Birthday Kyk from A Broad

Before i even started blogging, i was reading the blog of this weird guy in Cape Town, South Africa.  He was an engineering type, but had a history of doing community theater – and writing scathing observations on both…

He had a format change*, and has been writing a three-panel webcomic for the past few years.  And i am continually amazed at his efficient and scathing exploitaton of the english language .

Happy birthday, kyknoord, you sexy bitch…

* Not unlike a sex change,  i suppose… perhaps a teeny bit less messy.

17 thoughts on “Birthday Kyk from A Broad

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  2. kyk – you’re a good human, and deserved a special b-day assault! i am but a minion in dolce’s army!

    savannah – he’s a creative, smart boy… a worthy read!

    chris – oops! i need advance notice of such events. sounds like you’re about two weeks behind me, making you a gemini as well. i’ll do a boobie shot for you next year!

  3. renalfailure – i’ll see to it that something festive occurs!

    hisqueen – all ms. dolce’s doing! we were just stage meat!

    gnukid – sometimes if i don’t hang onto them, they get away from me!

    ruby – i’m not really much of a shopper… it’s all i had on hand!

    manuel – ba-dum-DUM!

    alonewithcats – maybe we can open a business doing this? hired international breastages in t-shirts for birthday e-cards?

  4. blaiser – yep. that’s me. sporting the Model Year 2007 Bionic Twins. Explained best by a t-shirt that says “Sure, i got cancer, but LOOK AT MY RACK!”

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