It’s OK! I’m a Scientist!

AB* has his mother on life support. At home.  He is the Romanian Physicist in my new research group.  At the end of a group meeting today, where AB was presenting his latest research results, he showed a photo from his recent business trip to the UK.  i had been dozing thinking deep thoughts up to this point, but the photo of AB standing between two smiling London police officers startled me from sleep my cogitation. 

Note: this is how he speaks – say it fast and with a nice, eastern European accent.  If you can get some spittle going on your lips and flail your arms around in the process, please do.  i make a habit of sitting at least four chair-lengths away from him in meetings in order to remain spittle-free… and i cover my coffee mug when he comes into my office.

AB:  “So I was taking a picture of a sign outside the convention center and the police lights, they came on behind me and two officers came up to me and told me I was in trouble for taking pictures that they thought I was a TERRORIST [big arm flail] so I knew I was in trouble and since there were two of them, I knew I couldn’t just RUN into the hotel since I was outnumbered so I surrendered and…

The Boss [freaking the fuck out]:  You didn’t tell me you were arrested in London?!?!?

AB:  No, no, no… not arrested.  They thought I was a terrorist, but when I told them I was a SCIENTIST they just gave me a warning.

Science rocks. Fully.

 image found here.  and i might be just a little in love with mike the mad biologist…

* He’s awful cute, in a wiry, passionate “It Puts The Lotion On” sort of way… but alas, Coma Mom likes to watch….

13 thoughts on “It’s OK! I’m a Scientist!

  1. He probably could have gotten off with “I’m an engineer” or “I’m a nerd”, as well. I can never get away with anything, but I guess that’s my fault for looking so much like a sexual predator.

  2. Science is the new anthropology. Anthropologists would say anthropology is a science, but … seriously? When your primary tools are a paintbrush and a little towel? And maybe a whip? Oh, dear, this comment has gone pretty badly off the rails.

  3. jimmy – do you think he’s reviewing footbal scores? multiplication tables?

    uncle keith – nah, all you have to do is tell them about your religion. i’m quite certain they wouldn’t think you were a whack job or anything…

    nursemyra – i think the cops were just wanting to let him go to stop being sprayed with spit… he’s quite excitable. would hate to see him under arrest…

    jingr – i’ve been reading about the arrests. they are claiming that one arrest of “real” terrorists justifies the removal of rights from all others. pretty freaky…

    stephanie – i don’t know about the ‘science’ excuse, but i often walk fast and carry a clipboard if i need to get somewhere without being bothered… works magic.

    blazng scarlet – he really is adorable… bet he’s a real firecracker in the sack. but i’d have to wear a spit guard and ear plugs…

    renalfailure – “fembot assassin” is redundant. all fembots are killers…

    nursemyra – i think renal failures neighborhood could use a couple of hot cougars, don’t you?

    upset waitress – i think i need to get one for my dog. he’s not a mad humper, but since he’s been neutered, i feel kinda bad for him.

    chris – you’re right! they don’t even wear lab coats or anything. and off the rails is fine here… i got it…

    mongolian girl – welcome to the park! and it’s a nice, bouncy accent. be sure to spit. a lot. and flail.

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