Why Yes, Virginia…

After two weeks of scraping and poking and prodding, we got the word on Mom’s lung nugget – the biopsy was negative.  The docs also took some scrapings and slices from her throat, and the frozen sections from those were also negative!

Delightfully surprised – especially since the radiologist who was doing the poking into the lung kept referring to it as a ‘cancer’.   It’s apparently some form of fibrosis.  Not life threatening, nor is it even causing much of a problem with her lung capacity, since it’s pretty small. 

The areas in her throat that were showing metabolic activity on the PET scan might be a result of gastric reflux.  No worries there…

Throughout the entire process, Mom has been upbeat, and has really seemed to enjoy the attention.  She was a little puckered up going into the lung biopsy, and was worried that the doc might decide to take out her tonsils should there have been a positive result on the initial throat biopsies… 

Oh, and after every procedure or consultation?  She’s always felt well enough to stop for a meal on the way home…  As i’ve said before, my clan does not waste away.

For a variety of reasons, i’ve been unable to be there for most of the procedures.  One reason?  i haven’t been needed.  During this entire process – from the first sign of a pulmonary loogie, through the last visit with the pulmonologist – my niece, DQ, has been on the job. 

When Dad was tumbling through his medical gauntlet, i was point man.  DQ was an able and high-functioning guard.  What this false alarm has revealed that Mom’s gauntlet will be played a different line up.   DQ is out front, and i will do my best to support her…

She’s earning her pay this month.  And i haven’t been able to thank her enough for doing it…

That’s not to say there haven’t been a few giggles along the way.  When i told my brother and his wife the good news?  Their response was exactly the same as my sister, T, and her partner down in Florida.  “Has anybody told BJ?  Don’t want him to stop working on the renovations to the house…”

photo found here… although not particularly relevant, it always makes me laugh.

42 thoughts on “Why Yes, Virginia…

  1. See, I thought the old duck would be too tough for cancer! But it is a little uncanny that my friends mum just had the very same fibrosis diagnosis (check out my MC skills there while not even tryin) in the same week…..

    • in the two weeks that we were all convinced she had cancer, he got three walls up, windows installed, and roof trusses measured and ordered. it’s looking pretty good…

    • i’ve still got ‘point’ on the legal and financial side… DQ has been smart enough to keep some distance from the major accounts. Mom has been smart to keep that up, too…

  2. maybe if you got DQ a hat, whistle, and t-shirt saying something like “grandma’s point man – don’t fuck with me”, then she’d feel even more in charge and want to take the lead.

    • i’ve been encouraging her – stopping short of the coaches gear. and telling mom that she’s in very good hands… despite the fact that mom is worth more to her dead, she’s working hard to keep her alive.

  3. Awesome for Mom..I’m so happy for you guys. Great news right before Christmas since your Thanksgiving had a cloud hanging over it.

    WTF….Santa is dead..How the hell do I get my gifts now? I need a Xanax to recover.

  4. “Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated” . . .

    What wonderful news to kick off the big holiday week! You’ll have plenty to celebrate, including the fact that there are other people willing to step up in an emergency.

    • i think i’m about equally happy about both developments! knowing that DQ is up to the job ahead – whenever it arises – is a HUGE relief! and Mom feeling good, and not facing imminent bodily trauma? magic…

    • drinking double chocolate stout with framboise lambic, which tastes like chocolate raspberry beer. no need to have you pick up the tab, however… appreciate the offer, though!

    • thank you! i’m typically very pragmatic (ie: negative) about such things – always prepared for the worst news, and delighted if i’m wrong… don’t know if this is healthy, but it’s how i roll…

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