Thermal Management

In mid-August, we evacuated our temporary trailer offices and moved into the shiny new office complex at work.  i’m enjoying my daily climb* to the third floor as a bonus workout, and my frequent treks down one floor to hit the only functioning coffee pot in the building.

Despite a few growing pains**, it’s generally been fine – except for a recently discovered glitch with building temperature control.

With a turn in the weather, we are now freezing our collective nutsacks off.  It’s become a bit unpleasant, and i’ve taken to wearing a jacket in the office.  Today was the chilliest day so far.  As we were huddled near the copier for warmth, i was struck by a grand plan to solve the temporary problem, while garnering sufficient management attention to get it solved permanently.

Cornering the kid on the “Morale” committee, i asked him when there would be another fundraiser, selling clothing with the organizational logo.

MoraleBoy:  We usually do the logo sale in the fall – we’re due for another one.

daisyfae:  Forget the golf shirts and denim crap with the embroidered logo.  i want “Snuggies“.  If we’re all hunkered down in a staff meeting, wearing organizationally sanctioned blankets with sleeves?  Someone is bound to get the message.

* Fifty six steps up.  At least twice a day, since i go to the gym every day at lunch.  Plus an additional twenty eight steps down to the coffee pot.  i made a vow when moving in that i would NEVER use the elevator, choosing instead to augment my daily workout.  Silly me.  File that under “what the fuck was i thinking?”

** i’m now in a cube ranch.  Private phone conversations?  No such thing.  Seeing as i swear like a sailor when yakking with certain colleagues, i’m afraid i’m teaching the young engineers across the wall some new vocabulary words…  What’s not to like about yet another opportunity to earn a few “hostile workplace” points”?

42 thoughts on “Thermal Management

  1. You may overestimate your management. They could see this as a great way to drop the thermostat even further. You might win an award, and public recognition as the employee who brought the snuggie to the workplace. On the plus side, no pants required, but you might want to bring your own chair to meetings.

  2. I got a kick thinking about you guys huddled around the copier rubbing your hands over it. My office is freezing. The air conditioning never works right. Even in the dead of winter, the vent over my desk spews cold air down on me. It’s a good thing my metabolism is high or I’d probably freeze solid at the keyboard.

    • we have a ‘push – pull’ heating and air conditioning system to manage the humidity, so it never seems right. i’ve learned over the years to keep a warm sweater at my desk – even in the summer. but this is a bit much…

  3. I’m always hot and sweaty. I spend all day fighting with the chick in the office next to me about the thermostat. I turn it down, she turns it up, I sprinkle arsenic on her sandwich in the frig, she tries to blow up my car…

  4. Did you just say you’re freezing your nutsack off? nice one. i know ways to re-attach if need be. Figure you’d be a fine mentor to all those bright eyed engineers right out of school, who better than to lead by example than you Ms. Daisy, who i ask? no one that’s who.

  5. I know of people who bring a space heater to work and put it under their desk because even in the summer they are freezing to death.

    I think you cuss on the phone so that maybe they’ll move you out of the cube ranch and into your very own corner office. . . Young engineers should be eddicated to the real world anyway.

    • we are forbidden from having space heaters due to the fire hazard. awhile ago, in a similar situation, i brought an electric heating pad to the office and sat on it – but was a little afraid that an ill-timed sneeze would lead to my electrocution!

  6. There is a morale committee?! Does it organize company branded, whiskey filled hip flasks to get the workers thru the day?….
    I wish my last workplace had one of those instead of all those *inspiration* plaques

    • i despise the motivational posters. thankfully, our committees only raise funds for the holiday party and the summer picnic. i like the flask idea, though, and may have to suggest that for a future logo item!

    • it could happen… they are seriously considering doing this! i was STUNNED when the idea came up as a joke by my young morale guy, and the rest of the committe apparently loved it!

  7. I must have the Goldilocks syndrome, I like my temperature ‘just right’. But this is not a perfect world, so I have both a fan and a space heater at my disposal. However, I do work from home so I have the freedom to do what I want….like make comments on blogs when I should be on my work computer doing very important excel spread sheets on various food items. yee-haw!

  8. I would take a trailer office over a cube ranch any day. Snuggies? That’s what long underwear and long sleeve t-shirts are for. They look good with skirts and blouses too, but only if you wear them underneath.

    • we’re all still bundled up… the snuggie movement is picking up steam, and i suspect they’ll be selling the Logo Snuggies within a month! and i miss the trailer office – very, very much. it was fun out there…we presented it as a hardship gig, but in fact, we all LOVED it!

  9. Brrrrr. I work in a horribly ventilated newspaper plant, which isn’t really a newspaper plant anymore as we now outsource our printing. But the building itself is ancient, and the temperature cannot be regulated. During the summer, we wear jackets and fingerless gloves. And in the winter, T-shirts and tanks. I regularly retreat to the restroom to run my hands under cold or hot water, depending.

    • sounds awful…. but at least it’s consistent, and you aren’t surprised from one day to the next. since we have laboratories, we also have to have tight control of humidity, so when the systems break down on humid summer days? in the past, we’ve gotten condensation so heavy it seems like it’s rained inside the building…

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