Resourceful friend…

During my workshop last week, i had a chance to catch up with a friend i hadn’t seen much over the past few years.  He was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer last winter, and is about halfway through his ‘hell year’ of treatment.  GP and his wife, DP, are simply adorable humans.  Favorite memory was from a Halloween party, where he showed up as a smokin’ hot pirate, and she was dressed scantily in a black mini skirt and jewel-encrusted mesh top…. as “The Pirate’s Booty”.

Asking GP how he was doing, i was amazed to learn that he is currently undergoing aggressive chemo.  He really showed no outward signs of feeling poorly, just maybe a little tired.  Working through it, although he said he has had some pretty grim days.  Radiation, major surgery, now chemo… he’s facing one more surgery in January to repackage his intestinal parts.

His wife, DP, was very sweet when i was diagnosed in 2006, bringing me silly gifts, booze and chocolate to cheer me on.  i asked him how she was managing – with two active children at home, part time job, she was always on the move.  GP explained that she seemed very scared, was hovering a little, and always wanted to be close to him – which was ok with him. 

daisyfae:  If there’s anything i can do for you or the family, please let me know.  Maybe just taking DP out for lunch some day and getting her drunk is what y’all need?

GP:  Well, I’ve been telling her that since I got cancer, she owes me a three-way…

daisyfae: ….

17 thoughts on “Resourceful friend…

  1. Now that’s an attitude. Hope your friend pulls through.

    Now, in my case, if my late wife had requested a three-way, I’d likely have been duelling swords with some other guy. I guess I’d have to say that’s not how I roll……

  2. DP – and the people who can process adversity with laughter? wonderful indeed… well, laughter smothered in raucous perversion is even better!

    renalfailure – there is a silver lining to every cloud. or perhaps that’s a leather-clad lining…

    rob – i’ve got a feeling he’ll land well. very difficult year, for sure, but considering the fact that he’d had a blast of chemo two weeks prior, and was one of the co-leads for this workshop? he’s moving forward… “duelling swords” Oh, crap, that’s a great way to put it…

    silverstar – good point. he didn’t specify. could have been the lamp, a three-way chili, or the two-chicks scenario. i might have to use this to get out of an awkward situation!

    tNb – indeed! gotta love a man who can see the bright sun through the clouds, though!

    jimmy – that, and a great sense of humor!

    manuel – and i’m still not sure if he was kidding. guy has the best deadpan delivery i’ve ever seen! left me wondering!

    awalkabout – good plan! i’ll give him a checklist, and have him select the ‘support’ items that are on the menu!

  3. a member of my family had stage 3 cancer that had gone to liver. she went through surgery then 3 bouts of a new chemotherapy regime and has been in remission for now 3-4 years..with no sign of cancer. life is an amazing thing..always throwing us curves…i like your outlook and my best to your friends!

  4. If I’m picturing it right, DP is hotter than GP anyway. Could be fun. Alternatively, I believe Skyline ships – you could have a three way delivered to his home. Hell – I’ll deliver it for you

  5. lynn – 1/2 men and 1/3 women will get cancer within a lifetime. we need to hit it head on, and get on with life. as you know, much better than most, there are greater challenges…

    nursemyra – still puzzled as to whether he was joking. assuming it was a joke unless i hear otherwise…

    kono – yep. live and learn. he’ll probably want to get past the second surgery first, so i think i’ve got time…

    imeantno – yep, she’s hotter than a red-hot branding iron! but i suspect she’d prefer that i deliver the skyline chili… along with a bottle of bailey’s and some fine chocolates!

  6. to be able to make light of a situation of such gravity is ultimate prayer kiddo.
    Pure and simple.
    Saying a few words for your friend tonight as I kneel before bed.

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