pointy headed thoughts

Dogs certainly think, but it can’t possibly be in the same way as humans. My dog is the one creature i can count on to be glad to see me – doesn’t matter whether i’ve been gone two weeks or five minutes, he is overjoyed when i appear in front of him… even if i’m smelly and covered in gnat corpses after a bike ride. 

i can look at him a long time, and he will hold my gaze.  When i’m in the bathroom in the morning, getting ready for work.  Even through the mirror…  Eye contact.  Connection.  Genuine companionship.

What is going through that pointy dog head?  Trying not to project human thought, i munched this over as i gave Mr. Pickles a treat this afternoon…

Mmmmm…. drool….  sit? whatever…. Mmmmm…. cheese bone….. damn it…. sit….. wait for it….. Mmmmmm….  cheese bone…

Aw, c’mon, woman!  Cheese bone.  Sit…  damn it.  [drool] Wait.  Sit.  Mmmmm….

Mine!  Cheese bone!  Mmmm….

Mostly?  He sleeps.  Barks when there is a noise, or if he receives a random signal from The Dog Planet.  Follows me from room to room, settling on the couch if i’m in the living room, on the cool tiled floor if i’m in the kitchen, or hopping onto the foot of my bed when it’s time to turn in. 

What’s he thinking?  i’ll never figure it out.  The only thing i need to know is that the mutt is mine.  i am his.  We are a pack of two. 

30 thoughts on “pointy headed thoughts

  1. All dogs think the same thing “Validate my existence.” It’s on a loop in their heads.

    Cat thoughts are too complex for mere humans to comprehend. Just watch a Maru video.

  2. tysdaddy – yes he is… cuddly and highly thumpable!

    manuel – you should consider borrowing a dog for your convalescence. nothing better than a smelly hound at the foot of the bed while you whimper and beg for morphine!

    savannah – the little bugger dropped into my life about 8 years ago, and he’s been my rock through lots of tough days (and nights).

    gnukid – you know, i tell my dog that all the time, yet whenever i get out the cheese, he’s right there. the cheesy-flavored doggie biscuits are my concession.

    renalfailure – i think you’ve got the dog thought backwards. it’s “i’m here to validate your existence”. as for cats? watching Huey Newton as he goes through his daily machinations confirms that you are right. cats speak to god. probably tell him what to do…

    chris – Mmmmmm…. [drool]

  3. So this confirms it, Homer Simpson is in fact a dog (albeit a far worse looking one than this adorable mutt!)

    Loved the Tales of Taylor by the way, clever and fun!

  4. Why don’t we try an experiment. Invite me over and I’ll see if I can watch you get out of the shower and prepare for work as intently as the dog.

    You are into science and experiments, right? Gotta love it when a plan comes together.

    Contact me and we make the arrangements. 😀


  5. I’m not sure how much longer he’ll be able to maintain the eye contact thing if you keep burning his retinas with your camera flash. He’s probably thinking, “mmmm… cheese bone AAAAAH! The light! mmmm…. cheese bone AAAAAH! The light!”

  6. rubytwoshoes – hadn’t made the connection, but homer is rather dog-like in his behavior!

    TAG – suspect the dog would freak out at the competition! nice try, though! 🙂

    rob – i wonder sometimes if it’s love or stooopid. in either case, i’ll take it…

    DP – biscuit shall be mailed in a thin paper envelope. you do like the cheese-flavored bone variety, right? they were out of gingernut bones…

    nursemyra – that’d be quite a trick. especially if you could teach him to bark!

    kyknoord – he doesn’t flinch. and strangely enough? i can see the back of his skull when i do that. that’s a big ol’ pointy-head full of empty.

    dolce – so sorry about your pup. Mr. P is 9 years old. big dogs tend not to live as long, and i have had some pretty awful anxiety attacks thinking about a future without him…

  7. i used to have mental telepathy with my cats, of course i had to be on hallucinogenic drugs for this to occur, but nothing beat sitting in a quiet apartment head all buzzy and having Pablo and Sylvia (may the rest in peace) hanging out and watching all the imaginary shit we humans normally don’t see, great times them were.

  8. Goodness Mr. Pickles is handsome!

    Something tells me that LabBrain focuses on whatever is important at the time… cookie, momma, goingoutsiderightnowtocheckfordanger…
    Though protecting momma usually trumps everything else.

  9. Nice doggie.

    My doggie loves her treats too. I don’t buy her special ones. It’s easier just to feed her the CheezIts that the kids eat. She loves CheezIts. Recently I’ve been training her to set on the other side of the kitchen and catch them as I throw them to her. She’s getting pretty good at it, although she still drops one once in a while.

  10. kono – i would be terrified of tripping with my dog. if i did gain telepathic insight? i’m not sure i’d want to know what’s really going on in there…

    stephanie – i’d offer to betroth him to Ms. Bailey, but he’s firing blanks. perhaps what i love most about dogs is that ‘completely about now’ thing…

    texastrailerparktrash – ‘masters’ vs ‘staff’. i think that sums it up nicely! as for the extra ‘sevens’? signal from the cat planet made them do it…

    writerdood – i usually am prone to cheezits and such. these were a purchase from the local farmers market – i was suckered in because the treats are made and sold by developmentally disabled adults. i’m afraid i’ll have to keep buying them! good thing he likes them…

    lynn – he and django would have a grand time! mr. p likes to dog wrassle, and i bet django could handle him nicely!

  11. Aww, cuteness.

    I was recently out of town, and when I returned, my friend/co-worker/trusty catsitter said, “You know. Your cats are very smart, but there’s one word they don’t know. N-O.”

    And he’s right. I live to serve them. And I wonder what they think about the fact that they hold so much sway over me that I’ve started brushing my teeth in the kitchen so they can have uninterrupted playtime in the bathroom sink before bed.

  12. alonewithcats – he’s not my dog. he’s my canine life partner. end of discussion. and i now have a cat, but the cat doesn’t love me. the cat loves my daughter… and when she moves out again, it’s going to be an interesting transition…

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