Here’s to The Resolvers!

i visit a gym five days a week – mostly because it is free as part of my employment, and it allows me to extend my lunch hour a bit every day.  It’s a large facility, servicing many different local organizations.  Because it’s centrally funded, and budgets are tight, there are weeks when the cardio equipment isn’t working, and it’s difficult to get on a machine at peak times.

At the first of the year, this problem becomes far more noticeable, as the crowds of people making the standard New Year’s Resolution to “Get Fit” descend upon the gym, and it becomes even more crowded.  You’ll see them looking for the locker room entrance, trying to figure out how to start this machine or load that weight bar, or just standing in street shoes, scratching something personal, and wondering how to get started.

Invariably, the gym regulars bitch about this endlessly – “Damn New Year’s!  Can’t wait til February when all of these lazy asses disappear and we can have the place back to ourselves.”  Rudeness abounds, as the folks who do this year-round try to maintain the regular schedule, get in, and get out, in a reasonable time frame.

i call “Bullshit” on that!  Instead of being cranky about the new folks, how about a little kindness?  If someone is standing around, trying to figure out how to make the lights show up on the elliptical machine?  Offer some help!  A little encouragement can go a long way.  Was there a time when you were a ‘resolver’?  Were the regulars mean to you?  Did it discourage you?

Although daisyfae doesn’t ‘resolve’, i’m going to make an extra effort to be nice to the new folks who show up at my gym on Monday.  If even 10% of these folks stick it out, then by golly, their lives could be changed! 

Never mind the fact that it could allow me to take another 15-20 minutes on my lunch hour every day…

41 thoughts on “Here’s to The Resolvers!

  1. i always make a point, when driving to a greasy, fried lunch after sitting behind a desk all morning, to cheer those ‘non-athletes’ who are out at least trying to get some exercise. so, a hearty ‘hear! hear!’ to your support for those at least trying. and me? back to the gym on monday as well, where i’ll sneer and growl at any gym rat who fusses at me.

  2. Personally, I hate gyms. But I have heard these New Year’s gripes from gym regulars in my own locale as well.

    On the other hand, we could probably significantly lessen our dependence on foreign crude oil if there were some way to capture the energy output of those sweating and striving to become fit.

    I’m not one for resolutions either, but your welcoming plan is indeed laudable.

    Happy New Year!

    • i have to bite my tounge sometimes when the equipment is in disrepair. finally saying “you know, i expect SO MUCH MORE from a free gym”… we were all newbies once at something we do regularly today. pay it forward. i plan to be a newbie again at many, many things… Happy New Year!

    • yikes! there are many, many elder-geeks at my gym who would have no trouble catching me these days… perhaps once i get my mile and half time down to something reasonable…

  3. Kindess really does go a long way, and some people don’t know what to do with it. I make it my goal to be overly kind to cranky people, it makes them look stupid.

  4. Our gym is so crappy we don’t even attract newbies. Plus, we all had to tattoo a big “L” on our foreheads to join. I’ll take your inspiration and be kind to new shoe shoppers, instead.

    • i could join that gym! i already have the “L” tattoo! and paying it forward to other shoe-bies, as you dig through the bargains would be a nice thing… clobber them gently, ok?

    • less time as a spectator and more time as a participant? it works for me! life on the sidelines makes me edgy. unless i’m at a bullfight. which i’ve never been to, by the way…. hellooooo? geee… you’re right. everyone’s gone! you have the power, DP!

  5. I’m resolving to cancel the gym membership I pay for but almost never use. This should be a good time of year for it, since someone will be in the office.

  6. De-lurking to say Happy New Year. I wouldn’t say I have Schadenfreude because I don’t rejoice in anyone’s misery (oh wait, there ARE one or two people–mostly politicians), but I do enjoy your descriptions of your family and your work. And I admire the fact that you seem to float above your family morass. I sometimes can’t.

    As for exercise resolutions, I don’t usually make them, but this year I resolve to walk more. Alas, I live in the Bay Area where few do walk, even in that city across the Bay, San Francisco. And for some reason it’s not as fun out here, in spite of the beautiful scenery. Heck, I used to stroll from 141st Street to Washington Square park in New York City on a regular basis (about 7 miles, I think), entertained the entire way. Nevertheless, more walking! Starting with a walk across the Golden Gate Bridge tomorrow in driving rain. Don’t ask.

    • Hi Sasho! So very glad you de-lurked – i am always delighted to discover a new person out there who’s tracking my ramblings! not sure i’m really ‘above the morass’, i just live far enough away, and stay busy enough, that i can dodge most of the messy stuff. for now…

      the bridge walk is on my ‘life list’ of things i really want to do – not sure i’d want to do it in the rain! SF is one of my favorite cities – but it’s tough to walk there for someone in my (doughy) shape because of the hills… i used to have a meeting there every other year in early december, and i looked forward to it – just to take it all in! happy new year – and thanks for coming out!

      • Next time you’re in the area, contact me and we’ll see that you cross off that GG Bridge walk from the list. We’ll cheat and drive to one end: no hills, great views of fauna (one year I saw a whale, another, dolphins, great birds, and ubiquitous sea lions–or seals, I can’t tell the difference) and the hills and cities all around the Bay. I’ll try to be as good a host as the Unbearable Banishment (although that sounds like it won’t be easy).

      • i hope to be able to take you up on that offer! and as delicious as the unbearably banished one is, i’ve met many lovely bloggers and bloggettes who have also been delightful hosts! thank you!

  7. Aw, I’m proud of you, Daisyfae, for being the bigger person and taking the high road and all that shit for your fellow humans. Plus, if there’s a big guy upstairs who remotely considers smoting you, he might be lenient. You know, I always like a good back-up plan.

    Happy New Year, girl!

    • sadly, i am a MUCH bigger person than i want to be at the moment – bashing candy and cookies and booze with reckless abandon for a month! i’m with you on the back up plan… you never know!

  8. No gyms for many miles in any direction, but there is a surfit of heavy labour to carry out which keeps the gut under control.

    I have made resolutions because I am very, very shallow and niave.

    Happy New Year, DF.

    • if i didn’t spend my days with my butt constantly in a chair, i probably wouldn’t need to do as much gym-time. and while i don’t ‘resolve’? i do hit the new year as a ‘fresh start’…

  9. I don’t think we get a flood of new people to my krav maga class in the new year… mainly because it takes people a few months into the year to say “Forget the gym, I want to get fit by punching people in the nuts.”

  10. You have a good heart daisyfae.
    I saw an enormous (easily 450lbs) person at the 5K I did this morning. I think he may have had more balls than any human I’ve ever seen. To walk around that track, in the rain knowing you’d come in dead last with the event folded up and put away before you got to the finish, knowing that it was going to be excruciatingly painful, knowing that people were going to be watching, filming, photographing and then doing it anyway — that was a man with some intestinal fortitude. I hope he made it all the way and he reaches his goals for the New Year. You’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din.

    • that’s a fantastic story! i’m such a sap, i’d have probably cried… and yes, i always want to cheer folks on when they start working out! i’ve been much larger than i am now, and a few kind words in a locker room here or there have done wonders for me.

  11. Good for you, Daisyfae. There are entirely too many people in this world who are willing to be mean, spiteful, pushy, etc etc etc. Let’s here it for niceness, for politeness, for being helpful.

    It’s better for your health, too. Exercising the “mean” stimultes your adrenals for the fight/flight response and basically you are just purposely adding stress to your life. Too much adrenal stimulation is hard on your cardiovascular system and your digestive system, just for a starter.

    • hey, cool! bonus workout points for being nice! Sweet! however, you need to read my epilogue, just posted… how does it work if i’m being mean to someone who’s mean? do they cancel out, or do i get double adrenal stimulation?

  12. gyms are not welcoming places….that’s why I now exercise or rather “exercise” in the privacy of my bedroom or up a far away mountain….good times…!

    • generally? they’re pretty awful… what i like about the free gym, provided through my place of employment, is that there are all sorts of folks there – age-diverse, as well as size-diverse! the older i get, the less tolerant of assholes i’ve become… my retirement could be filled by becoming the “Anti-Asshole Avenger!”

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