Mental Health Break. Sort of.

And now, for something completely different….

Actual news footage, reporting on an attempted rape:

But of course, there is a lovely remix:

Hide your kids. Hide your wife. Hide your husband, too…. Cuz they rapin’ everybody out there.

21 thoughts on “Mental Health Break. Sort of.

  1. I hadn’t seen any of this before. I watched the original clip first and figured that guy (Antoine?) – the brother – was quite the drama queen. It was perfect fodder for the mock-u-mentary to follow.

    It’s that kind of wit that makes things like mockthedummy possible.

    I agree with UB’s pronouncement on kyk’s comment.

  2. Antoine is hunting the elusive Mega-Rapist, known for raping everyone out there. But the weakness of the Mega-Rapist is that he is so dumb.

    Every time I watch that video I expect Antoine to go into that famous line from Cool Hand Luke “What we have here is failure to communicate.” Some rapists you just can’t reach, ya know?

  3. jenny – so, why did you ever leave?

    savannah – i’ve seen local rednecks on the tv-tube being interviewed, but nothing quite so fun. my local trailer parkers need to get in the game if they wanna hang with antoine!

    HMH – and apparently? this is viral. my son pointed it out to me… you can download it from iTunes. not that i’d pay for it, it is a catchy tune.

    DP – i suspect the foiled rapist will also be trying to extract his own share of the profits from any sales of the song on iTunes. face it, without him? none of this would be possible…

    nursemyra – i certainly wouldn’t pay for it!

    kyknoord – yeah, but at least our white noise has a beat, and it’s easy to dance to. unlike those horn thingies y’all brought to the game…

    unbearable banishment – kyknoord is a good time. let’s all go over to his place and hang out in his gang!

    stephanie – i love the marching band! and nothing wrong with a good graphjam, either! i found myself humming this at work today…

    rob – how on earth did we waste time before the internet? did i read books? watch movies? i can’t remember… lost too many braincells out here.

    fragrant liar – dance, dance, dance! wheee!

    renalfailure – suspect you need to do a re-remix, with the footage from coolhand luke…

    manuel – horrified is a good start. but be sure to chuckle at it just a bit first…

  4. OMG! That’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. My son said the brother is making tons of money because he gets 30% of royalties from the remix. Next time I feel depressed, I’m going to watch this again. This world is awesomely insane!

  5. robinaltman – really glad Antoine is making some money from this… the American Dream isn’t dead! Hurrah!

    kono – it’s catchy as hell. i found myself singing it while cleaning the kitchen tonight…

    FJ – hard to believe we have so many nuclear weapons, isn’t it?

    Artswebshow – i’ll take this over the ol’ Susan Boyle video any day!

    tammy – there’s a guilty pleasure to this. but at least he stopped his sister from being raped. that gives us a chance to laugh, right?

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