System Failure

In theory?  i’m a genius when it comes to creative use of the calendar nestled so efficiently within my Blackberry.   i have a system!

Need to remember to bring a book to work to share with a friend?  i simply set up an appointment for 0730, so that i am reminded just as i’m leaving the house in the morning.  Owe someone a bit of info immediately after a meeting?  Just park an appointment on the ol’ Blackberry calendar, set to go off as soon as i get back to the office. 

This little reminder system works quite well, since my Blackberry is a near-constant companion.  It even serves as one of my alarm clocks, and sleeps next to me on my nightstand.  Integrating my professional and personal life, i love the ease and efficiency of my e-calendar.

Last Friday, one of the irritating dorkboyz at the office set up a meeting for 0700 this Monday morning.  In general, i don’t get to work until around 0800, but on a typical Monday, i’m stumbling in closer to 0830, when the weekly staff meeting is scheduled.  i was not thrilled with the idea of an early morning requirement for a Monday.  It was, however, necessary to catch the boss before he went into lockdown for the rest of the week.  So i reluctantly hit the “accept meeting” button…

But i’m awful about early meetings.  And on a Monday?  No way!  The solution?  Use the calendar, of course!  Cleverly, i set up an ‘appointment’ for Sunday evening, around 8:00 pm.  “Go to bed early, dumbshit, because you have an early morning meeting tomorrow!” was the title of the ‘meeting’.  That was on Friday…

My weekend was packed with good stuff and home stuff and other stuff, so the next time i saw that meeting reminder was at 0615 this morning, as i was bashing the shit out of the alarm on my beloved Blackberry as it tried to rouse me from insufficient sleep. 

Sunday night?  8:00 pm?  The reminder went off as planned.  Why didn’t i get that meeting reminder? 

Oh, wait.  There was a party.  At my place.  Seems i got a little bit distracted…

My daughter and her boyfriend, ZZ, were hosting a small soiree.  For the most part, i was happily holed up in my bedroom working on a project.  Periodically i emerged to scavenge for food and beverage.  For the most part, folks were headed home by 11:00 pm, and i was on my way to bed shortly thereafter.  But when i heard the strains of a little bluesy-jazz piano coming from my living room, i caught a second wind, and headed out to investigate.

By the time the impromptu jam* ended, it was after midnight.  At no point did it occur to me to look at my Blackberry and sort my schedule for the next day.  Hence the full-blown “Oh, Shit!” panic-stricken jolt from bed this morning when i realized that i had approximately 20 minutes to get dressed, walk the dog, and get myself motorvating toward the office.

i got dressed.  The dog pooped.  i made it to the meeting, demanding the head of the dorkboy who set it up as i inhaled an industrial-sized bucket of coffee. 

In theory?  My little system is foolproof.  In practice?  i’m a pretty talented fool…

* Wasn’t much of a jam.  The pianist, an adorable little lawyer, was able to bang out my current most favorite song – Biz Markie’s “You Got What I Need”.  There was a guitar.  i vaguely remember playing along.  Possibly dancing.  It’s a little bit soft focused…

26 thoughts on “System Failure

  1. ‘The best laid plans …….” For once, I feel some sympathy with you Daisy ….. well, except for the slight over-indulgence, the tad of lack of focus, the teeny weeny signs of gnat attention span, the dilution of proper priorities …… and I’m also a bit concerned that the dog pooped and you didn’t …… apparently …….

  2. Bummer. I hate when that happens. Also, I hate Monday morning meetings. And Friday afternoon meetings, but I don’t tend to miss those through oversleeping.

  3. No meetings here. At least not scheduled ones. My system is about as archaic as you can get, it is a planner with actual paper pages and there is no alarm function. It gets very confusing when the pages are opened to the wrong week and nobody notices. . . Also, it requires knowing what day it is to be able to access the information.

    I like having something that is big enough that I can see it without my glasses on. A lot of my resistance to electronics, that includes cell phones, iPods, and other devices with screens, is due to the fact that now that I am getting old and need reading glasses for small print, I cannot tell what the darned camera is telling me without having my reading glasses. I am not in the habit of wearing the reading glasses while driving, and so if I am trying to deal with the iPod I can’t read that tiny little letters on its menu. After all, it is a nano iPod, which apparently refers to the size of the letters on the screen as much as it does to the size of the actual device.

    There are some things that I still just can’t embrace whole-heartedly. Most of them involve electronics and computer chips, both of which are substances that I have a rather tenuous relationship with. Oh, just ask me what I think of the remote control for the TV when it has decided that it can’t communicate with the TV because it is in my hand and for some reason the field around me is interfering with it. Don’t even try to guess how I feel when the damn things work perfectly as soon as they leave my hand and are enfolded in Jim’s.

    • although i’ve moved the calendar to the realm of electrons, i still love a ‘to do’ list on a post-it note. very satisfying to mark things off. far better than ‘deleting’ an item when you’re done…. i’m about to look into lasik surgery, as my eyes are also getting rather broken…

  4. I used to take care of my grandkids three days a week so their mom could work part time. Now since she’s been working from home, I haven’t done that for about a year. My brain didn’t get the memo. My eyes pop open every morning at 7:00 am without the benefit of an alarm. Wish I could program it like your Blackberry.

    • my body clock needs to take weekend hiatus… but it seems the older i get, the less able i am to sleep in. weekdays? alarm goes at 0600. weekends? eyes roll up around 0700. grrr….

  5. Excellent tracking system those blueberries….I turn mine off on weekends. But at least you didn’t response to ‘accept’ with “Go to bed early, dumbshit, because you have an early morning meeting tomorrow!” to everyone on the invite. hee hee

    • ya know? i almost invited my division admin to my ‘reminder’ meeting – an adorable man who set up the meeting – because i thought it might have been a joke. that could have been funny…

  6. The problem possibly lies in referring to yourself as “dumbshit”, however affectionately. My therapist would have a field day! (ok, not really, but she would at least pick up on it….)

    • you have an excellent point – did i set myself up for failure? the reality is, the more i’ve dropped into “fuckoff” mode, the less likely i’ve been to work nights and weekends. the system simply won’t work any longer. back to putting post-it notes on my bathroom mirror…

  7. Ha! I always miss my i phone’s reminder beeps! It’s either in another room, it’s too loud, or I turned the phone on mute. It sounds like your party was way more worth missing the reminder than my usual screw ups!

    • the party was a hoot! i didn’t have to actually do anything, except play. they did a nice job as hosts, and the friends who came over? big ol’ fun. since they all work in the restaurant biz? the food was over the moon, too! very much worth the monday headache…

  8. I don’t know how I did things before my Centro..I have everything on it. The hubby constantly reminds me to back it up to the computer just in case something happens to it. We actually back up our phones to both computers because if anything happens to either it would be impossible to re-input all the info.
    I thought I was the only one who slept with the phone as an alarm clock. I have learned to double check my reminder times since I forgot a hair appt once.
    sad just sad that i’ve become so dependent on a little piece of electronic plastic.

    • to get out of bed at 0600 every morning requires that i set 2 alarms. when i have to get up at 0400 in order to get to the airport for an early flight? i set 3 or 4… i back up my calendar on my office desktop system, so with any luck, i’ll be able to recover if i flush the ‘berry!

  9. ACK! I still live in the “dark ages”!
    No Blackberry here.
    Just a standard, boring-ass cell phone.
    I use my computer calendar and and PAPER one.

    Yes, I am a dork that way.

      • See, I just don’t trust the electrical system, so I don’t like to rely on things that need charging or power to make them function. There have been entirely too many times in my life when the power was not there — sometimes for days on end. The most notable was 9 days after the big ice storm a few years ago. I was SO glad that both my freezers were outside in the carport and in no danger of thawing out. One of my biggest nightmares is a long power outage during the height of summer. I have TWO freezers, both of which are stuffed with all sorts of good things, and a a long period without power in a hot time of year would be a disaster. Sometime we intend to purchase a generator, but haven’t designated the dollars for it yet.

      • i had a generator at my old house – primarily on hand to run the sump pump if the power went out and the battery back up system failed… left it with the new owners. makes me wonder if i should have held onto it….

  10. Lately I’m the queen of birthday-reminder fails. My little phone tells me it’s someone’s birthday, but what I really need it to do is call the person and wish them a happy birthday. Or just text. Really. Anything would be an improvement over what happens when I forget the reminder.

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