Another roadtrip.  This one a combination of certification, business, and pleasure…. 

On the front end of the trip to become “rescue” certified as a diver, threw in a stop in Crystal River, Florida – a chance to snorkel with manatees.  It’s always a crapshoot, the number of manatees skulking around in the warm, brackish water is a huge variable. 

With the dive group, we rented a pontoon boat today for our adventure.  i saw an astonishing number of large, lumpy, sluggish and stupid creatures in the river.  A few manatees, too. 

There were many humans in the mix, and as we tried to snorkel in a “low disturbance” manner, not everyone in the water understood the concept.  i was even hit by a woman in a kayak, and another kayaker whacked me with a paddle in a narrow channel.

The snorkel adventure allowed a chance for the dive group to get familiar with each other, and do a bit of pre-certification bonding.  One gent – who impressed me with his massive cranial density during our political discussions at breakfast – made a noble attempt to pull a beer can from the water.

Thinking that if he missed it, i could somehow fish it out with the oar, i realized after the photos appeared that it looked like i stood ready to kill the can, should it attack.   Or possibly thwack him on the head.  But hey, you gotta support a noble gesture in any form…

The highlight of the day, without a doubt, was the opportunity for a meet-up with a blog friend.  Lynn, of Trippin’ with Rip, was willing to throw her amazing pup, Django, in the jeep and make the long trek to meet for lunch. 

She is delicious and sweet and saucy and genuine….  Truly one of the warmest humans i’ve met!  It was fabulous to put a voice and a face to the words, and we’re plotting opportunities to do it again!   There is no pretense with Lynn, and it was sheer pleasure to spend a few hours over lunch making the personal connection.


And no, i’m not really that tall.  She is a sharp cookie, and busted me for standing on the curb…

Tomorrow starts dive certifications – and i’ve threatened to just randomly start rescuing strangers to earn bonus points.  From there?  i’ll be headed somewhere else for a week long business trip…  Onwards…

28 thoughts on “Trippin’

  1. slamdunk – welcome to “the park” and thanks for stopping by! he is a nice enough guy. but man, he just needs an on-off switch. yap, yap, yap… when there’s a nice bit of scenery and a little bit of quiet would have gone a long way.

    jimmy – there’s one on every trip. the dude who brings his guitar, plays the same three chords for hours by the hotel pool every evening, hoping to attract a bevy of florida hotties at his feet. i probably should have hit him and spared us all the trauma for tonight…

    DP – measured in the unit of “STOOOOPIDS”. if he hadn’t said “The ONLY mistake George W. Bush made was NOT nuking Afghanistan two weeks after 9/11, when the entire world felt bad for us….”

    nursemyra – we’re plotting a way to get you here, then fly you down to visit her. the three of us would have an AMAZING chick-fest. she is wonderful, and shares a ‘chick crush’ on you… we’ll get you here!

  2. i saw an astonishing number of large, lumpy, sluggish and stupid creatures in the river. A few manatees, too.

    damn, sugar! i need to remember not to read y’all while i’m having mah coffee! xoxoxo

    (if y’all ever get to savannah/hilton head, i’m buying the first round or 20!)

  3. savannah – sorry about the wasted coffee, but it really was a mess in the water – ratio of humans to manatees in some spots was about 20:1. i’ll take you up on that offer – this was my sixth blogger ‘meet up’, and i’m now 5/6 in “exceeding expectations”!

  4. hi toots! sweet and saucy? well my friend i could say the same for you but instead i will say that you are such a beautiful woman both inside and out, and i truly mean that.

    what a great post….i had a great time with awesome company, thanks for the margaritas and lunch. i’m so glad you gave me the heads up about being my area. next time we will do my neck of the woods and enjoy all the best that clearwater beach has to offer! oh, about the manatee tour…the best way to see them is by kayak- quietly….we used to see them in the intracoastal, grab some lettuce heads from the fridge and toss them into the water- they l-o-v-e that!

  5. Beware the Manatee, oh yeah i know they look all cute and fuzzy but when those Sea Cows attack it’s horrible or maybe i thinking of sharks, i need to lay off the water pipe.

    • don’t worry synchy darlin’, I’m gonna be working on her in June, playing lots of subliminal tapes when she’s asleep “come to sydney, come to sydney….”

  6. gnukid – don’t hate me because i’m beautiful. hate me because i’m the luckiest woman on the face of the earth, and am – at least momentarily – in a position to fart around with reckless abandon. it won’t last. i know that, and it’s a little sweeter because i know it’s for now…

    lynn and unbearable banishment – I AM CORPORATE CRAP! things work MUCH better when i’m gone, hence the frequent roadtrips. they send me out. hmmm….

    lynn – absolutely wiped out from a VERY full day of diving today. tomorrow likely to be more of the same, so will take a raincheck on the beach/bikini contest opportunity 🙂 Next manatee visit will be early morning and in a kayak. pre-human hoardes. they really are lovely critters….

    stephanie – i am holding out for the unitard, with “RESCUE DIVER” emblazoned on the front. will spend tomorrow night picking out my super-hero theme music…

    kono – some of the photos that were taken make the damn things either look sinister or vaguely pornographic. freaky little mammals…

    unbearable banishment – it is a little awkward. i have had great luck with five of my blogger meet ups. One was challenging due to difficult circumstances and personality differences, but the rest have all been fabulous!

    writerdood – after another day of diving with this guy? i should have clubbed him and thrown him in as carp bait… fishing litter from the river is the ONE useful thing this guy’s done… if he keeps being an asshole? i’m pretty sure no one is going to rescue him again.

    syncopated eyeball – i’m working on it. must get down under to hang out with the two of you…. fingers crossed for some good travel vibes…

  7. Every time I look at the photo all I can think is ” you want to, you know you want to. Just to see what would happen” “do it, do it””
    it’s all a matter of “sink or swim Baby” you should have just whacked him and acted like it slipped.

    How exciting that you are hooking up with fellow bloggers. I have more fear of meeting too many crazies and don’t think I could ever meet someone I really don’t know.
    Glad you’re having a blast doing it.

  8. Bb – she’s pretty damn special… have all but given up on getting to Oslo in August. but i’ll figure something out one of these days… backpacking my way around the blogosphere is a serious probability one of these days…

    hisqueen – glad to see you again! by the end of the THIRD day with this goober, i really wish i’d clobbered him. and i think the rest of our crew would have helped me hide the body… it is a little bit scary to meet up with virtual strangers met via interwebs… caution is advised, but if you can manage a safe environment, it’s sort of magical… i’ve been lucky to find some amazing people out there…

  9. 25bar – thanks for stopping by! it was a grand adventure!

    rassles – Like Django Reinhardt, jazz musician. Either way, it’s totally fucking awesome!

  10. Cute picture, how fun nice that the two of you could meet. I really enjoy Tripin with Rip’s blog. I am not surprised that she is as wonderful in person. Funny thing that you can feel a persons warmth even from a far.

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