Blog Detective: Jimmy’s Mystery REVEALED!

Since the tasty and easily digestible jimmy bastard is having a scuffle with none other than Bill Gates, he has thrown a lifeline across the Atlantic, and has asked for my assistance…

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with Mr. Bastard, he is a raconteur of magnificent* proportions.  Writing in dialect, he tells stories of his past.  Of the people fortunate to have crossed his path, or unfortunate to have crossed him.  Of a nose flattened with pride as a fighter.  Of laughter and companionship over a few scoops.  Of grief… The worst kind. 

Tales of ‘getting out’.  Which is why i’ll keep reading…. i’m not sure either one of us fully comprehends how we did it.  But we are both refugees from our early environments. 

The challenge he published – which has since been eaten by a microsoft product – was for us to guess the identity of a mysterious woman from his past.  He wrote a heart-wrenching and elegant post – which is now a virtual ball of pulp in Bill Gates ether-colon – telling the tale of The Missing Star of Glasgow. 

They met as children, lives entwined for decades, until she moved to London.  He wove a tale of intimacy, unconsummated but magical and mystical.  Made us ladies swoon into our teacups, it did.  But poof.  Gone.  Right down into the ol’ exit port of Mr. Gates.  

Jimmy had left a few clues along the way, mostly via his comments section, so it was fairly easy to guess.  And i was simply the first… there were others to solve the mystery.  The answer?  Just a click away…

daisy fae blogger award

* Get yer minds out of the gutter!  i have not seen the goods…  Sheesh… Buncha stinkin’ perverts…

6 thoughts on “Blog Detective: Jimmy’s Mystery REVEALED!

  1. Congratulations on the award!
    That Jimmy does know how to tell a tale and melt ones heart does he not?

    As for Bill Gates, well, he IS the anti-christ. lol

    Congratulations again Ms. Daisy Fae. 🙂

  2. Aha! So I was right! But you were definitely the first to say it, Daisy. Congratulations!

    I’ve not downloaded Windows 7 simply because I want it to be a bit older and have the bugs worked out before I do so. I refuse to use Vista because of all the bugs and issues it has. I’ll stick with XP, thank you very much.

    Hopefully Mr. Gates will repair the damage 7 is causing and Jimmy can get back to blogging without the vanishing act happening. I get worried when that happens…

  3. Thank you doll, a worthy winner, and a kind pal in helping me out in my hour of need. In fact… I would go as far as saying that you put together the above post with far better wordology than I ever could.

    I can feel a tear forming in the oul eye even as I speak.

  4. blazingfyre – welcome to the park! the boy could melt the heart of the iciest of ice queens, couldn’t he?

    pam (i want to call you ‘pony girl’) – welcome to the park! like you, i wait for things to get tweaked up. never wise to be an early adopter in the case of software upgrades…. we need to coach the good mr. bastard in patience!

    savannah – “sly minx”. oh, yeah! she’s a riot! mr. bastard has a festive collection of people in his blog-stable. enjoy all of the folks i’ve read from there…

    jimmy – it was my ability to combine the beauty of the romance with the intestinal doings of bill gates that got to you, wasn’t it? i’m a girly-girl at heart… but it’s buried DEEP beneath this outer crust, which resembles a 14 year boy… a juvenile delinquent at that….

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