If we couldn’t laugh…

Another birthday.  Just a little over a week into June, and it’s already been a long month.  Despite some difficult moments over the past few weeks, my kids came through with another epic birthday card.

Note: i am not - at present - a grandmother.

Inside view:

For reference, my son has signed all cards with his first and last name since he was a small boy.

The presentation was topped off by them both rubbing their bellies: “Hmmm…. feels like a little soccer player” and “Guess who’s fireman wasn’t wearing a hat?”

Thanks, kids.  You turned out ok, despite my piss-poor parenting skills.  i’m a happy ol’ lady tonight.

If we couldn’t laugh, we would all go insane…

30 thoughts on “If we couldn’t laugh…

  1. get ’em back. tell them how they REALLY were conceived (of course, making up totally ludicrous stories involving the New York Yankees and that bum down on the corner of third street…).

  2. gnukid – the real story? pretty funny in both cases… i’ll add one about the hippie commune in oregon, then let them pick their favorite.

    Bb – thanks! i need a holiday, and these two gals are just what the doctor ordered…

    dolce – oh, i could have been a contender…

    tysdaddy – NO! not for real… no one is pregnant, or adopting, or passing along the family genetics in any way, shape or form! not ready for that. and neither are they 🙂

  3. unbearable banishment – neither knocked up, which is especially good to know in the case of my son. they are both very responsible little fuckers. all’s well with the world… leaving a week from today. yikes?

    savannah – thanks… it ended up being a very good day. wild ride at times, but all’s well. get there on the 18th. life is good!

  4. I have, thus far, aside from being “grandpa” to my eldest’s dog, avoided the “grandpappy” label.

    Congratulations to you and yours (as we await your answer as to whose luck it was that ran out).

    Oh, and happy birthday.

    • Uh, Annie just informed that the whole deal was a gag, so my “Congratulations” are unnecessary (for now).

      *Sigh* Caught out not reading others’ comments first. Again.

  5. I say…you add your name, circle it and give it back to them after your trip to Greece..Let them know what a great time you had there and this is the result.
    Geez..I am in a smart ass mood today.
    Wonderful to know The Boy is back to his smart ass self as opposed to you want to “wack him in the head” self.
    The whole name…awesome…makes me realize my dear SS is not alone with that weirdness/cuteness.
    take the laptop to Greece and all 3 of you can keep us up to date. (when your sober, not out galivanting with the greek gods, or causing a ruckus in general to the poor country who is so waiting for you to arrive. I called ahead and warned them)

  6. Poor parenting skill? Your children send you birthday cards, so I doubt it. Unless they’ve impregnated it with arsenic of something. Maybe get it tested just to be sure, eh?

  7. rob – it was subtle, but no, there are no actual grandbabies in the making. as i said to the unbearable banishment guy “they’re safe little fuckers”…

    middlesister – thanks for stopping by! we’re working through it. tough love, accountability, understanding, and bashing demons. shit. i just really wanted someone to send to college. this is a lot of work!

    renalfailure – yeah, that’s it! give them ideas. suspect my spawn would get along just fine with you…

    hisqueen – you, madame, are a genius! i should absolutely throw it back. prepare the extra bedroom as a nursery and all that! they remember when i was neutered, however, so we’d have to name their little brother “houdini”…

    texastrailerparktrash – geminii people are a good time, aren’t we? thanks much, and many happy returns on your birthday – should you decide to go ‘stealth’ mode!

    kyknoord – alien abduction? i’d be the toast of the talk shows, yapping endlessly about my “alien grandbabies”. that would be cool. if i’m doing the ‘granny’ thing? better be some fucking alien babies…

    writerdood – our family traditions are pretty messed up. but tradition is comforting, and sometimes you need that foundation – whatever it may be!

    DP – thanks! you’ve somehow managed to rear at least one rather talented offspring, so i’ll take that as high praise!

    jon – good point. they made time to hang out with me, deliver the card in person, and even paid for dinner! maybe they’ll be nice when choosing my nursing home!

    ginny – it’s not a horrible place. honest, with a little drama and trauma, but tons of love and a metric shit-ton of laughs. it’ll be ok…

    syncopated eyeball – thank you! best i can tell, parents don’t have near the amount of influence on their children as we like to believe… they’re good humans, so that’s all i can ask…

  8. My son always sends me a birthday card. Around mid- September. I appreciate the thoughtfulness, but my birthday is June 18. 61 years.I leave it with just the age because 61 years ” young” sounds like something so condescendingly clichéd, like what relatives or contemporaries would say. 61 years ” old” gets you looks from the youngsters like “God, the poor fellow is at the brink of death.” I am very comfortable with were I am with the number thing, thank you, and I’ve already gone through all that which younger folks have yet to experience marking me far ahead of the game

  9. My son signs all his cards first and last name also.
    It usually reads, “Your loving son” and then his full name.
    It’s always cracked me up.

    On NOT being a Grandma yet!
    But more importantly, for waking up on THIS side of the dirt to celebrate another year of being YOU!

  10. blaiser – thank you! or triple-wide! one should always dream big, right?

    tNb – it always cracked me up that this 8 year old kid signed his mother’s day card with both names… as if there might be another child out there with the same first name giving me a mother’s day card….

    kono – thanks! they are funny humans. perhaps my greatest contribution to the planet earth has been the two people who can laugh their way through damn near anything…

    carl – seems your son is consistent! like you, i just say “I’m 48”. And also like you, i’m pretty comfortable with that number. i’m now at the point in life where i know how to do lots of things, and if i don’t know? i know how to figure it out. the little things usually don’t bug me much, and i can bash my way through the big things. couldn’t do that at 25, that’s for sure! Happy Birthday to you next week!

    blazng scarlet – i like the ‘your loving son’ bit! i think i might have gotten something like that once or twice, but it’s a very nice twist. and yes, i’m quite happy to be looking forward to another year!

  11. manuel – it was lovely… i don’t like to make a big damn deal out of ’em, so if i get through it with time with my kids, a few laughs and something tasty to eat? i’m pretty happy…

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