Somewhere between…

In case you’re playing along at home, there”s been a mild blip in our travel adventures.  Something about a general strike in Greece?  Our flight from Lesvos to Athens was canceled this morning. 

We won’t know until about noon if the 6:00 pm overnight ferry will sail.  That’s the only chance for us to make our flights out of Athens to our respective continents tomorrow.

So we sit and read and surf in a harborside cafe, awaiting news.  We are somewhere between “mildly fucked” and “up the ass without a courtesy spit”.

Sort of like “The Amazing Race”, without the supermodels and camera crews.

We will improvise, adapt and overcome.  In the meantime?  Another cup of coffee…


Update:  The ferry sailed  from Mytilene on time.  We were on it!  We’d booked 1st class passage, giving us a cabin to horse around in over night.  Ferry docked briefly at the island of Chios around 10 pm, and then we sailed overnight to the port of Athens.  No problems with the strike – but i almost created a problem with a rather adorable bartender on the ferry…

My flights went on time, and i was home after about 24 hours of ships, planes, trains and automobiles.  nursemyra arrived at her short stop in asia, and dolce – who had a grueling wait in Athens (flight left about 12 hours after ours), followed by a REALLY long transit – was en route to South Africa. 

26 thoughts on “Somewhere between…

  1. DP – exactly. We were able to purchase tickets for the ferry, but were told there is a chance striking transit workers will block entry to the ferry. We shall then begin stealing speedos with reckless abandon!

  2. Or throw ourselves at the mercy of our kind taxi family.

    Or offer Nursie’s skills to a sailor and cadge a ride on the nearest fishing boat

    Or go back to Skalla Erresos and become lesbians for good.

  3. from the bbc:

    Are you in Greece? Are you planning to strike? Will you be affected by the industrial action? You can send us your experiences using the form below.

    Send your pictures and videos to or text them to 61124 (UK) or 0044 7725 100 100 (International). If you have a large file you can upload here.

    Read the terms and conditions

    At no time should you endanger yourself or others, take any unnecessary risks or infringe any laws. In most cases a selection of your comments will be published, displaying your name and location unless you state otherwise in the box below. If you wish to remain anonymous, please say so in the box.

    ~~~so, if all y’all are still stuck, file a picture or comment! xoxoxox

  4. “up the ass without the courtesy spit” -fucking genius… now of course this is where my man-servant abilities would have come in handy, you know like being all sinister and threatening to boat and cab drivers or of course i could have stole a dinghy and rowed you three back myself.

  5. Oooh sooner you than me for the ferry – I’ve done one of those (Corfu/Brindisi) and was a wee bit green by the end.

    BTW we want to send you a CD – come on over to the June Wrapup and see why – then email yourzenmine at gmail dot com with your address and it’ll be on its way!

    hugs, and remind me to tell you the 56 hour trip from London to Sydney story one day….

  6. Ah the joys of travel where someone else controls the schedule.

    Glad you are having fun.


    PS: Had to take the blog private and would like to get you an invite so you can still read. Drop me an email and I’ll send you an invite.

  7. dolce – even without trauma, i appreciate your efforts to keep me from throwing myself at that hot bartender on the ferry. damn those uniforms…

    kyknoord – so how long does it take you to come up with those? i have an image that you speak in nothing but pithy comments all day long…

    nursemyra – he’s a funny man, isn’t he?

    savannah – oooh, we could have been “i-Reporters”! the only sign of ‘trouble’ we saw was a half-hearted demonstration on the town square, followed by a peaceful march along the docks while we drank coffee… nothing worth writing the BBC about!

    unbearable banishment – it wasn’t bad. we read, surfed, wandered, shopped (and didn’t buy the wooden carved penis bottle opener).

    stephanie – do they sell wooden carved penis bottle openers there?

    kono – i think we might have deployed your services somehow, but rowing back? probably not a good idea. if it takes 10 hours of powered transit on a giant ferry, then that’d be a long row! and i can’t imagine doing it in a fishing boat!

    renalfailure – we didn’t have to go there. and after 2 weeks living in a suitcase? i’m not sure i had anything festive left to wear that wasn’t stained or a bit gamey…

    chris – you’d have enjoyed it, i think! turns out, athens was a bit of a mess on Tuesday, so our day there would have probably only been spent lazing around the pool, soaking up more sun…

    manuel – made it. miss the gals already. we really got along very well… amazing when you think about it.

    fragrant liar – no major glitches. just loooooong flights and time spent in airports. not enough to take away my ‘relax’, however…

    mine – oooh! pressies! i’ll stop by later today and check it out!

    blazngscarlet – yeah, not really looking for sympathy. just providing an update….

    tag – sometimes you just gotta have a beer and wait it out!

  8. stephanie – cleverly back in time to work 2 slow days, take a 3 day weekend, then have a quiet 4 day week!

    hisqueen – it hasn’t been bad. no one at work due to the holiday, so it’s been quiet.

    dolce – that was about 48 straight hours of travel for you, wasn’t it? ugh!

    fweng – you’d love it! grab a travel buddy and hit the road!

    healingmagichands – it was amazing how calm we all were (at least on the outside) when faced with disruption. you can tell a lot about folks by how they react to the unexpected. and this was further proof to me that my travel buddies are aces!

    rassles – borrowed the ‘courtesy spit’ line from my friend, Titan of Industry. it suits you, and you should use it with reckless abandon!

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