26 thoughts on “Ten Days

  1. unbearable banishment – for MD80’s, and other cramped planes, they DO bang the seat in front. and i use the “knee defender” to block the seat in front from reclining. because i’m badass… and yes, very lucky!

    stephanie – pickle slippers! he was warm and snuggly… i missed him a bunch. i had a great time!

    syncopated eyeball – the spots on the boots? glow in the dark! mostly for walking the dog, i wear them to the office on snowy days…

    nursemyra – wrestling incident. you should see the other guy…

    DP – YUCK! toe cheese? really? this early in the morning, you are making TOE CHEESE jokes?!!

    sally – that’d be lunch today!

    dave – yes, a wedgie… pic was from ‘day 1’. i got marginally better, but still depended heavily on the snow plow to keep vertical. and only a few small tumbles (mostly getting off the chair lift!)

    savannah – hey, it’s MUCH easier than wearing make up!

    linda – welcome! thanks for stopping by!

  2. gnukid – smartass…. i covered much more than 20 feet. and my feet weren’t entirely covered…

    s.le – will stop. for at least 3 weeks. next roadtrip in the planning stages…

    blazngscarlet – the pedicure was pretty chewed up by the time i left the ski stop. new coat of paint. good as new!

    syncopated eyeball – you’d love them. i wear them all the time now… lots of snow!

    manuel – as you know, that transition from ‘play’ to ‘work’ is a ballbreaker…

    ~m – oh, keeee-RIST. i got one of those guys… nice guy, SERIOUS foot fetishist… kind of became a stalker at work and i had to put him on ignore. if he saw this post? he’d be a massive hot mess… let’s not tell him, ok?

    tattytiara – thank you! it was fun (and easy… ). when i play? i have a lot less to say, it seems…

    Bb – it was a romp, that’s for sure! i’ll never be a great skiier, but i will be able to enjoy it!

    tNb – one of my favorite ‘guilty pleasures’ is a pedicure. either done at home (by moi) or by my friend at the salon, it’s always a good time. especially in winter…

    nursemyra – 4 days in the california sun will do that!

  3. healingmagichands – amazing thing is that 4 days was a business trip. i didn’t take photos of my toes being bored to tears during vexing technical sessions!

    squirrelqueen – i wish i’d planned it out that way, but alas, it was the beach/pool shots that made me think of just doing a pho-TOE-journal… sorry about “code orange”. for what it’s worth? i’m back to the grind…

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