Unbridled Joy

She was manufactured in 1974.  Back when motorcycles had banana seats and mirrors that made them look a little bit like grasshoppers.  With the help of a friend in the “chase vehicle”, i rode her home from the shop today. 

The shop?  Everything you ever want in a motorcycle repair shop.  Two guys who’ve been mechanics from birth.  Their children now working there, while going to school. 

They got a giggle out of me yesterday when i called to enquire about the readiness of my little beater.  “Tomorrow?  Fan-damn-tastic!  Momma needs her bike…”

This thing is so old it has a kick start.  Nice that it’s got an electric start as well.  When i told Joe at the shop that i needed to get comfortable with the kick start, he grinned.  i said “a friend of mine met her husband kick starting an old Ducati” and he knew exactly what i meant.  Something about “ass slappin’ on leather” that makes you smile….

Once i got over my jitters – by bopping around in the parking lot for awhile – it was into traffic.  Other than some awkwardness where boots meet gear shift, it’s working out pretty well!  Tonight, on another run with a friend, i even learned what it feels like to run out of gas. 

Fortunately i was able to ditch into a parking lot when i lost power…  Flipped to the reserve tank, and then spent a whopping $4.30 to fill the 2 gallon tank!

It’s inconsequential in the grand scheme of things.  “Mouse nuts”, as a friend of mine would say.  But the feeling when i tucked in that little beater next to my Jeep tonight in the garage?  Joy.

“Just wrap your legs ’round these velvet rims, and strap your hands ‘cross my engines!”

36 thoughts on “Unbridled Joy

    • sadly, i still have to deal with 4 cars, so there’s a LOT of ‘musical driveway’ still going on. but i don’t have to scrape much ice… unless there’s ice on a car parked behind me in the driveway…

  1. You mean they don’t have kick starts anymore? Congrats on the two additional wheels. Just remember, as my Ducati-riding engineer friend points out, the two-wheel drink limit is much lower than the four-wheel limit.

    • nope. new bikes are pretty much all electric start. i’ll have to learn it – if you do it wrong you can get launched over the bike in a hurry. the limit on MY bike for alcohol? Zero. never. not worth it. will use airline pilot rules – “8 hours bottle to throttle”

  2. whoo hooo lady! I’ve been watching too much Sons of Anarchy, and I’m tempted my own self, I tells ya! And no joy is small. It’s big and fabulous and glorious!

  3. HA! Born to run, baby! What fun that must be, the open road, the wind in your face, the bugs in your nose . . . I mean, besides the bugs in your nose, what a kick!

    Be careful though, will ya?

  4. just be Freakin’-careful on that Fan-damn-tastic ride! shouldn’t you be home knitting or making a bundt cake at your age? LMAO.. (sometimes i crack myself up!) btw, i think it’s cool that i can live vicariously through you in times like this. you’re waay braver than i anyway.

    • you crack me up, too! you know i can’t cook! well, except for jello shots… i’m having a good time, and am lucky to be at a place where i can play this hard… it can all change in a moment…

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