Dinner just got served.

Last night, while chatting with my good friend and champion Dawg Boy, Titan of Industry (ToI), he was being pinged for a meet up with another charter member of the Dawg Boy posse, SR.  ToI was in range on business, and SR had been hoping to instigate some Dawg-Boyedness.

Being a responsible Titan, ToI sent him an e-mail, begging off, saying he had far too much work to do, and needed to just grab a bite and get to work…

daisyfae:  You know, he’s totally going to call you out as a pussy…

i heard ToI bust out laughing just a few minutes later…

daisyfae:  What is it?

ToI:  SR just sent me a reply “You’re such a pussy…”.  You called it… 

He then set about crafting the perfect reply…

ToI [via e-mail to SR]:  You are what you eat… Dick.

24 thoughts on “Dinner just got served.

  1. Geez. I never had that much fun when I was working in a “real job.” And I have to tell you that massage therapists at conventions are a serene and boring lot. After all, drinking and getting laid are not on their agendas. No wonder I don’t fit in, even though I do say rather immodestly that I am an excellent massage therapist. Maybe that’s because I DO like drinking and getting laid. So if one of my clients admits that the reason that they have this “thing” in their hip is because of an overenthusiastic session with their lover, they know I am not going to be shocked. Envious, perhaps, but not shocked.

    Your friends sound like a real blast.

    • for what it’s worth, we are an anomaly in the world of engineers – although i suspect that every technical community has a small and enthusiastic posse of dawg boyz… and i should probably think about finding a sympathetic massage therapist in my part of the world. there are days when i have some rather unusual ‘torques’ on my old bones… 😉

  2. That’s a killer comeback.
    There was time to think though. I wonder if quick witted responses will become less necessary with the advent of texting. It’s like being able to hit the pause button in the middle of a conversation.

    • the ‘pause’ of texting and e-mailing has definitely allowed for far wittier comebacks! but if you wait too long? it’s possible to forget what you were talking about in the first place…

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