Spank Tank

When i checked into the hotel Tuesday around noon, there were two professors in the lobby, having a spirited debate about the U.S. policy on nuclear proliferation in the Middle East. 

These are Physics professors, mind you.  Not experts in public policy.  “Electrons and Photons” physicists.  Not even nuclear physicists, or particle physicists…

On the one hand?  Nice that they give a shit.  On the other hand?  They might have well been USING the other hand to spank the Little Professor for all the good they were doing…

There is only a slight twinge of guilt for taking yesterday afternoon to go walk the beach, watch surfers playing in sloppy waves and get sunburnt.  In theory?  i was working… thinking deep thoughts about how little it all matters.

26 thoughts on “Spank Tank

  1. well, missy, i read this outloud to the MITM and his response was the same as mine…amen, sister! we’ve been having the same sort of conversation about BP, the oil boys, politicians and life in general. xoxoxoox

  2. We have one life – that we know of – do your best in the role you have and take the moments of joy whenever you can.

    Nice gams, by the way. Thanks for the shot, baby.

  3. you need to start wearing socks–days old socks–for guys like that. then when these guys start blithering, you can just stuff one down their gullet. Nah….they’d probably enjoy it too much. And, yeah, very nice gams.

  4. Hey! Great pic of the gams and the scenery. Hope to be seeing a little beachfront of my own real soon. As in, next week!

    You know, men gotta feel like they know what they’re talking about, right? Some actually do, but me being all impressed about that doesn’t last long. I know better.

  5. savannah – i’m deeply vexed. i complain when people AREN’T paying attention to events and issues in the world around them. so these guys were engaging in debate on an important issue… but it’s all simply pointless. Even if we think, discuss, debate and consider options? so what? (sigh)

    girly – yeah, i’m a big ol’ buzzkill for the moment. it’ll pass. i’ll get back to finding moments, and making the best of it. just need a li’l wallow, that’s all…

    stephanie – the bill murray rant in ‘meatballs’ is one of my all time favorite motivational speeches… it actually helps me stare down whatever stupid and mindless ‘task du jour’ is staring me in the face on some days. bill murray should be president.

    DP – it was noon. i was sober. just using the camera on my phone, which is kinda crap, and that picture came out far more sleazy than it looked on the screen. zoicks…

    unclekeith – 🙂

    gnukid – oh, but at least they care enough to argue about something important. not like they were going over the previous nights ‘dancing with the stars’ or something…. (sigh) i simply cannot be pleased…

    fragrantliar – excited about your next adventure! water/sand is good for the brain. i should stay out of the sun, though. a bit burnt. and yeah, they speak with authority, and i can buy it for about 5 minutes at best these days…

    chris – the waves were 4′-6′ that day, with a nice storm churning offshore. surfers, kids using the ‘skimmer’ boards at waters edge, and some boogie boarders were making the best of it… a good afternoon.

  6. US Policy? Basically, it boils down to “just keep stirring up the shit”. Keeps everyone else off balance. I’m reading Friedman’s book, “The Next 100 Years” – a fascinating look at history through the lens of geopolitics and using that to forecast macro trends of the future. In his view, the US dominates the world and there’s nothing anyone else can do about it, regardless of the current global financial situation.

    Personally, I find exhilarating mountain hikes to be very restorative. Lunch along burbling mountain streams is as good, if not better, than walks on the seashore. Glad you enjoyed the interlude.

  7. rob – anyone who proclaims knowledge of the future makes me suspicious. but it could be an entertaining read, that’s for sure! we all have to find our ‘restoration’ (like that word) in one place or another. sometimes for me, all it takes is a weekend in bed with a snoring dog and a stack of books…

    nursemyra – he was just out of the SNL gig, so he had to be either late 20’s, or early 30’s. i’d still do him. even though it just doesn’t matter…

    syncopated eyeball – ‘fun’ is a stretch, but i’m busily trying to make the best of the moments. counting my blessings and all that.

    kyknoord – i do it all the time. i also like to throw in ‘hierarchical pseudonoise code’ just for grins…

  8. Agreeing to disagree is where ‘discussion’s’ get all wonky. But I think we can all agree that a day (or several thousand) days reclining at the beach is quite good for what ails us.

  9. something deeply satisfying about watching that Bill Murray video even if it does not matter – great analogy to the old guys in the hotel lobby and reminder that it just doesn’t matter.

  10. Hmm… now I want to build a spank tank. I’d probably be more productive in there than in a think tank. They probably monitor your internet use in a think tank, while the spank tank is unfettered. It also has easy to wipe down surfaces too.

    Build this engineering marvel and retirement is closer than ever.

  11. carlae – absolutely love a discussion that makes me think, formulate an opionion and articulate a response. but i like it to be a bit more practical… as for beach-inations? oh, yeah…

    blazngscarlet – ya know, that pic didn’t look nearly that suggestive on my damn phone. it’s pretty bad, isn’t it? oops…

    tammy – i love that bill murray rant… always cheers me up, even though it’s pretty dark! if i still coached little kids, i’d use it…

    renalfailure – i once designed a self-cleaning kitchen – everything watertight, stainless steel doors, countertops. like a walk-in dishwasher with drains on the floor. spank tank? pretty much the same thing, with video and inflatables… i’m in…

  12. dixie – i’m sure you could bring a spank tank to it’s collective knees!

    25bar – the water, wind, sun and sound always feel good… i guess unless it’s a hurricane.

    archie – you, sir, are a genius! the fingernails were not visible on my camera phone… oh, well. hope it was enjoyable. not my original intention, but that’s what happens when you put up a post in an airport bar!

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