one week…

And away we go…


Front (L-R): daisyfae and her ginormous thighs, Her Royal Highness – Queen Can’tFuckingDance, Adorableness Personified
Back (L-R): Great Ass-Can’t ActForShit, Deliciousness InLeather, Good Voice-Can’tActForShit, GotIt Goin’On

It’s a funny show.  We’ll put butts in seats.  i can’t wait until 6:00 PM, Sunday, 27 September.  The next time i need to feed my ego?  There are MUCH easier ways to do it… fuckthishit.

25 thoughts on “one week…

  1. manuel – i’m frighteningly at home in my character… although my ex-husband was never on death row…

    ginny – it’ll get some laughs. and it’s a small theater. makes it easy to sell out….

    rob – she’s apparently realized that she’s the least prepared of anyone in the show and is going to suck. taken to sulking back stage. shame, really, because she’s good and could have done a nice job with it with just a teeny bit of effort…

    alex – she’s got some serious boo-tay! ummm…. assuming it’s proof of “great ass” not “can’t act” that you were looking for! shame she’s not comfortable at all playing the stripper, though.

    nursemyra – tried to get my legs tan enough to avoid wearing tights, but might have to anyway… i’m telling myself it was primarily an unfortunate camera angle that did it… yes. camera angle. bad…

    unbearable banishment – it’ll entertain. mindless, funny – and reasonably quick. was supposed to run 1 hour 10 minutes with no intermission, but we stuck in an intermission… would rather speed through it, but Her Royal Highness delivers her lines — and her fucking songs — at the speed of moleasses, so we’d have probably had to let people have a mercy break anyway…

  2. A cast photo? I LOVE it!

    You look quite lovely, by the way, thighs and all — even with that “say that again and I’ll kick your ass all the way to China” sideways glance. I know it hasn’t been a perfect gig, but it sure looks fun.

    09/27: Break a leg!

  3. stephanie – yep, her ‘look’ was to be peg bundy. mine? modeled off jamie lee presley on “my name is earl”. i don’t have the body for it, but will give it what i got!

    fragrant liar – we open on the 18th. i’m counting down to ‘set strike’ and will put this behind me for good! and yes, that’s the face i was going for! glad that it came across!

    lynn – thanks. front page of the local paper last week, and another one hit the ‘big city’ paper this morning. yikes.

    steve – thanks but i’m not sure i like the ‘up skirt’ shot, but will adjust my posture accordingly…

    uk – she’s married. and a ‘category 2 bitch’ (the diva is a ‘category 5′). keep out the palin ball gag for this one… i’ll see if i can hook you up… oh, assuming you meant Ms. Great Ass, and not Deliciousness InLeather. He’s a honey.

    renal failure – yessir, thems are tallboys. i would have made ’em 40’s, but i’m not directing. feel free to turn Tag loose on us. would make the show more entertaining.

    upset waitress – good to see you back! thanks – i’m a badass in a blonde wig (with roots)

    DP – always. don’t need a costume for that!

    littlefish – may be a few excerpts posted to youtube. will see what happens! can’t wait til it’s all over!

    Bb – i might in those damn shoes. dancing in 3″ wedge heels is for tramps…

    archie – thanks, sir! i may toss that around back stage! we’re starting tech week – i’ll let you know how it goes!

    squirrelqueen – thanks! with all the press we’ve been getting? we’re expecting to be close to sold out…

  4. kono – thanks! means a lot from a hairy cream puff!

    uncle keith – even a temporary penis? just askin’….

    silverstar – thanks. i’ll let the heron know and see if he wants them back!

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