One Crowded Hour

Sometimes music appears.  If the planets are aligned perfectly, cosmic consciousness cooperates, and your electronic equipment is operational, this music can become a transitional soundtrack for where you are at a particular point in your life.

That happened a couple weeks ago.  While i was playing in Greece, a lovely and generous couple from Australia decided i needed a particular CD.  When i returned home, Augie March “Moo, You Bloody Choir” arrived in the post.  And it has been on continuous rotation ever since.

The opening track, in particular, has lodged itself in my brain.  “One Crowded Hour”…  have a listen.  And be sure to stop by over at YourZenMine.  One couple, two points of view, and 365 days of music reviews.  They’ve rattled me out of my ‘same old’ music rotation.  Proving that you’re never too old to listen to something new.

18 thoughts on “One Crowded Hour

  1. Look, I do understand that anything goes these days, but simply displaying “This video contains content from Vevo, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds” with no music whatsoever is a bit too avant-garde for my taste.

  2. Well. A rock and roll chant/rant whose words I mostly did not understand was not really to my taste. But I have to admit that I rather stuck in the seventies with Emerson Lake and Palmer, The Eagles and Jefferson Starship (to name a few).

    I was thinking about this “new music” thing the other day when I had come across a Young Person’s blog where she was raving about the music she was listening to which was by a person and a band I had never heard of even in passing. And I wondered if maybe our brains don’t get filled up with data to the point where it is just too much trouble to try to stuff any more items in there. Considering that the musical portion of my brain was stuffed to the gills with classical offerings when I was a tender young thing, and then I overlayed that with a whole bunch of rock and roll that I missed out on when it was actually current, I am wondering if there is any more room left up there. Frankly, after the soaring wonderment of Puccini’s arias in La Boheme and Madame Butterfly, the sort of thing above leaves me cold, unsatisfied and unmoved. Which doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with it, it just isn’t to my taste . . . today. Tomorrow may bring a completely different reaction.

  3. Funny you should mention this. (Didn’t I start another recent comment here the same way??)

    I am not a big music person. I mean, I don’t listen to music as much as most people. I don’t own much music. I’ll go to a show with somebody every now and then, but it’s always somebody else’s idea.

    I was never sure if it was me, or if it was just that the music coming out didn’t appeal that much.

    I suspect it was just me, because lately I have been sucked back in. I’ve been turning on the radio more. Cranking up the tunes more. Checking out different bands and styles. Seeing if I’ve been missing anything.

    And I bought my first album in about a decade. I can’t pinpoint why – maybe the odd combination of genres – but this was the track that got me hooked:

    And now I’m looking for more music to draw me in. So thanks for another starting point for a musical journey through Youtube videos.

  4. Loved it. It has just the right amount of emotion to resonate with the ol’ heart strings. Yeah, I can get mushy sometimes when it comes to music. Augie’s got my vote.

  5. archie – ‘gothy angst’. yep. Augie March is an aussie pop group, and what amazed me about the CD is that each track channeled a different style & vibe. influences of Dylan, Bowie, then Keane, Nillsson, and a little bit of Traveling Wilburys… made me happy, that’s for sure.

    kyknoord – oops. i guess you didn’t see the bit in the video when the trained goats were juggling fire, bowling balls and a running chain saw. bummer.

    HMH – “I am wondering if there is any more room left up there” That may be part of the problem. So many of us seem to stop ‘acquiring’ new sounds after our early 20’s. To bring new stuff into my brain, i have to make an overt effort, and many times am left with a “Meh” response. That makes it doubly surprising when something actually sticks!

    e4 – Mumford & Sons has that celtic rock/fusion thing going, and i like it a bunch! thanks for the lead! seeing as i just spent 3 days immersed in that sound, i’d say these guys can hang with just about any of ’em! love that track…

    fragrant liar – perhaps it was this line that sucker punched me: “If love is a bolt from the blue then what is a bolt but a glorified screw,
    And that doesn’t hold nothing together.

    unbearable banishment – that’s what Amazon ‘recommendations’ is for, right? if you like David Sedaris, then by golly, you TOTALLY need to read Augusten Burroughs!

    nursemyra – haven’t run into much i don’t like that comes from Australia!

    tammy – i’ll be immersing in the rest of their stuff. sure hope i like it as much…

    yourzenmine – and you made my week when you shipped me that CD! thanks much. it’s a very cool thing you are doing this year!

  6. alex – it’s pure goth-angst pop music, and i suspect if i’d heard it blasted over the radio for weeks on end, i might have a similar reaction! the big fun for me was getting something new in the rotation!

    jean pant – Yay. Buy.

  7. manuel – they can do the miserable folksy stuff, but i’m pretty sure thrash metal is out. stop cutting yourself and listen to some Scissor Sisters, okay?

    lynn – i can see you using this as a track for one of your videos! i’m planning to buy a few CDs, and should i ever get my act together, will send one your way… i think you’d love it…. and yes. i miss greece.

  8. awe, sorry. where to next daisyfae? i’m excited to see where we’re going. not that i’m going too but i go along with you in spirit anyway.

    • lynn – gonna disappear in a few days with just my two kids. we haven’t had a ‘just the three of us’ trip in about 4 years, and i think we’re overdue. stay tuned… it’s all good! 🙂

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