The Double Rescue

Things have been tense in the Trailer Park for a few weeks – partially due to the recent drama triggered by my ridiculously self-absorbed sister, S.  There has been lots of screaming and yelling around the household.  Mom told me last week that she’s been hunkered down on her bed in the living room, trying to stay out of the line of fire.

My niece, DQ, who is genuinely doing the heavy-lifting in regards to caring for my mother, had apparently been on some serious mental-meds.  About a month ago, she wasn’t feeling well, and asked her doc to take her off the medications for bipolar disorder.  Bipolar disorder?  She’s a lot of things, but i have no idea where that diagnosis came from!

During the withdrawal process, she’s been rather volatile.  When Mom had mentioned some of this to me, i figured it was a good time to retrieve her for a weekend – giving both DQ and Mom respite. 

Hauled myself down to The Park today to get Mom, and was surprised to see DQ flitting around the house, cleaning and smiling when i arrived.  While Mom was in the bathroom prior to our short roadtrip, DQ told me that she’s finally starting to feel better – explained the saga of the psych medications*, and indirectly apologized for a rather acidic e-mail** she’d sent to the entire family last week.  i let it pass…

On the bright side?  They have adopted yet another animal.  When BJ went off with a church mission group to build and repair houses in rural Appalachia***, he came back with a small dog that needed a home.  Since the dog is part miniature pinscher and part wiener dog?  DQ says it’s a “Wiener Pincher”… 

Mom’s snoozin’ in the guest room.  Mr. Pickles is settled at her bedside, making sure that no crumbs hit the floor as they fall from the folds of her sweatshirt – just as he did last time Mom was here.  DQ’s got some downtime to herself.  All’s well with the world…

* For the past year, her psych treatment has essentially been “well, let’s give her meds for this and see if it helps” followed by “nope, guess it’s not that disorder, let’s try some different meds!”  Sadly, i think this approach to dispensing psychoactive medications is far too common…

** She’d sent a missive to me and my three siblings, including her mother, S.  Essentially answering the question “What’s the status of the renovations on Mom’s house” with a belligerent diatribe about how hard it is to be her, how difficult life is, and that Mom would appreciate the occasional phone call from her children…  Rather than trigger more drama, i had my sister’s partner, TK, intercept it so it wouldn’t cause stress.  i also e-mailed my brother T, and his wife K, and explained that it was probably triggered by my visit to see remote sister for her 50th b-day.  In the end?  Not a big deal…

*** Yep.  He can find time to take a week off work and go do renovations on the homes of others, but Mom still lives on a bed in his living room until the renovations on her house are completed.  What evs…

27 thoughts on “The Double Rescue

  1. “Wiener Pincher” HAHAHAHAAH!!11! I read that out loud to my current company and we all had a big belly laugh. Maybe you should show us a picture.

    • it’s a really sweet dog, too! She’s 3 years old, named Chili Dog. if i didn’t have 2 critters already? i’d have probably thrown her in the car and abducted her…

  2. I had a foster child who was being medicated for his problems in precisely that way. It was quite a roller coaster, and I can’t even imagine what it must have been like to be the kid going through all the permutations of psychoactive drugs the psych team could dream up.

  3. Given that psych drugs from a shrink are pretty much the same as illicit illegal drugs, DQ might be as well served by smoking a bit of pot now and then to calm her down.

    Yeah, I read that bit about the mission trip to Appalachia with a raised eyebrow too. It would be nice if BJ’d take care of his own, especially given the circumstances.

    Glad to see that you’ve managed to give your mom (and DQ) a bit of respite. Good on Mr.P for stepping up (or laying down as the case may be).

    Did someone curse you years ago with that old one: “May you live in interesting times.”?

    • i think you’re right – a little weed to take the edge off her, and perhaps she’d be in far better shape… mom seems ok. talked to her last night about anti-depressants for her, and SHE suggested maybe she should just start smokin’ dope. hmmm… “interesting times”? nah. i’ve got a good life. no complaints, despite the never-ending supply of blog-fodder from the park.

  4. We got spoiled with my mom having a full time, healthy spouse equivalent all these years. I’ve been doing a lot more at our own Park this year. Pain in the ass, but always seems to be worth it. They are just not with us long enough.

    Oh, and the thing with the meds is fucked up, but sadly, not at all surprising.

    • if i could find my mother a full time, healthy spouse equivalent? that would be really cool…. where’d your mom find hers? craig’s list just shut down the ‘adult services’ site…

  5. The scatter-gun approach to mental health does seem rather common. Certainly my brother was treated for pretty much everything without any real success.

    A doctor friend explained to me that one of the difficulties in making a diagnosis of mental illness is that the symptoms are being described by someone who is… mentally ill!

    Hope you and your mum enjoy your time together.

    • good point from the doc friend. they have to assess status through a filtered point of view – and trying to hide the degree of illness seems pretty common. it’s been a good visit. so far. theater this afternoon!

    • no, but the cat sleeps there sometimes. she doesn’t seem to mind the big froggy eyes watching her at night… she DOES mind the damn dog licking her arm all the time.

  6. I wanna see a pic of the mutt dawg of sausageness.

    P.S. MWAH. Was thinking about how fabulous you are the other day. You know that hey? That’s you’re fabulous.

    • i should have gotten a pic of Chili Dog. she’s got the classic ‘pin head/sausage body’, and is pretty damn adorable. as for my ‘fabulousness’? thanks, but i feel pretty ordinary most of the time…

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