Mother’s Day – Part Deux

Preparing to head off to The Park to take Ma out for a belated Mother’s Day dinner… Couldn’t take her out last weekend, since i spent both days in a motorcycle rider’s course – getting myself legally certified to ride a two-wheeled death machine. 

Nice way to spend Mother’s Day, i think…

Speaking with my children after passing the course, we somehow got to the subject of death and The Boy (again) enquired about my post-death plans.

The Boy:  Are you planning to be buried when you die?

daisyfae:  My preference is to be cremated.  Hate to take up space.  But if the two of you decide you want a “place” where you can go to remember me, it’s up to you.  i certainly won’t give a shit at that point…

The Boy:  I just think it would be cool to go to your grave on Mother’s Day, pour out half of a forty, and say “Missin’ you, Moms”.

daisyfae:  Why does it have to be my grave?  Wouldn’t it be just as much fun to do it every year to a dead stranger?

20 thoughts on “Mother’s Day – Part Deux

  1. Indeed. This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. One thing I won’t do when you pass is tell you how cool you are (we’re) on your FB page. Instead, i’ll tell you now . . .

  2. tysdaddy – ya know, you’re pretty terrific yourself! agree that post-death affirmations are kinda wasted!

    dolce – sadly, i can see my kid doing this. my grave? the grave of some random woman in some random town? easy…

    kyknoord – part of the current plan is to have small vials available for people attending my ‘post-death wrap up party’. if they wanna scoop up a spoonful of daisyfae to fertilize the plants, display in a charm bracelet or dump in the cat box? why would i care? dead is forever.

    gnukid – i think you’ve nailed it. thanks for giving him another idea…

    jon – quite reasonable. the egyptians may have been onto something.

    unbearable banishment – there’s something nice and portable about spreading ashes. besides, your loved ones would get in trouble if they left a finger, or your spleen, on the floor of that casino…

    chris – definitely outside the box. after digging up my first dead guinea pig while attempting to bury the second one? decomposition is for the birds. or the guinea pigs. recycle what you can. burn the leftovers. play with the ashes.

    manuel – be careful what you ask for. he’s liable to do anything…

  3. I’m pretty sure my Ma and Pa feel the same way, but this reminds I best check – although – on second thoughts, like you said, how the fuck are they going to know? I could stuff them and prop them up in the loungeroom with a glass of red and a bottle of beer for all they know… which, admittedly could be a tad weird…

  4. daisyfae why do I have to wait until you die to scoop up a spoonful of you? When we’re lazing about on Lesbos in 4 weeks time, I’ll just collect your toenail clippings, waxed pubic hair and navel lint for a memento… will there be enough to make a pair of earrings or is that too ambitious?

  5. This is a very grave subject …….. I think I’d like to be embalmed and placed in Trafalgar Square as a dire warning to others of the danger of eating too many gingernuts ……..

  6. rubytwoshoes – tell them whatever they want to hear. then plug ’em where you want to… karma? doesn’t count with parents…

    syncopated eyeball – composted then put on tomato plants, and then turned into spicy salsa? i like that!

    nursemyra – you don’t need to wait. i’ll bring the pedicure equipment and you can have your way with me!

    archie – oh, my! hadn’t gone the ‘sinister nursemyra wants to make a voodoo doll from my scrapings’ route, but now that you mention it…

    DP – you could serve as a warning regarding many dangers. gingernuts is a gateway, dear….

  7. Cremation reduces one’s remains in size, for sure, but it consumes a not insignificant quantity of natural gas in so doing which might be construed by some as a waste of a finite fossil fuel. (BP’s oil plume in the Gulf of Mexico notwithstanding.)

    In future, perhaps even in our time, one of two things might transpire with respect to recycling or re-using our earthly left overs:

    1) “Soylent Green is people”, or

    2) We go into the fertilizer making machine, lock, stock and barrel.

    I must say that the boy is a terribly sentimental individual, isn’t he?

  8. We kidded for years with my parents about what to do with their ashes when they were gone. We ran the gamut from a pair of salt and pepper shakers for each child, to kitty litter. It’s good to be useful in ones death.

  9. rob – you’re right. there’s that carbon footprint thing all the eco-weenies are crying about to consider. i think fertilizer. and the kid? very sweet and sensitive. deep down. somewhere. there might be a molecule or two, buried waaaaay down in his colon.

    carlae – salt and pepper shakers? oh, that’s festive! almost funny enough to convince me to remarry!

    renalfailure – as always, you find the perfect nuance. how’s this –

    Seven Words: Hot Valkyries in metal corsets on Lesbos

    writerdood – feel free to use it with reckless abandon! anything for a laugh.

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