Nope.  It couldn’t possibly have been 30 years ago.  Only yesterday that i was squealing my tires out of the high school parking lot for the last time – never to visit, look back or reflect on my glory days again.

Because they weren’t glory days for me.  i did well academically, despite some of my more self-destructive hobbies*.  Marking time, i looked forward to getting out, and getting on with my life.

But i had some damn good friends.  Friends who are still in my life.  JM-P is a widow, with a 6 year old.  She’s a firearms instructor for a national law enforcement agency.  One of my favorite JM-P stories is the time she lost her handgun at the wedding of another friend.  Then there’s KZ, who was our high school class Valedictorian.  She’s now the Chief of Police at an Ivy League university.  She has 6 year old triplets with her partner of 10 years.

These two pistol-packin’ mamas will be arriving at my place in just over a week.  The plan?  Slumber party at Chez Daisy Friday night, followed by the trek to the old homestead for the reunion.  Most likely?  We’re goin’ hard before we’re goin’ home. 

i’m not particularly wise when it comes to sorting out mysteries of the human soul, secrets of happiness or any of that crap.  But i do know that having things to look forward to dangling in your future make life better.  It’s sure as hell helping me navigate a rather convoluted week…

Can’t wait!

* Voted “Most Likely To Be Found Dead In A Gutter” in the informal poll… Sadly, one of my other classmates nailed that honor a couple years back.

36 thoughts on “Antici…..

  1. I tend to live by “You can’t go back.” Which is a strange philosophy for a genealogist. Actually, I envy people who have friends from so far back. My family moved around so much, and I was so shy (YES!!! I was!) that I never really made friends.

    • i agree that ‘going back’ isn’t particularly helpful… but it is very nice to go forward with people you’ve known a very long time. find your shyness to be a bit of a surprise! and you HAVE made friends, archie! they live inside your computer!

  2. 30 years for me too, daisy, and ours is in November. So howsabout we both take pics and I’ll show you mine if you show me yours? Actually I think the website set up for the gig (seriously!) will be full of pics. We have an informal get-together (pub) the night before the reunion, then a brunch AT THE SCHOOL on the Sunday with tours conducted by current students. Ouch.

    • there will be pics… but i’m not sure i’ll be showing them! most of ours will be on the facebook site for the class of ’80 for the school. there’s no mention of anyone going back to the school – thankfully. it was a box. nothing more…

  3. Ivy League schools have their own police forces???

    I’m sure you’ll have a blast. It is disturbing to have reached an age when one’s school friends start dropping of the perch. Maybe we should consider slowing down a little…

    • all universities have some sort of security staff – just depends on the size of the school. she’s been there for over a decade, and is a good police… i’ve lost a couple friends in the past few years, but that makes me want to speed up, rather than slow down!

    • nope. the gym-time is unrelated. i am not all that worried about what i’m wearing, either. as the rest of the class dusts off the little black dress, i’m thinking i’ve got some reasonably clean blue jeans somewhere in my closet…. working my way toward the gutter. no worries.

  4. Now I’m really starting to feel old. It has been 39 (yes THIRTY NINE) years since I left high school. Like Archie, I was too introverted during hs to make friends, and my parents moved from Colorado to San Diego, CA during the summer between my junior and senior years, so the school I graduated from was not the one I had attended for many years. I never really “gelled” at the new school and although I did make a few friends, the nine month relationship we had together did not survive my move to the far away university in Fairbanks, AK. Since part of the reason I was so introverted in high school was the absolutely appalling treatment I received from my “peers” I have no desire to ever see any of those people again, except possibly at their execution by lethal injection in the penal institution of their choice.

    Sound bitter? I suppose so. I am also jealous of people who have connections to their past that they wish to pursue, so I wish you much joy and fun in your upcoming reunion. I shall enjoy it vicariously.

    • there were 350 in my graduating class, but there are only a handful that i’ve stayed in touch with over the years… provides a certain continuity to life, and there’s comfort in these friends – they know me well – warts and all – and still want to know me. there are quite a few of these folks, however, who were nasty and arrogant. i don’t wish good things for them…

    • at the 10 year, i ran into one guy i always enjoyed in school, who was quiet and shy. we’re still in touch, and he’ll be at this one, too. i’m hoping to find another re-newed gem or two, lurking by the walls… oh, and i’ve been assured that there will be no hardware in tow. other than perhaps some corsetry…

  5. Have an awesome time! My 30th is next year. I’m not sure I’m going to go. I went to my 25th. One interesting thing I noticed though – women age much better than men. It was amazing. There’s been this societal impression that men get “distinguished” as they get older. Uh, sorry guys, but no. The chicks looked amazing, though.

    • i went to an 11 year, the 20 year, and now the 30 year. the 11 year? lots of pretense, people trying to impress and all that awkward crap. including me – starved myself down to a size 8 for the week (i was BORN a size 6), dressed nicely. the 20 year? Relaxed, fun, throw down. We got kicked out of two bars trying to find a place to keep playing and dancing…

  6. Ah yes, a slumber party and guns – makes perfect sense – reminds me of a childhood birthday party now referred to as “the clown and the wood chipper” event.

    Have fun, Gorgeous!

  7. My 10-year was in 2009. The reunion was canceled because only one person out of probably 300 RSVP-ed. It wasn’t me, btw. Hated high school. But I’m sad for my class. If after 10 years we (they) couldn’t get their shit together, there’s no hope for the ones further down the line. I think this is probably very telling about my generation. We have Facebook, after all. (Not me, though. I’ll never join. Probably.)

    • facebook is a mixed bag – great opportunity to stay connected to people who’ve crossed through your life in some way, including remote cousins. and as for hooking up? holeeeee crap, it’s a grab bag. there’s a respectable list of gents from my past that have tested the waters – and i did indulge in a rather festive long weekend in milwaukee with a guy i hadn’t talked to since 7th grade. you never know what’s out there…

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