triple corset friday

With a bit of assistance from the proprietress of our apartment, we were able to collect photos for Triple Corset Friday.  Be sure to check out the corresponding photos over at the incredible edible nursemyra’s place, and dolce’s blog.

i was somewhat unprepared… fortunately, there was a convenient fig tree on the property… So i guess it’s “Fig Leaf Friday” for me.

(and no, i’m not knocked up.  blaming the dress for that illusion.  we’d have to name it “Houdini Jesus” at this point…)

25 thoughts on “triple corset friday

  1. dolce – slumber parties are the best… and abducting our host to take the photos? priceless!

    tNb – if i couldn’t improvise, life would be such a headache!

    unbearable banishment – oh, it hasn’t all been like this. there have been baby oil rub downs, pedicures, snuggles and a good bit of nekkid frolic in the aegean…

    kyknoord – almost worth a pregnancy…

    missy – it’s been amazing! still sorting the opportunity to come up your way for a visit this summer. before it snows!

    kono – yes, these are some beautiful women… an honor to get nekkid with them.

    stephanie – very much so. i have been amazed that we’ve been in close quarters for nearly two weeks and there has been NO discomfort, tension or frustrations. we wander together, alone, in pairs, and there’s nothing awkward. magic.

    DP – no reason to be frightened. we’re eating ginger cakes every morning for brekkies… it soothes the savage beast….

    mstngsal – the pillow fight has been continuous. and big fun! i’m a little worried that i’ll break a hip, though…

    TAG – you would LOVE the flowers here – i can’t do them justice with my camera. fruit trees everywhere, vegetable gardens, and stunning mimosa…

    renalfailure – a position with the marketing department for the locals has already been discussed. i’m likely to return here…

    writerdood – thank you!

    jon – not at that point! nursemyra is the corset goddess – with dolce and i as her devoted fangirls and apprentices….

    rassles – you oughta see the beach. not just our six, but a whole lot more boobies, and other bits sprinkled about for good measure!

    starla – who doesn’t love boobies?

    gnukid – a good time was had by all….

    nursemyra – i was whimpering by proxy during the shoot….

    mach3 – thanks! big fun!

    hisqueen – thanks! the colors – especially the blue of the sky and sea – are extraordinary!

    blazngscarlet – Opaaaaa! indeed! nothing to do with ouzo on this one!

    syncopated eyeball – would love to meet you! i’ll have to get my sorry arse down to sydney, won’t i?

    manuel – appreciate your sensitivity to not seeming a perv, but hey, we put it out there. what else is to be expected? we may have to take this show to Ireland someday! it could happen…

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