31 thoughts on “Dogs – just because….

  1. Looks like a case of Photoshop to me. I had a thing like that for my dog, too. A big smile with human teeth showing. Pretty funny, except it worked just like the moustache on Mr. Pickles.

  2. beth – we had gotten the ‘tongue’ for a previous dog, and that didn’t work right either. live and learn. eventually…

    DP – he tried. all he wanted to do, however, was destroy it. turn it into a thousand tiny black rubber chunks, that would get underfoot, clog up the vacuum cleaner, and annoy me for months. denied…

    nursemyra – if you have a corset that goes with that, i’d be surprised. i’ll bring the leathers instead…

    Bb – the goggles would have been a good addition, but afraid that would have further confused my goofy dog. no skills, bird chasing or otherwise. he’s a chocolate lab. the one sort of lab that is too ADHD to be used as an assistance animal…

    kyknoord – that’d be my daughter. my nails are longer, and currently an opalescent pink…

  3. well, sheesh… it’s because the mustache color doesn’t match his fur color. if you’d gotten a brown mustache, i’m sure he’d have played properly.

  4. in pic 4 he is giving you the “i’ve had enough of your crap, lady” look..either that or”you lied..this doesn’t taste like cheese”..

    either way..he is adorable.

  5. unbearable banishment – thanks for the grades. usually how things work out for me these days… i try. results FAIL!

    jon – you might be better off making your own. i suspect even if my dog could hold it in a proper manner, which is one that makes me laugh, i’d get bored with it in fairly short order…

    gnukid – he’s getting a big gray. maybe a nice salt-n-pepper ‘stache for him?

    savannah – he must be either very stupid, or very full of love. or both!

    stephanie – we had the ‘tongue’ thing for him a few years ago. and i’d forgotten that it never quite hung properly, and he ended up shredding an indestructable toy… it’s a good plan, but doesn’t work. now, those pacifiers for babies that have ‘bubby’ teeth? those TOTALLY work! just sayin’…

    s.le – hadn’t thought of that! he could be the king of ‘passive aggressive style’…

    texastrailerparktrash – i don’t know how you did it. always looking ‘down in the mouth’. [ba-dum-DUM!]. he’s a wonderful pup…

    hisqueen – he’s patient. and doesn’t use those powerful jaws for evil (or revenge)….

    manuel – i could wash up the ‘stache and send it to you for the next round of photos? maybe he’ll look better not trying to smile?

  6. syncopated eyeball – he is a beautiful animal. first pure-bred dog i’ve ever had (he was adopted like the others, but someone actually paid a hefty price for this one)… ‘handsome’ is a good word for my boy. with or without the ‘stache.

    renalfailure – no, but the cat will chase a robotic cheese slice underneath the billiards table in my basement for a remarkable amount of time!

    FJ – i’d like to see an all dog barbershop quartet. in fact, i think it’s time for many variations on barbershop quartet. zombie barbershop quartet. goth/vampire barbershop quartet. flintstones barbershop quartet. the possibilities boggle the mind!

    renalfailure/alex – there will be outtakes. it’s up to the other ladies as to their disposition!

    alex – true. certainly in this case… when there are herding dogs, or special assistance animals, featured on television, i point them out to my dog and tell him “get a job, you lazy bastard!” so far? he’s ignoring me…

  7. I used the dog disguise thing with the IRS one year to prove that extra dependent. DON’T TRY IT. iT’LL GETCHA IN THE “DOG HOUSE” FOR THE LONGEST. I think they caught on because that dog tag number has a letter or two in it and is only seven digits instead of nine. I got cited for “barking up the wrong tree.” Put fleas in envelop with penalty check.

  8. carl – welcome to ‘the trailer park’! i have often considered claiming my pets for tax purpose… i mean, isn’t that the definition of ‘dependent’? without me feeding him, he’s in BIG trouble!

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