Another Mother’s Day

My two spawn are pretty good with the Mother’s Day presents.  In 2008, it was a party – with a great cake.  Last year? It was a silly multi-generational dinner, topped off with a great card.

We tend toward the simple when it comes to holidays, preferring a very low-key approach.  Upon my return from my motorcycle test, i found this on the dining room table…

Once again?  They get it right…

Flowers, a pack of smokes and single malt scotch...

Upon closer inspection?  It was the thoughtful addition of “BK Technology” from the floor of The Boy’s car that made me giggle this year…  Just in case i need to inhale that bottle of scotch through a half-inch “pipe”?  i’ll have one handy…

The BK Pipe. Smoke 'em if ya got 'em...

* Personal note to The Unbearable Banishment?  Told ya… i know my kids, and they know their Ma…

24 thoughts on “Another Mother’s Day

  1. Pleased to see your offspring Got It Right.

    My late mother used to deride Mothering Sunday as “a commercial racket fuelled by gullible fools” right up to the point where we didn’t bother getting her anything.

    Should’ve seen it coming really.

  2. Thats great, its the kind of gift I would want from The Boy in years to come, but I havent learnt enough to offer it to my folks – I just nag them for drinking too much! I’m sure they would prefer it I just handed them a bottle!

  3. jon – i’ve never been a fan of over-done greeting card holidays. a nice thank you, with booze? that pretty much says all that needs saying!

    girly – the beer helmet? perhaps not the best idea… i am planning to get one with the kaiser wilhelm spike. or maybe a broom-mullet?

    kyknoord – it’s a drinking straw that is as thick as my index finger. a person can inhale a serious amount of liquid through that thing… perhaps you could use it for sewer design?

    rob – two days of motorcycle class was really fun. frustratingly slow, but it’s a good place to start…

    manuel – as good as it gets. pizza and scotch. two of my favorite food groups.

    rubytwoshoes – for all of my ‘booze-hound’ talk, i keep my drinking to the weekends mostly, and even then, it’s limited to a couple drinks. my kids know that i love flowers, and am trying to watch the chocolates, so it really was a good choice. it’ll last awhile!

    fragrant liar – and a happy momma’s day to you! hope you’re settling into the new place, and getting used to that empty nest!

    unbearable banishment – we have an unusual dynamic, but there is honesty and love. the communication can be brutal at times, though. the price paid for the connection… but it’s good…

  4. syncopated eyeball – we are a strange little tribe, and humor is really important…

    nursemyra – if you can call a pack a month or so smoking, off and on for a few years… but i was a regular smoker from my early teens (12 years old), and quit at 22… i can go months between packs. i really should just stop, but i like it.

    savannah – they’re keepers. good thing, since i’m not making them any brothers or sisters!

    circus monkey – welcome to the park, and thanks for stopping by! they are nothing if not well trained!

    kono – that’s sure as hell what it looks like to me! needs to be something other than plastic, though…

    stephanie – they are efficient… and perceptive! it’s a survival instinct, i think!

    carlae – buttered bread, or filled shot glass, they’ve got it right!

    renalfailure – one or both of them might have been conceived under the influence. i don’t exactly remember…

  5. Nice haul. Just don’t forget, the drink limit is proportional to the number of wheels on your vehicle. (Don’t drink and drive, kids)

  6. dolce – movies are good! especially if it’s a ‘downey’ thing!

    chris – no drinking and driving. and with the bike? i’ll use flight rules – “Eight hours bottle to throttle”. i really am not in a hurry to die…

  7. very nice post about your “spawn”..(cracks me up everytime) it all looks so nice but you glazed over the BK pipe thingy. i dont get it, please esplain….

  8. okay never mind the previous question re BK Pipe. now i get it. it’s a straw for extra think shakes….. i just wonder if some kid has already figured out how to make a pipe out of a BK pipe… probably …

  9. lynn – it’s just the biggest damn soda straw i’ve ever seen! 1/2″ diameter “pipe”… and as for making a pipe? ask kono. he’s my human wiki for all such matters!

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