for you. Personally, I find every season has something to recommend it.

    • the clothing/gear technology has come quite a ways… i am definitely going with the layers – and may add a windbreaker on top when it gets colder. although the lollipop look was goofy, i loved having my arms free. just felt better than being in the down jacket… and yes, finding the joy of every season is a good plan!

  7. I started snow skiing at 22 also known as – young, flexible, stupid and adventurous. Now at 42 also know as – older, more brittle and having some common sense that overrules the daring. I took my 2 boys snowboarding over the holidays and wanted so badly to show them how old dad used to “Shred” I did not. Wear plenty of padded stuff and be patient.
    Hope you have a blast.
    Cheers, Sausage…

    • snowboarding amazes me… some of those little dudes grinding the terrain park features just blows my mind! i know i’ll never do it. sometimes it causes me pain to know that i’ll never be really good at this particular sport – or anything, for that matter. but i’d rather be “good enough to enjoy it” at many different things these days… thanks for stopping by!

  8. I noticed that when I started skiing that my swearing ability and creativity increased. As my skiing improved my swearing diminished. I think those physics are easily explained.

    I took up rowing to get through the wet gray winters here in Seattle. Distractions are good.

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