Water Foul

Friday afternoon happy hour, celebrating the imminent departure of my good friend, the Ninjaneer, for his new job with our offices in the Florida panhandle. 

Ninjaneer:  I’ve already found a few nice places right on the ocean!

daisyfae:  Yep, with the tar-balls washing up, suspect beachfront is a steal at the moment.

Ninjaneer:  I’m not worried.  In fact, I have already volunteered to help with clean up!  I’ll be right there on the front lines, with my bottle of Dawn dish washing liquid, ready to scrub the oil from the bodies of the college girls who frolic on the beaches there.

daisyfae:  Bad news, hotstuff.  i’ve got a far better chance of getting my hands on the college co-eds than you do!

Ninjaneer:  No way!  Let’s ask a college girl! [motions to cute college aged waitress]  Sierra?  You’re a college girl, right?  If you were covered in oil from the leaky well in the Gulf, who would you rather have wash the oil from your body – me or her?

Sierra: [Immediately points at daisyfae] Sorry…

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22 thoughts on “Water Foul

  1. kyknoord – what? is there a typo in there?

    TBFKAMP – very much so. ninjaneer bought my beers!

    rob – suspect that if i had a mind to, i could give those old men a run for their money when it comes to chasing the pretty young things…

    squirrelqueen – perhaps with a fire hose, if they happened to be the right wingnuts who were screaming “drill baby drill” before they decided to start blaming the current administration for not cleaning up this mess immediately!

    savannah – i love my friends. virtual and otherwise!

    DP – she’d look good wearing anything. or nothing.

    stephanie – she knows the ninjaneer. he’s a regular, and they are used to his chatter…

    gnukid – hey, HEY! cut that out… that hits a little too close to home!

    alonewithcats – thanks for stopping by! any friend of kyknoord is quite welcome here in the trailer park!

    archie – oh, that’s almost good enough to be a marketing slogan. got plans for your post retirement employment?

  2. a man who thinks on his feet would have then said, “well i’ve got $50 bucks, a quart of motor oil and some Dawn in my car, how bout i just watch.”

  3. unbearable banishment – he llikes the attention, even though he gets abused and shot down, to him? there is no such thing as bad attention.

    syncopated eyeball – keeps ’em on their toes…

    dolce – i’d welcome a date to an automated car wash at my age…

    carlae – there’d be far more hands helping if that were a chocolate spill in the gulf!

    uncle keith – glad i was able to achieve temporary redemption. please don’t read the most recent post. i’ll be back in the doghouse with you, i’m afraid…

    renalfailure – learned from experience?

    kono – you, sir, are brilliant! the ninjaneer? only mild genius…

    blazngscarlet – suspect i should charge for it in the future…

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