The 30th High School Reunion.  Great weekend – from quiet time at my place catching up with close friends*, to finding a connection with someone i’d only brushed by in my youth – the high school reunion flushed out memories, and helped me get ‘the rest of the story’ regarding long forgotten antics. 

It also provided an opportunity to dance like there is no tomorrow!  Through a mild hangover haze, here are glimpses…

– Was delighted that my re-discovered friend, DJ, was able to attend!  He had a stroke in February, and has made pretty good progress over the past seven months.  Now using a cane to walk, he has no use of his right arm.  Although tired from a long weekend of activities, he was having a good time – and i caught him cheering me from the side of the dance floor.  We managed quite a few giggles – and collected more than a few stares – when i gave him a “PG-13” version of a chair/lap dance.  Seemed reasonable, since i couldn’t drag him on the dance floor with me…

– Hook ups?  You betcha!  With much of the reunion planning taking place via Facebook, the opportunity for transparent and clandestine booty call was right there on the ol’ keyboard!  While pre-gaming at the hotel bar in the early evening with a woman i’ve known since i was 6 years old, we were comparing notes on who was going to be hooking up with whom.  Post-game analysis in her room at 4:30am?  We were pretty sure we’d gotten it right…

– Hanging with my two gal pals on Friday night, i was struck by the wide swings in the conversation.  Some talk of the past, more talk about the present… and a surprising amount of time spent talking about professional lives as managers, supervisors, and the amount of adult daycare we provide within our respective organizations.  (sigh)  Face it.  We’re old.

– Invariably, there is the “In Memoriam” moment.  Despite the fact that it was handled in a mildly awkward manner**, it was necessary to go through the list.  Since my friend, JW, died a mere six years after graduation, he was there.  After we were kicked out of the hotel ballroom at 11:30 pm, we moved to another nearby bar to continue hanging out together.  i stumbled into a woman, SD, who’d worked with JW after graduation for a few years….  Since 1986, i have been carrying the notion that he died from an accidental fall from a railroad bridge.  From SD i got a different story – that it was suicide.  That he’d killed himself after finding out he “had AIDS.  Guess i’ll never really know…

– Further conversation with DJ regarding the status of his physical therapy led to discussion on some ‘interim therapy’ he can accomplish on his own while waiting for transfer to another rehab facility.  Was there with another friend, MD, the delicious dancing boy that i’ve developed a terrible crush on, as we asked what DJ needed to keep making progress.  Books, phone calls were at the top of the list – easy to manage on his own, and working his eyes and voice.  i asked if he had internet, or was allowed pornography.  Seriously, folks, what better way to get that right arm back in shape!  MD noted that i’m more of a “Physical Terrorist” than a “Physical Therapist”…

– For all the talk about “old times”, i realized that i still believe my best years are ahead of me.  Whether or not i’m being overly optimistic remains to be seen, but i can’t tackle it any other way.  After closing the second bar of the evening, we retreated to a hotel room***.  Waiting for the keyholder to find her way back, we decided to get on with it.   i’ve come a long way from drinking ‘forties’ on the porch step.  That would be a bottle of Glenfiddich…

this was a staged photo. mostly.

* And watching my friend JM-P chase her five year old daughter around?  Priceless!

** Two of the Senior Class Officers turned down the dance music, stood at the podium, and announced a slide show/tribute to those from our class who have died.  Other than me saying “What the fuck? When did HE die?” perhaps a little too loudly, the transition between the ‘moment of silence’ and ‘Ok, let’s all get back to dancing!” could have used a better segue.

*** As a survivor of countless conference ‘hotel room parties’, i know better than to allow drunks into my room.  Been there.  Cleaned that toilet.

32 thoughts on “Reunited

  1. Thank you for allowing me to become a “follower”. Seeing you again last night was truly a wonderful thing but wished I had more time alone to delve into our glorious past! Not mentioning seeing me was a downer, but already over it LOL I will continue to be an avid fan here as I find you to be extremely fascinating! Thanks for your support through by battle with the “BIG C”, it meant a lot to me.

    • The party can start again, because LittleZig is in the house! You are quite the clever boy to have found me so quickly… glad to have you here! Not a downer, honey – quite the contrary! looking forward to staying in touch, and anytime you’re in range, please let me know! there’s still a lot of turf we need to cover! Go get ’em, Zipperneck!

  2. That photo is priceless, should put it on a t-shirt and give it to your kids for x-mas with Mother Of The Year printed at the bottom… and of course the best years are ahead, the past it the past and though i’m not much on the future Kid A and B have helped me come to grips with my own mortality, makes me realize how happy i am to be the age i am and helps me deal with that small amount of wisdom that comes with experience, in your case of course that’d be large amount of wisdom, keep on keepin on young lady.

  3. Drinking single malt from the bottle! I’m shocked at the level of alcohol abuse that represents. I mean, how are you going to enjoy the nose if it isn’t in a snifter? At least you didn’t abuse it by spilling it, though. . .

  4. Glad you had fun. I have no desire to go to any reunions..most of the people I went to school with were not the nicest people around. I envy that people have lasting friendships from even grade school, like my hubby does. Love your shirt.
    The thing I’m most stuck on is your friend with a young child. I have baby fever but fear that just months shy of 40 may be pushing the old biological clock too far.
    PS..could you send you’re e-mail to my new address that I put in the box. I had a virus that stole all my addresses and started mass e-mailing everyone on the list. sorry if you got a bunch of crap from my address

    • pulled you from moderation, dear – it was a new e-mail address that did it! my other pal has triplets the same age! zoicks! it’s life changing, but they are both deliriously happy with their kids, and are far more patient in some ways than i ever could be when i was younger!

    • you are an astute observer. but i gotta say, you weren’t the first guy to have a gander in that direction that night. (and i was even trying to avoid dressing ‘skanky’, in a strappy little black dress – standard uniform for these events in my part of the world).

    • i didn’t… got my hair cut, and it seems to look a shade or two lighter. probably a combination of that, and the fact that it’s serious jeep weather, and i’ve been in the sun a lot!

    • i managed to avoid extended conversations with a few folks who had annoyed me then, and showed no signs of being less annoying now. but for the most part? i was amazed at how much i enjoyed these folks…

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