Birthday Bashing

The memorial service for my ex-father-in-law went well yesterday, and apparently poor little A* wasn’t traumatized because it occurred on his 22nd birthday. This, of course, means today is The Boy’s 22nd birthday.

He stayed over at his Dad’s place last night. In general, when the kids are hanging out with their Dad, i pretty much leave them alone. But since it was his birthday, i sent him a text this morning…

daisyfae:  Happy Birthday!

The Boy:  what’s so happy about it? you woke me up, bitch!

The Boy:  just playing. thanks.

daisyfae:  Fine. No “Hookers and Blow” Gift Card for you.

The Boy:  But Mom, Aunt J got A hookers, blow, AND a moon bounce for HIS birthday!

daisyfae:  Probably had a pony too. Or was that for the hookers?

The Boy:  Is a pony the same as a donkey? Because if so…

daisyfae:  No. Donkeys can’t get you pregnant. Don’t ask how i know that…

The Boy:  Ewww…

picture found here

* It causes me minor pain to let you know that A turns out not to be such a bad kid.  The Girl reports that he’s becoming a decent human being, despite his entitled upbringing.  He acknowledged drinking cheap wine when he did his semester abroad, because he’d rather spend money doing things than buying things…  Oh, and he was apparently wearing a t-shirt for one of my favorite bands.  i guess i’ll have to transfer my disgust to his older sister… who apparently remains a selfish, pretentious and entitled cow…

22 thoughts on “Birthday Bashing

  1. Really. What were you thinking waking him up??? And who sleeps with their phone on and so close that it could wake them up if they got a text while sleeping?

    Okay, okay, I’m a luddite, I know. But really, you seem to have done a fantastic job raising him.

    And it is amazing how well some people turn out despite their horrible childhoods. Sounds like A has really come along. . .

  2. What a fine lad you’ve raised Ms. Daisy, i can only hope to do so well with my pair, did i mention your son and i have similar tastes in birthday gifts, somehow i’m sure you’re not surprised by that. Happy B-day son of Daisy, a day late.

  3. Sometimes there’s an initial dickish event that you have to look past to see that the person’s really an all right person, which is how I made a majority of my friends and probably half of my readership.

    • there’s truth in there… the Ninjaneer and i fought horribly for six months, but came out the other side close friends. and he was being rather dickish. and it sure worked in “Taming of the Shrew”…

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