What? You thought it was MINE?

A couple weeks ago, this lovely vehicle made an appearance in the parking lot at work. 

Invariably, at least six people stopped by my office that day to ask if i’d acquired another vehicle for my fleet… 

What?  Me?  Would i drive a shit heap like that?

Oh… wait…  Right…  i guess i deserved that…

15 thoughts on “What? You thought it was MINE?

  1. savannah – as one of the more senior management folks, they think it’s hysterical that i drive junk cars… i just hate car payments!

    gnukid – bitez moi!

    rob – i think it used to be a cavalier. it’s more putty than car at this point!

    jon – it’s something called ‘bondo’, a material used to patch dents, and holes, in car bodies (polymer body filler). he’s apparently trying to turn this into a little hot-rod of some sort, but based on the fact that it’s been looking this good for a month now tells me it’ll take awhile!

  2. And what would make them think that I wonder?

    We drive the wheels off most of our vehicles as well. I feel your pain.

  3. LOL.
    I had a friend once who bought a car just like that, and then got cans of spray paint (several different blue and white shades) and then called it “the cloud car.” The cloud car broke down a lot, and several times it was shot by small caliber handguns because, (as my friend told me) he had to test his weapons to see if they would fire. Unfortunately, the genius forgot to roll the windows up on the cloud car when he shot it, so the cloud car didn’t have windows either. Just glass that rattled around in the doors.

  4. unbearable banishment – but it was an art car, AN ART CAR! That’s not trailer park, that’s ‘trustafarian hippie’ stuff… she even decopauged the dashboard!

    s.le – i still have no plans to buy a car after the house is sold. hate them car payments. these still start. they’re fine.

    writerdood – the cloud car sounds like big fun! i’ve had a friend with a ‘zebra’ car, and my daughter had a friend with a ‘dinosaur’ truck (it was an art project for his aunt’s 7th grade students), but neither had bullet holes!

    kyknoord – i can make him an offer if you’d like. you might want to wait until he puts the spoiler on. suspect it will be HUGE! there is the slight matter of shipping, however…

    hisqueen – that’s some wild stuff! i have no idea why the cop didn’t leave the area. he could have just backed up a bit faster and been done with it. nice they didn’t shoot the dogs, though…. there is a tiny recessed handle in the drivers side door, but he usually leaves the window down, and may have to open it by reaching in from outside.

    renalfailure – that thing is more bondo than metal. suspect that there isn’t enough metal in it to trigger the magnetic sensors at ‘trip’ traffic lights…

    manuel – yeah, i was confused the first two times people did it… but the third time, i got up to walk the lot, and figured out that they were being a herd of smart asses…

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