Flat Earth Society – Redux

If anyone had told me a few years ago that i’d be packing up my knickers, jumping on an airplane, and meeting a woman from Cape Town, South Africa – whom i’d never actually met – and another woman from Sydney, Australia for a two week holiday in Greece?  i’d have said “you’re fucking out of your mind.”

But it’s 10:30 pm on a Sunday night in an Athens hotel room, and they are just tucking into bed in rather close quarters, as we pack up to head out to the island of Lesvos in the morning.

Although there is a natural amount of anxiety in a blogger meet up, there can be a tremendous amount of anxiety in actually camping out with people who – to the rest of the universe – appear to be strangers to you.  For two weeks.  In another country.

In practice? 

The. Most. Natural. Thing. In. The. World.

i got in first on Friday morning.  Dolce arrived later that day, and nursemyra appeared last evening after some travel complications.  We probably haven’t shut up – other than during periods of sleep or poolside decompression – for three days.  We are visiting a place considered to be part of the cradle of civilization – and it is tremendous – but it has been reduced to almost a backdrop for deepening personal connections.

We are three rather smart, strong, independent and incredibly fucked up women*.  And we are sorting shit out.  Through stream of consiousness conversations, laughs, tears and a bit of Mythos beer, gin and tonics and amazing food.

Three women, from three different continents, meeting up on a fourth…  If anyone had told me a few years ago that i’d be party to such a gathering?  i’d have found it incomprehensible.

Small world, innit?


* “Fucked up”?  Vastly different ways, nothing debilitating, but we are – as all humans are  – wrangling with a multitude of personal demons.

33 thoughts on “Flat Earth Society – Redux

  1. Oh, and not to mention learning some new choice phrases and taming the subways. And fondling statues inappropriately. And stuff. *grin*

  2. fuck that shit! you bitches (and i say that with the utmost affection) had better down some chilled ouzos for ME!
    and also, incredibly happy for all y’all!

  3. I’m feeling something here…can’t quite put my finger on it…oh, that’s it, JEALOUSY!!!! Hope it’s an amazin time for all of you (and yes, pictures would be lovely).

  4. Is wrangling with demons a bit like mud wrestling? ….. oh come on! …… it’s only a question!!! – tee hee.

    Please have a group hug from me and in the meantime I’ll keep an eye on the news to make sure you three aren’t getting into trouble *hugz*

  5. if you’re [all/singularly] fucked up, then I can only hope to be fucked up some day.

    Glad to hear that things seem not-at-all-awkward!

    I was going to tell you(s) to have fun, but I know I don’t need to.

  6. savannah – thank you! i get it! i’m thinkin’ you might need a vacation one of these days!

    renalfailure – there are fig trees on the grounds of our apartment. we are considering replacing corset friday with “fig leaf friday”. working details…

    tysdaddy – regards delivered! “Dubus”? Sorry, but my memory cells are on vacation, and i’m in seriously ‘powered down’ mode…

    kyknoord – yoda is a weenie. we’re not strange. not here. seriously, this place takes strange to the power of ‘whoa’

    ginny – this is prety trippy stuff… but it feels right. following your instincts. a good plan.

    chris – i don’t think we can get in much trouble here. the biggest local news is that the police busted a local vendor for selling counterfeit hummus. can you believe it? made it with fava beans instead of chickpeas… the horrors…

    rob – of the seven meet ups i’ve had, only one had an unfortunate outcome. the rest? pretty cool… we warned the authorities. they didn’t seem to notice!

    unbearable banishment – we took a vote. we all have a crush on you. we’re going to have a pillow fight to determine the winner – who will have dibs on stalking you first!

    fragrant liar – adventure! comes in many forms… trusting instincts is part of that…

    carlae – it’s a good time, that’s for sure! we’re all spoiled and lucky gals, and we know it…

    DP – yes. we’re wrestling. either mud or chocolate, we haven’t decided, but chocolate has the advantage at the moment. we bought gingernuts at the local bakery – we’re considering some ‘gingernut pin up’ photos for you, but worry about your heart!

    ruby – it’s a hoot! life’s too short not to take a run at the ridiculous sometimes!

    stephanie – thank you! if this is fucked up? i don’t wanna be ‘un-fucked’. as it were… ahem… you know what i mean!

  7. “Three women, from three different continents, meeting up on a fourth… If anyone had told me a few years ago that i’d be party to such a gathering? i’d have found it incomprehensible.”

    Oddly enough, I don’t find it incomprehensible at all.
    The world has become such a smaller place than it used to be.
    I am thrilled that y’all are having so much fun, and yes, jealous.
    I have dreamed of traveling to Greece for as long as I can remember.
    Someday …..

    Drink some Metaxa, do a few shots of Ouzo, eat some dolmades and scream “OPA!. lol

  8. Glad you Ladies are having an awesome time..Friends, fun and sun…all wonderful things..Couldn’t be 3 more awesome ladies to met up and have a ball.

    • you’ll excuse me a minute…but….I have been perusing your older blogs and came upon one that had me choking on my cigarette, cursing out loud while laughing with disbelieve..WTF…really I mean WTF…you know I have to travel for these damn interviews and you didn’t bother to let me know not to use the damn hotel room coffee makers..CRAP..no wonder the one we used the other day was so dirty..really..flight attendants use them for their underwear..WTF..need I say that again..WTF..next time a warning would be appreciated.

  9. awh what jolly japes….I remember the first time I met up with other bloggers, I was terrified…but after a while I realised people are generally good people…

    good times for Daisyfae! A woo hoo!

  10. Why was i not notified? don’t you three need a man-servant to carry bags, ward off muggers and advise on would be suitors? as for personal demons, hell i only have one and he stares back at me every morning from the bathroom mirror.

  11. blazngscarlet – drinking lots of ouzo. trying to acquire a taste… slow going, but i’m tenacious.

    hisqueen – just sorting out internet issues at the apartment, and it’s possible we’ll get some pics up on the blogs this week. and i’ve since learned that the “coffeemaker as underwear washer” thing may be an urban legend…

    manuel – this makes my 7th meet up, and only one went awry. rather badly, but recoverable. i’ll keep doing it… cheers!

    kono – you would be one of the few we would consider as our harem guard (notice, i didn’t say “eunuch”). it’s fabulous, and they are two of the most delicious women i’ve ever met. not in the literal sense, mind you…

    alonewithcats – this might happen again… perhaps in the US next year. we shall see…

    texastrailerparktrash – had to look that up, but pretty much mknew what you meant! there is quite a bit of faith in this. but i’d already met up with nursemyra and knew she was the real deal. sometimes you have to trust instincts!

    tNb – and you my dear know better than anyone just how powerfully blogging can change a life. seen anything vaguely beige over there lately? xoxoxo

  12. Man the thought of meeting “people from the internet” is terrifying. But the thought of meeting people whose blogs I read every day? Or at least, you know, as often as I can? Not terrifying.

    It’s when you call them “people from the internet.” Like “Internet” is this foreign, terrifying land full of ugly, sweaty substance abusers obsessed with porn.

    So, basically all of my friends in real life.

    I don’t know why the internet is so scary.

  13. rassles – i’m not sure i’d meet up with just anyone who lives inside my computer. a healthy dose of fear is not a bad thing. managing the environment (meet in a public place, have an exit plan, etc) is a good start. that said, i just jetted halfway around the globe and committed to 2 weeks with women who live primarily inside my computer. sometimes you just gotta say “fuck it” and dive in…

  14. synchy – you are here in spirit, woman! thanks again for my gift – you are a goddess!

    hereinfranklin – as i mentioned above, i’ve only had one situation that was bad in about 7 meet ups. in hindsight, i should have seen it coming. some degree of caution is advised (said the woman who just packed up to spend 2 weeks with strangers halfway around the globe), but trust your instincts. its worthwhile. we have been remarkably comfortable together, in close quarters, for 2 weeks. amazing when you think about it….

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