clothing optional

The Girl has successfully been repatriated into my basement.  Painting, decorating, purging and organizing is mostly done.  She has also scored not one, but two, part-time jobs while she continues her search for career-grade employment.

We are doing pretty well learning to cohabitate again.  She is a good cook.  That helps.  A lot.  Her boyfriend, ZZ, has become a fairly regular visitor.  Over the past month, he’s starting to acclimate to the strangeness of our clan.  Oh, and he is a good cook, too.  That helps.  A lot. 

Monday night, i was enjoying a rehearsal-free evening, and was putzing about the condo.  As is often the case, i was wearing a tank top and underwear.  i was putzing.  That’s the general garb one wears when putzing, right? 

As i was scooting out of the kitchen, moving something from Point A to Point B, i noticed ZZ step onto the front porch, about to ring the doorbell.  i just opened the door, standing sort of behind it and said “Hi.  i’m not wearing pants.  She’s downstairs…”

ZZ laughed, and trooped down the stairs.  i heard him announce to The Girl “Your mom isn’t wearing pants…” but i couldn’t hear her reply.

Last night, i apologized for the misfire. 

The Girl:  Yeah, I told him that I was surprised it hadn’t happened sooner.

daisyfae:  Well, it’s kinda what i wear most of the time… i hope he wasn’t too freaked out.

The Girl:  Oh, no.  He said “It’s nice to see the thighs from which you sprung…”

daisyfae: *snort* oh, shit…

The Girl:  I just told him “Not exactly.  It was a C-section…”

18 thoughts on “clothing optional

  1. I’m lucky if I’ve got that much on when putzing. But then, I probably wouldn’t dress if I wasn’t afraid of scaring the neighbors when I take the dog out. Oh, and yes, he seems like a keeper.

  2. So, if it wasn’t a spring from the thighs, was it more a clandestine, “Great Escape” kind of thriller? Or were you too drugged out to give a rat’s ass how it happened, as long as that little parasitic leech was freed from your body? Just wonderin’…

  3. Hell, it’s your house, you get to putz around in whatever you want.

    Also, babies don’t spring out of the thighs, they spring out of the vagina. What are they teaching kids these days?

  4. I love The Girl’s humor, and it sounds like she picked a good one (do both his first and last names really start with Z?, or does he just wear sunglasses and have a long long beard) – wait until he stops over on Corset Friday to be sure about him though. Hey – break a leg this weekend.

  5. tigereyesal – oh, he can hang with us. very, very smart and funny young man…

    uncle keith – i’m sure you’ll work through it. my money is always on you…

    nursemyra – after some adventures last night/this morning? i’ve got another one featuring ZZ… hope to get it written up this weekend. he’s a hoot!

    alex – certainly! putzing is an equal opportunity endeavor. got some shit to put away? while carrying it from the kitchen to take to the basement, be sure to stop to pick up a piece of yesterdays mail that you wanted to put on the desk, oh, and grab those poo-poo undies from the floor of the bathroom before you go downstairs so you can drop them off in the washing machine… you get the idea. rest frequently. stop to read interweb postings, send random e-mails, check your bank account balance online. pretty soon? you will have “putzed”…

    silverstar – i’d be a nudist if it wasn’t for the dog. he looks at me funny when i’m naked. kinda like seeing him without hair, i think…

    unbearable banishment – i think we’ve already established that i’m not a cougar. i like my men bitter, crusty and thinking that their best days are behind them. young men have dreams. fuck that.

    gnu – i was awake, but numb, for the c-section. she was 11 lbs at birth. hence the need for the slice. at that size? nothing is springing anywhere… it was a forcible extraction.

    stephanie – he’ll get used to it. or start wearing blinders…

    archie – politically astute, good cook, funny as hell (dry, wicked sense of humor). oh, never mind that he treats my daughter like a goddess…

    renalfailure – excellent anatomical point. they did just watch “Aliens” a couple weeks ago…

    DP – You, sir, appear to be an expert at the art of putzing. Seems to me, you have devoted much of this phase of your life to it… you could teach classes in Putzing… perhaps a lucrative career awaits?

    jinjir – thank you! just reporting my life… happens to be populated with funny folks…

    uncle keith – unless her dad’s baby batter could survive the trek past the tonsils, i’m thinking you’re right…

    mstng – yes, it’s really “ZZ”. does not, however, sport evil smelly redneck facial hair and shades. although halloween is coming…

    Bb – i once defined love as being able to have a rational conversation with another human being whilst one of the two is in the middle of a ‘two flusher’ shit. maybe not really love, but DEFINITELY comfort…

    spinach pie – welcome to the park, and thank you. any friend of the delectable nursemyra is a friend of daisyfae!

    melody – welcome to the trailer park! thanks for stopping by and having a laugh!

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