As always, i’m staying at least marginally connected to my offspring while fucking off with pay on extended business travel.  Things seem to happen while i’m on the road, and i get naturally edgy.

While mincing about in the rainforest this afternoon, i decided to shake my maternal butt in the endzone – makes ’em tough.  i sent a pic of the incredible scenery to both of my children.

i sent this:


Shortly thereafter, i received this from The Boy, who is spending his spring break looking for a job:


27 thoughts on “Paperless

  1. that’s funny. i see a great sense of humor runs in the family!! i love that first pic,in fact, i now use it as my backgound. i’m dying to see/hear more about this trip. do you have much down time?

  2. Perfect comeback. He may be a hassle at times but he’s a funny hassle 🙂

    My number 2 son had big blue eyes with long blond eyelashes – when he smiled he was forgiven everything, by everyone – until he ran into a teacher who knew what he was doing – but it took him another 15 years before he stopped trying that trick. Now he’s a reasonably regular human being. 🙂

  3. TAG – i only post the fun stuff… there are moments of challenge, but it’s a good time when the herd is assembled…

    lynn – downtime? this meeting is fairly unstructured, so there is A LOT of downtime. international workshop, where the intention is to get people out playing, and encourage informal talks and techno-bonding. it’s working… i’m the new kid, and making all kinds of friends and collecting collaborators right and left!

    rob – it reminded me of the old Richard Pryor – Chevy Chase ‘word association’ skit from the early days of saturday night live. “Dog” – “Tree”….

    archie – the sense of humor has gotten him out of trouble and prevented many beatings, and that’s just with ME…

    jimmy – i just hope he doesn’t have his father’s taste in women….

    nursemyra – he’s got a crush on you, so maybe things could work out… you’d make a fabulous daughter-in-law!

    DP – you said you’d take The Boy? Seriously? Great! i’ll have him boxed up and in transit within a few days! Thank you! You are most kind!

  4. perhaps he was working at his new job: cleaning bathrooms at the local Olive Garden after the fat mans large meal. Or is he asking you to send cash since they are down to the last tube of toilet paper? Being your off-spring one would be hard pressed to know for sure.
    psst….did you see, did you see…I saw Kyknoord’s are special

  5. savannah – sprung from the loins of goddesses, what else could we expect?

    kono – “needing” or “needling”?

    arynsmom – thanks for stopping by! and yes, i think your lovely children are going to be tweaking you for many, many years to come!

    unbearable banishment – yes. the metaphor is “my kid is an ass”.

    kyknoord – yes, but he wiped out on the interview…

    gnukid – so long as i don’t get a call from the federales while i’m out of town? i’ll take the butt shaking…

    writerdood – done. i like the way you think!

    manuel – yes, he’s special. veeeeeeery special… grrr…

    hisqueen – i am a ‘toilet paper stockpile’ queen. we rarely run out. i’ve learned that lesson the hard way! and yes, bittersweet feelings to have mr. noord back in the blogosphere…

    blazngscarlet – you can have that one. i’ll have him boxed up for shipping in a jiffy!

  6. hereinfranklin – he has moments… that was sent from his apartment, and since i got the response fairly quickly after i sent the rainforest pic? suspect he was in his ‘thinking chair’ when he wrote it…

  7. syncopated eyeball – he once felt compelled to photograph a bit of ‘boy byproduct’ that had an interesting shape. as he tried to show it to me, i mentioned that if he ever tried to show me photos of excrement again, i’d drown him in the toilet…. before flushing. i think he knows better.

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