Dream Job

The perfect job.  Succulent and elusive to ponder…  While there are many things i could do to pay the bills, that would bring some sense of satisfaction, there is one professional siren song that always shakes me down, wrestles me to the ground, and puts me in a headlock.
Is it really too much to ask to become a back-up singer for Joe Cocker?  “Wiggle and blend”, in a little black dress and heels…
Discovered a local “open stage” event a couple weeks ago, and it has provided even more fuel to my lustful fires.  The house band at a local venue takes the stage on Tuesday nights for free.  It’s a chance to practice* with the sound system, lights, and sound engineer…

Since the bar owner is doing this as a favor – and to increase traffic on a slow night – they made it an “Open Stage”.  Musicians show up, check out their playlist – and either sign up for solo stuff, or to drop in with their jams.  Pretty informal.
Last week, i started my bit with an audition – a couple of solo songs**.  They let me keep going, and started dropping in on a few of my songs.  Friends in the audience said i looked like i was wired up to a morphine drip… especially after the drummer kicked it in.
It was time for “round two” last night.  Rather than try more solo stuff, all i wanted to do was re-learn how to play with a band.  And they let me.  Fronted a couple songs, but mostly i  bashed my way through some rhythm guitar and sang back-up vocals.  Bliss.  Even though i still kinda suck at this, they were patient and helpful.
Regarding the “day job”?  My professional life is going surprisingly well.  The new job brings an entirely new collection of freaks fresh challenges, and they still seem glad to have me on the team.  Last Wednesday, i was invited to a “courtesy visit” with my new Director – something he does with new employees.  During our discussion, i was astonished when he offered to ship me off for 2-3 years to a world-class engineering grad school program to get my PhD. 
Shell shocked, i  wasn’t sure how to respond.  “Thank you, sir, but i’m 47 years old.  A PhD is something you really have to want… and given where i am in my life, it may not be the right thing for me…”
Unfortunately, he was in his 40’s when he got his PhD, so the age thing wasn’t going to get me off the hook.  He then asked what i really want to be doing in 10 years… And like the dumb ass that i am?  i told him… “Playing in a band, Sir…”.  Which took the conversation away from graduate school, and down a much more comfortable path…
Towards the end of the set last night, there was a taste of heaven on earth when the band launched into “Feelin’ Alright”.  Uh huh…

What’s your dream job?

* Beats practicing in the basement, with everyone wearing headphones to keep the neighbors from calling the cops…

** Earning your “stage cred”.  Had to show them i was able to play and sing.  Although my guitar work is about a quarter of what it used to be, i was invited back…

27 thoughts on “Dream Job

  1. wow, cool post! what’s my dream job? hmm… i guess i’d like to be a bush pilot and fly supplies into an isolated location in need. yeah that’s it!

  2. Oh, that’s an easy one. I’m paid (lots) to write. Plays. Criticisms. I punch-up lame scripts. Can I please do it from my desk that’s under a window that overlooks Central Park West? And I actually get to have dinner with my family during the week which, at this point, is just a goddamn fantasy.

  3. I want to write. Op-ed would be heavenly. And paperback novels, the kinds that everyone reads and literature committees sneer at.

    And when I am not writing, I am teaching yoga in a little studio in a little town.

  4. waiting tables…..I have very low aspirations….heh

    no balls to it all I love waiting tables…but if somebody wanted to pay me shed loads of money for writing I’d give it up in a flash….but until then, it’s waiting….

  5. never had a single dream job. they sort of rotate and come and go by the dozens. at the instant i thought of this, the first thing that came to mind was getting paid an obscene amount of money to fly some rich loon around once or twice a month and the rest of the month he let’s me borrow the (fast) plane for personal flights with my friends.

    hey, if you’re gonna dream, dream, right?

  6. Oh. My. God. I can’t believe you said Joe Cocker, though I shouldn’t be surprised by now. With a Little Help From My Friends was my very first 8-track, and I realized early on that in the romantic date situation, Joe never ever fails, if you get my drift and I think you do. Also, yeah you’re getting no sympathy on the too old for a Ph.D. thing. I was 41 when I got mine, and 50 when I started using it. And next year I’m going to be building tools to let people invent new ways to make music.

  7. I have my dream job..sit at home and be supported by hubby…I’m bored out of my skull and driving him crazy. I need to get a new dream job. Looking into nursing. I miss the excitement of working a hospital. I need that whole ER, ICU adrenalin rush that happens.
    Oh and being an Air Force pilot was way up there in high school except I wear glasses so they killed that dream pretty early.
    could go back to school to be a Dr. but only to be competative w/ hubby not because I’m truly interested in all that science/math/digging into peoples intestines stuff. Way too old for all that anyways.

  8. Rock on Daisyfae, i think the answer you gave the boss was top notch, i find in my brushes with the “professional” world that most of the pro’s are to far up their own ass and worried about the “career path”, i don’t have a career i have a job and it’s sorta a dream job for the slack generation, it affords me alot of time to read and sleep and do crosswords, i’ve also had other dream jobs, like making fries at the shore and being one of the biggest brokers of fine contraband in my fine city, now though i don’t worry about it much, i’ve settled in to the zen routine and Kono just is… and to sound like a big fucking sap i got my dream job three years ago and added another last june, it’s called being a Daddy.

  9. I’m working towards my paid dream job.
    It started last year when I renewed my license as an EMT/Medic.
    Now i’m headed back to school for my teaching certificate do I can teach others to save my sorry ass, um, I mean , LIFE. (lol)
    But, my real dream job started the day I became a Mommy. 😀

    I love that you’re putting yourself back out there and doing what makes you happy.
    We only go around big blue but once, it’s important to feed your soul and keep yourself nourished.

  10. Is the Tuesday Bandage getting in the way of Pubbage?? That would be a shame; too good a group to abandon. Or has the little feist’s move to Germany put a damper on things?

    I sure ask a lot of questions for a guy from Utah.

  11. lynn – bush pilot? that’s a good one! read somewhere that Alaska has the largest collection of private pilots, per capita. i was always smitten with the float planes up there…

    unbearable banishment – you’d be damn good at it, that’s for sure!

    tysdaddy – oh, film critic? hell yeah… just not sure i’ve got the interest in formal scientific ‘learnin’ any more… i might do a short research sabbatical to see if i can stomach it…

    annie – and the magic is? your dream job is attainable, and you’re on your way! that’s pretty cool!

    manuel – so you combine your two aspirations into one. write about wating! makes perfect sense….

    michael – i need to keep with the weightlifting and endurance training if i’m going to be a roadie. those young (stoned) boys would kick my ass… but it’s an interesting approach…

    gnu – you have an attainable dream! you’ve got the commercial pilots license, right? well?

    chris – Joe Cocker, “Organic” CD. Guaranteed to get a man some action. EVERY TIME. [and yes, works for the ladies, too…] as for the PhD? i just don’t want it. it’s something you must want – for yourself – or it won’t work. i just can’t get lit up about it…

    UK – what? they use scripts? i thought it was all improv… damn…

    nursemyra – hey, we could do that together! remember our plan for the “nursemyra and daisyfae book about really old shit”?

    hisqueen – i always thought the hospital environment would be challenging. sure would make you forget your troubles if you’re working in the ER…

    kono – and fortunately? he appreciated my honesty… and we talked a lot about dreams, life, the universe and everything. for a CEO-level guy? he’s a bit of allright in my book… i like your approach to employment. it allows you to live the life you want… and you don’t take it home with you. perfect!

    blazng scarlet – very cool! while i’ve had the occasional bad run in with the po-lice, i have always found EMT/Medic folks (and firemen) to be simply the best of humanity…

    utah daddy – temporarily, at least for me. but i won’t be doing the band thing every week. it’s from 7:30-10:30, so theoretically i could still get to the pub before some of the tuesday crew bailed… but fear not, The Pub Peeps shall triumph (and Ms. DK keeps recruiting new ones!)

  12. Joe Cocker lives in my town. I’ve met him a couple times and had absolutely no clue who the fuck Joe Cocker was and why I kept getting introduced. I hate his music, but a chance to rock out with him sometime was probably shot to hell by my ignorance.

    You ever need some eye candy on stage, I got a couple girls I can bring. They could both use some nights out. And some polishing and buffing to try and get the pick marks out.

  13. casey – on my way. see you in 5… would love to play with your eye candy, but i need to get at Joe before he has a stroke… clock’s ticking. dude is old…

    uk – i guess it might be fun to try to make them act. “Emote more, honey… the camera needs to see your appendix from this angle…”

    syncopated eyeball – got another freakin’ cold at the moment. it’s off to bed for me. i’ll send my reserve energy your way…

  14. I think I share your dream. Backup singer. Harmony rules. Or maybe artist in some artisty place where I go out and paint all day and sell the stuff whilst tourists wander by. Of course there’d have to be a sugar daddy (and a nanny) at home.

  15. some mp3 and video please!

    this is awesome- once i reenter the workforce then you are going to be my “just follow your dreams” muse. maybe you will be the root cause of me telling the boss to “take this job and shove it.”

    hey that sounds like a good song to play for your next set. invite your boss!

  16. I think I would like to be a manuscript reader for a murder mystery publishing house.

    Pro: You could get paid for reading murder mysteries by the fire.
    Con: You probably read a lot of crap before you get to something even halfway decent. Judging by the output of some “big name” authors lately.

  17. mstngsal – doo wop girls rock… as do sugar daddies and nannies…

    dave – not ready for prime time, alas, but it was fun! and “Muse”? Hell yeah! that’s another dream job… just lounge around, inspiring other people to do good things? GREAT job… will be cheering for you as you find your groove…

    silverstar – i used to really enjoy the ol’ murder mystery, but have found a few airport reads by the ‘big names’ to be formulaic lately… i’m not sure i could do it for a living!

  18. Whoa! I forgot the perfect job part. When I was a kid, I said I wanted to be an inventor, so I wouldn’t have to work at all. Failing that, something-anything-I could do sitting down. Lazy? naaahhh.

    Now? I have the perfect job. None.

  19. utah daddy – wait, you’re still gonna be a ski instructor? right? at least for a few days in february?!?!? c’mon…. i don’t wanna fall down those mountains untrained!

  20. Dat’s no job; dat’s community service. When we were instructing, we called it our “get rich slow” scheme. We did it for the glory. Hah! Now we just love introducing peeps to the joys of snowsliding, and doing it for free. Safety, fun, and learning. That’s the mantra. You’re gonna be great!

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