Heading Check

It seems that when i am on extended travel, something goes whack at the homestead.  From small electrical fires to unexpected encounters with the local gendarmes, i have gotten the occasional call that can jack up my vacation time…

So i check in with my adult children to see how things are going… frequently using text messaging.

daisyfae:  Hope things are going well.  How’s the brown dog?

The Boy:  Lost most of his fur in the fire.

daisyfae:  The cat?

The Boy:  You mean “the hat”*?

daisyfae:  i’m not EVEN going to ask how The Girl is doing…


* Our new cat has a rather remarkable ‘squirrel’ tail.  i commented that it would look quite nice flying from my car antenna.  After the cat passes away, of course.  The Boy?  His preference would be to turn the pelt into a Davy Crockett-style hat… yeah.  we’re weird.

20 thoughts on “Heading Check

  1. I thank God almighty that my two kids will NEVER jerk me around in such a callous and disrespectful manner.

    Will they?

    P.S. Had to look up “gendarmes.” Am going to bed tonight just a tad smarter than I was when I woke up this morning.

  2. s.le – boring? nope. 9% “entertaining” with scattered “aggravating” to keep it interesting…

    DP – i’m thinking it would look fine over top your ‘box’.

    unclekeith – i knew i wanted to have your next baby… skunk hat? (sigh) that’s just dreamy…

    unbearable banishment – of course those two darling little cherubs will never go down ‘smart ass road’ with you. never. simply doesn’t happen to thoughtful, caring and attentive parents. i’ve earned this… (“gendarmes” – french for PO-lice).

    manuel – he may have a future in stand up. as in “stand up and beg for money”…

  3. Yeah, I get it. The last text I got from my daughter, while I was on a “first” date with a rather hot guy, read: Did you know a rat family can produce 15,000 offspring in a year?

    Which cannot be explained to one’s hot date. Too risky. Might run him off.

  4. rob – but they’d have to match. mismatched kitten gloves wouldn’t make the fashionistas happy!

    blazngscarlet – yep. don’t know where he gets it…

    nursemyra – it was a small one, apparently…. i’m home. it’s fine.

    gnukid – i’ve thought about putting an RFID chip in his ear. just in case. i mean, shit, we do it to our dogs. why not our kids?

    fragrant liar – oh, they’ve messed with me on dates, before, too. and have helpfully offered to “greet” my dates just to keep them on their toes. declined the offers, of course…

    syncopated eyeball – he’s a happy kitty… grown A LOT in the 10 days i was gone! makes for a nicer hat, i suppose!

  5. silverstar – the scary thing is that the LAST time they called about a fire, it was real. i never know what’s real and what’s just screwing with me… Mr. P is just fine…

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