Maybe five or six years old, the kid was pretty lousy on the accordion.  He was singing along – “Oh, How We Danced on the Night That We Wed”.

He was positioned along the walkway to The Acropolis, with a few other street performers scattered along the path.  i looked around for an older sibling, or an adult shill, but he was – at least for the moment – working alone, with the coin box in front of him.

Digging through my wallet, i collected change and dropped it in the box, which is a nice thing to do before snapping a picture. He then politely gestured toward my camera – i figured he wanted to see the photo i’d just taken.

As i knelt down to hand the camera to him, my “paranoid” gently turned on… Not that my camera is worth much, my internal alarm went off that the little dude might make a run for it.

Playing “what if” in my head, i figured i could probably snag him by the ankle from where i was kneeling if he dove into the hedge behind him.  i showed him the picture i’d taken. He then expertly flipped my camera out of ‘display’ mode, and snapped a shot of me…

That got him the rest of the change in my wallet.  Not only am i a sucker for a cute kid, i have a fondness for entrepreneurs of any age…

25 thoughts on “Theft

  1. kyknoord – shame he didn’t take video! they were in the midst of shakin’ it like a polaroid picture…

    stephanie – i suspect he’d been a victim of parental bonsai. keep them tiny longer, and you can extend the income stream…

  2. Honestly? You were absolutely right to have your guard up. It’s an unfortunate part of the human condition. But I’m glad it turned out the way it did.

    You guys sure look like you’re having a nice time. I’m jealous. But not in the spiteful/hateful way. In the healthy way. Am very happy for y’all.

  3. he’s very made me kinda sad in Syria..I saw a lot of children the stores, restaurants, selling produce on the street. But…it’s their family business and only means of income. I think in some ways it builds a much better work ethic than we have in the US.
    you look exceptionally happy, healthy and’s the tan that makes me jealous.

  4. As Poppa told me back when we were selling lies on the streets of Sicily, you give American woman attention, she give you money. Now that didn’t happen, but it’s true.

  5. @kyk: Wow! Good eye mate! I missed that entirely.

    @daisyfae: Now I’m wondering why it is we fret about schools and education over here. Maybe we should just put the kiddles back to work, eh?

    So, did the wee boy push your sleeve off your shoulder for effect? Or did that just happen? 🙂

  6. Jeez Dais, that kid was probably trying to lift your wallet. And Noord, donno what you’re talking about. Those chicks stalked Dais all day. I think it was the BRA!!!!!

  7. jenny – that’s apparently what i look like when my heart is stolen…

    unbearable banishment – we are getting along so well! whether it’s in pairs, on our own, or as a trio, it’s all comfortable. we are also, apparently, causing a bit of a stir in the village. they can’t fiure out who’s doing whom. and we are enjoying leaving it all rather ambiguous!

    DP – that was taken while we were still in athens. haven’t had much use for the bra since we got to the island. there are lesbians here. EVERYWHERE… who knew?

    hisqueen – to a degree, i do think working in the family business is good for children. so long as they have timefor school and fun, no problem. this little guy? either being pimped, or quite the entrepreneur. oh, and i’m much browner now. with more browness to come…

    renalfailure – you’d have made a fine cabana boy for this adventure. when we run out of money? we could have put you out on the streets to coax it from tourists….

    savannah – yes it is!

    manuel – at least i was still putting on most of my clothing in athens. this lying about in my knickers all day could become habit forming…

    gnukid – yes, but only if nursemyra doesn’t mind flying cargo…

    rob – i did the math. this kid can probably make 50-100 Euros a day, simply for being cute. not a bad gig. and no, the shirt just didn’t seem to want to stay on. foreshadowing for the time here on the island, i think… the degree of comfort with nudity on the beaches is astonishing to this gal from uptight north america….

    ruby – i usually am a careful traveler, trusting insticts. managed to avoid a mugging in cambodia by seeing something come together in a bad way, before it got bad…. so yeah, i’m friends with my paranoid…

    tNb – not the first time i’ve been wrong, and i’m guessing it won’t be the last!

    dolce – obviously i need to be more carefu before we start putting up the ‘triple corset’ shots… but i thnk those women stalking me in athens were very hot. hope i can find them again when i return!

  8. That was a nice story.
    Next time, video the kid playing his instrument and post it for him. Then he can tell tourist’s where to view his performances online.

  9. writerdood – hadn’t even thought of video! rats! opportunity lost… i’ll have to come back

    casey – another opportunity lost! could have had nursemyra flash him, dolce steal the coinbox too…

    DP – doppelganger. had to be….

    carlae – there is theft and then there is theft

  10. FJ – i’d have to say my paranoia is a bit scarce here on the island. need to give a good look for it before i get back to athens. went for a swim in the aegean and left my backpack – with wallet and camera – on the beach under the care of some locals i’d just met this week…. wild.

    starla – makes me wish i’d pimped my children when they were small and adorable….

    starrynightcoach – very ‘awwwww…..’. and that’s really not my style… but he was precious. did i say “precious”? yikes….

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