On the way back from salsa dancing last Wednesday night, my dance partner and i realized that we needed some additional supplies for a Friday night Halloween party.  Stopping by one of the seasonal Halloween costume stores on the way home, i was a little concerned that i’d look out of place in the store.

pink skankOne of the things that gets me jazzed up for salsa is wearing a flippy skirt with heels and my “snap on” hair*.  Last week, i was also wearing a funky new top that i’d found on sale somewhere.  Hot pink, with just the right amount of “skank” to make it fun!

Slightly self-conscious about my get up – especially for a woman close to fifty years old – we went in and wandered the crowded aisles looking for the necessary costume bits for the Friday night gig.  Finding most of what was needed, we headed up to the check out line.

The young woman working at the register was a bit on the ‘goth side’.  She  was very tall, weighed perhaps 85 pounds, and had long straight black hair.  She went through the check out process and was bagging up my purchases…

goth clerk:  That’s a great top!  Where did you get that?

daisyfae:  Found it on-line.  It was marked down.  i think i only paid about twenty bucks for it…

goth clerk:  It’s just really different.  The styling is just great…

daisyfae [enjoying the attention]:  Thank you!  We go salsa dancing on Wednesdays, so this seemed perfect…

goth clerk:  That’s just something I really think my Mom would like…

daisyfae:  [nearly audible pop, deflating] Ummm…. right…. thanks!

As soon as we’re out the door…

daisyfae:  Fuck you, Stick Girl!  Shouldn’t you be at home listening to “Dashboard Confessional” and cutting yourself?


* Which also adds to the fun on the dance floor, as i can whack my dance partner in the face with a slug of polyester curls on the fast turns!  Keeps him on his toes!

15 thoughts on “Frightful….

  1. Well, you can take that one of two ways:
    1) Confronting reality bites….
    2) Goth girl’s Mom is just as cool an older chick as you are.
    Personally? I’d go for (2).

    I’m sure I get looks when I’ve got Eminem cranked up and the windows and sun roof all open in the summer time. Do I care? Nope.

    The only clues I’m getting about my “real” age these days are from my body, in the form of aches, pains and muscle spasm. However, I’m not listening.

  2. I feel your pain. (Far too well actually, damit.)

    I turned 51 this summer but have been told I look much younger. (Can you tell I surround myself with suckup’s who aren’t above lying to make the old man feel better about himself?)

    Some years ago, I stopped to eat at Fuddruckers in Anderson South Carolina. (I was on the way home from teaching in Atlanta.)

    I walked up to the register to order and the girl behind the counter asked if I wanted the Senior Citizen’s discount. (OMG, did she just ask me that question?)

    I didn’t know what to say. I think I stammered: “How old do you think I am?” She replied with: “I don’t know. Thirty?”. (It was at that moment I knew they have some really stupid girls in Anderson SC.)

    The bottom line is …. these kids don’t know 1/10 of what they think they do, and less than half what we know. Pay no attention to the idiot behind the curtain counter.


  3. The distressing fact is that, were I some fortyfew years younger, I would probably be a goth. Was it Gerry Rubin who suggested that no one over 30 should be allowed to live?

    Young people don’t see a life after 30, we more mature people realise anything which happened before we were 40 was simply training for our real life.

  4. yikes! i hate those moments… i’m not yet 30 (*ducks*) but i get the “ma’am” and “what does your husband do” and “how many kids do you have” questions all the time.

    people need to mind their own damn business!


  5. rob – i’m ok with #1. i’ve lived awhile. makes me less youthful. gotta deal with it… i’m thinking her mom was in rehab somewhere… in general, i don’t give a shit. i just got sucked in!

    TAG – it’ll bust the ol’ bubble, won’t it? when i lived in DC (remote from family) for a year, there was an adorable young man in my apartment building – got in the elevator one saturday morning with a basketball. after some small talk, he exited saying “you have a great day, Ma’am…”. Ouch.

    renalfailure – borrowed bits of it from The Boy…. things he used to say about the emo kids at school. so, now it’s my son’s words that are arousing you. feel better?

    jimmy – but a good lesson in there. which is “stay away from stupid young ‘uns who are only going to sucker punch you right in the ol’ ego if you let them”…

    archie – i think mr. rubin was kinder. it was “don’t trust anyone over 30”. Logan’s Run was the book that suggested they all die! but yeah, i’m experienced, and a helluva lot more fun at this age than i ever was younger!

    nursemyra – i wear the ‘dance gear’ for my own amusement, not really to get laid or anything…. guess i needed the reminder that “hot is as hot does”…

    chris – they may be attractive, but perhaps are a bit oblivious. perhaps it’s just as well. and perhaps their mothers are more fun?

    little fish – assumptions will kick you in the ass every time! was at a cocktail party/fundraiser the first time i got the line “so, what does your husband do?” from a society woman. after almost choking on a stuffed mushroom, i managed to get out “he’s a scientist also…”. Perhaps you can come up with a good response to the stupid questions – like “I don’t know what he does…seeing as i haven’t met him yet…”.

  6. Hey Trent Reznor – Didn’t Goth leave the building forever around 1990? That’s all I could come up with. sorry.
    But I have to add that I LOVE snap on hair – in theory because I don’t own any yet. And I love the thought of any other crazy different fake hair too (we never did get together to have that wig party I always dreamed of…sigh) – I would love to dance and have something bouncing and swinging around accentuating the dance movements (um…other than my belly).

  7. pickles – i’ll tuck the ‘trent reznor’ line away for future encounters. and i will CERTAINLY see that we get you some snap on hair! either when i visit germany, or through an overdue ‘care package’ that your pub pals need to send you…

    manuel – good point! they help us all realize that it can always be worse… god love the little depressed fuckers!

    amber – hells yeah! it was a momentary blip… i’m generally pretty happy right where i am…

  8. stephanie – well, there’s the fact that as of 1 November, she is now unemployed, since she was working at the counter for a seasonal halloween store… all the best, stick girl. here’s to a nice temp holiday position at a kiosk at the mall selling calendars…

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