Geek Love, Part 76

The air conditioner in my current junk car took a massive shit last week.  It’s been over 90 degrees, with matching humidity.  i’ve had to wear suits for a variety of work functions, driving from meeting to meeting. 

Giving a presentation with pit stains,  hair plastered to your head with salty perspiration, while giant globules of sweat dangle from the tip of your nose is a fantastic technique to use should you want to make sure no one hears a word you have to say.  My future career as a motivational speaker may have just hit a speed bump.

Arriving for a ‘beer lunch’ offsite strategy session with colleagues last Thursday, i squished noisily into my seat, yet again a human sweat molecule.  The guys listened while i ranted about the A/C crapping out at the worst possible time, and my continued rants about not wanting to put another dime into a car that i’ll be disposing of shortly.

Helpful Geek:  Hey, Glenn was just charging up the A/C on his clunker in the parking lot last week.  Bet he could fix you right up…

daisyfae:  Glenn?  Human Garbage Disposal Glenn?

Every office has one of these.  The guy who eats anything.  Complaining that his trousers are a bit tight, as he inhales Reese’s Cup Miniatures at the communal candy jar, arms spinning as if they are water-cooled factory robots.   We love him, and will on occasion test his gastronomical limits.

Two weeks ago, a funnel cake appeared on the admin desk.  Being a sugar-hound, i poked at it, but it was stiff as a corpse, and seemed like an odd thing to have at work.  Carnival fare.  Why was it here? 

Turns out, it was over a week old, and the guys put it out to see how long it would take before it disappeared.  There was wagering.  Invariably, it was gone by the end of the day.  Glenn ate it.  All of it.

So when they’d suggested that the quirky nerd-boy might be able to help me out, i was a little suspicious.  He’s got technical know-how, and is good at what he does, but i’d never have taken him for a gear head.  Catching him late morning – naturally, as he walked past my office towards the candy bowl – i asked if he could help.

From the cluttered floor of the back seat of his car, he produced a little pressurization rig, with a can of R134a-plus, and proceeded to show me how to do it.  Took all of five minutes, draining the can of refrigerant. 

Next week, i’ll be bringing him a replacement can, along with a bag of Reese’s Miniatures.  Fresh ones.

24 thoughts on “Geek Love, Part 76

  1. We have a truck that was born to life in Northern California and was transported during its middle age to Missouri. In N. CA air conditioning is an option rather than the necessity it is here in the Ozarks, but the truck still has it not. . . I still remember driving it here — in AUGUST — through Nebraska and Kansas; the shock to my system as we descended from the Rockies onto the Plains was severe. I wasn’t going to any meetings though, so I could wear shorts and a tank top, much to the amusement of the truck drivers. Driving along with the back filled with rocks and roses, windows down and a bottle of water in my hand. . . oh those were the days.

  2. perhaps an objective experiment is in order. bring in progressively less fresh and edible food-like objects and see just how unpalatable a dish he’s willing to ingest. it’s better than actually working and you get some fun out of it to boot!

  3. I think nursie is right: this sort of act deserves at least a home baked cake. Glenn has not only saved you a garage bill but has enriched your skill-base. Now you will be able to recharge people’s aircon in car parks.

    A whole new career beckons.

  4. chris – i am now on a mission. gonna buy my own rig, then run around charging people up all over town! “Bringin’ the Chill”

    renalfailure – yes, it does. about $7, too. i was really amazed how cheaply i can do this myself. Kinda like “behind the mechanics powder room door”.

    kyknoord – it’s a no brainer. like the good nurse, it would be the whippy cream…

    HMH – it amazes me how acclimated i have become to A/C in the car. we’re about the same latitude, and the summer heat & humidity here can be like drinking bathwater during August. gotta have it. your truck trip sounds like quite the adventure – a rolling sauna! you probably sweated off 10 pounds!

    gnukid – we are rather convinced, after the bashing of the funnel cake, that there is NOTHING he won’t eat… not much of an experiment, other than grossing the rest of us out!

    unbearable banishment – i never mess with the guys at work. no matter what kinda skills they have, it’s a really bad idea!

    nursemyra – that’s just mean. i want to do something NICE for him!

    HMH – i can cook. i can bake. there have simply been far too many disasters, and i’m scarred…. the kitchen is where i go to look to see what sort of leftovers my daughter has abandoned.

    DP – over the holidays, The Girl and i open our ‘biscotti bakery’. but that’s about it. i am no perfect goddess. i’m a perfect mess most of the time…

    Jon – i compromised, based on the suggestions of all you blogger people. i bought a nice packet of freshly baked lemon cakes from the local bakery, and will give him those, along with the candy and can of refrigerant. you are absolutely right – he gave me a double gift. the fix, and the know how to do it myself. THAT’S the way to do it…

    dolce – they are only good for about 15 minutes after they are yanked out of boiling lard. and it is animal fat that makes them so very tasty. if you go to local county fairs, you can hear the arteries hardening outside the funnel cake carts…

    HMH – they are tasty, but just about the WORST thing you can do to your body….

    tammy – excellent point! maybe he uses his power tool collection to perform home colonoscopies to keep things moving?

    manuel – me too. i don’t eat the stuff that’s gone bad, though. i was poking the damn thing to see if it was fresh. had it been the least bit promising? i’d have had a bite or two myself…

    carlae – he’s a gem, and you’re probably right, but i don’t sit near him at feeding time. too hard to watch. his ‘callsign’ is “White Noise”, because he’s always talking… truly a goofball, but a good one…

  5. This was wonderfully vivid considering I could feel your sweaty hot discomfort, yet here I sit on the other side of the world rugged up in PJs and slippers in front of a roaring gas heater….

  6. egad. Just reading your description of how hot and humid it was made my boobs sweat.
    Hopefully GDG’s fix helped; though I did find the the spinning-arms-metaphor quite silly, yet shockingly accurate.
    Wonder if he’s Annoyances brother.

  7. funny, rip’s going thorugh this same thing right now. it’s hotter than hell here in florida but he insists on taking the jeep with no a/c and no carpet to his corporate IT job. he says it’s the only part of his blue collar mentality that can’t be sacrificed to the man! 🙂

  8. ruby – i prefer colder weather. it is much easier to warm up by adding clothing, than it is to cool off. you can only get so naked…

    stephanie – i have had nothing but automotive frigidity since he juiced up my compressor! he’s a good human being. i am thankful for him. i will feed him candy for as long as we work together.

    lynn – that’s a riot! when i was whining about the A/C dying, someone asked which car. i had to laugh – it’s not like i have A/C in the damn jeep! not much in the way of heat, either, for what that’s worth…

    manuel – it’s a fine line. if something can be softened up with a few minutes of microwavery? it’s still good…

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