Not ALL of Manhattan…

i’ve been on the road.  but managed to drop in on a friend (and blogmate) in NYC for 3 amazing hours…

back to work today – but he got the highlights.  if you’re not already reading The Unbearable Banishment?  He’s worth a look…

23 thoughts on “Not ALL of Manhattan…

  1. Problem with visiting Manhattan for a brief moment is that a brief moment isn’t enough. You always leave wanting to go right back.
    I’ve gone to Manhattan twice this year and all I can think about is the stuff I missed. The things I didn’t see, the places I didn’t go.

    • thanks for stopping by, Wigsf! i absolutely want more, and am going to try like mad to get there this month… worth burning the flyer miles for an entire day of this! NYC is a roach motel for those of us with a touch of ADHD!

  2. how exciting! i think the best part would just having a chance to sit down and chat with you both! of course, the drinking part would be fun, too. *snickering* xoxoxox

    • we made the best of the time, and did get in a bit of chatter – always strange to first put the ‘voice’ with the person when there’s a meetup. he’s the real deal. and if you ever find yourself in NYC, availing yourself of his services for an afternoon is worth the trip alone!

  3. I’m such a putz when it comes to drinking, but I think Manhattan is probably one of those dishes best served with a good guide. The whole post about your visit looks like a good time was had by all.

  4. You lucky girl! It sounds like SO much fun. I really must escape the confines of Brooklyn sometime soon and see the wide world! Lovely pic, by the way.

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