food? huh?

The Girl has graduated, and The Boy had the summer off, so needless to say, the Daisyfae Dream Condo has been hopping this summer.  Both of them have a marked tendency toward vampire body clocks, despite my annoying need to rise at 0600 every morning.  We learned to cohabitate well – they stayed out of my ‘bubble’ (mostly) and kept the noise down when the old broad needed to sleep.

Food-wise, however, it’s been a bit odd.  i found myself looking forward to days when The Girl would infest the kitchen, trying out new recipes and on occasion, making a midnight grocery run to purchase ingedients for the world’s most fabulous oatmeal-pecan-chocolate chip cookies.

Both of them have returned to their apartment near the university for a couple days to finish clearing out the old apartment, prior to moving day this coming Sunday.  Coming home from work tonight to a quiet home, i found myself going straight to the fridge – hoping like hell there would be some leftovers…

i really need to cook.  ok.  even more fundamental?  i probably should go to the grocery more than once every two months…


Note to the offspring:  Ate the rest of the mac and cheese.  And what the fuck kind of Doritos were those?  Nasty-assed things.  Nearly killed the taste of the Kraft cheddar in the noodles… C’mon, guys.  i’m wasting away here….

12 thoughts on “food? huh?

  1. Now I know what it was I was going to DARE you to do. It just came back to me. I dare you to send me some of those fabulous oatmeal-pecan-chocolate chip cookies.

    I can think of only one (maybe three) things I’d rather eat than some of those cookies.

    Don’t ask me to say what that other one (maybe three) things are. I blush way too easily. 😀


  2. My daughter and I live together. She likes to cook. I let her. I am not sure what I’ll do when she leaves me. I will likely starve. On the plus side (ar, ar), I could actually lose some weight.

  3. TAG – she uses the recipe from Southern Living magazine, found here. It’s pretty dreamy… perhaps the perfect food. and right now, after 3 hours at rehearsal, dancin’ my fool ass off? i could eat a couple dozen…

    rob – “honk if you’re co-dependent”… yeah… i love living alone. very, very much. but i also am most content when the three of us are sitting around, wrasslin’ the big brown dog, and just being…

    annie – they never eat my yogurt. which is mostly what i live on… so there’s that…

    unbearable banishment – they promise to put vodka in my jello when i lose all my teeth. that’s something…

    fragrant liar – The Girl is a vegetarian, and makes some really fabulous stuff these days. Her return from Beirut brought the ability to make a tabbouleh that melts my heart. The Boy, having worked in the pizza industry, can also whip up some italian-esque dishes that are pretty good. Me? i can tend bar… i’m down over 30 lbs since new years… so that’s a benefit, i suppose…

  4. When I was a kid I used to watch The Jetsons. I feel cheated now that I’m grown up but still not living a Jetson lifestyle with instant food and robots and flying cars

  5. When they are around, you need to sit loudly and heavily in a chair and proclaim, “I’m hungry and we don’t have nothin’ to eat in this stupid house,” followed by an exasperated sigh. In five minutes, you need to follow that up with, “I’m hungry…what do we have to eat in this house?”

    If they aren’t going to be around, hamburger helper is always nice.

  6. Oh golly, I MUST have food at the ready thus I am diligent in making sure my kitchen is well stocked with Pop-tarts & Twinkies, canned Soup, Spray Cheese (straight from the bottle of course) with copious amounts of chips and light beer. All this and I can still maintain my job in modeling male underpants. It’s all in the jeans, oops, I meant genes. Wanna come over for supper sometime ?

  7. rassles – i have often longed for ‘food-related telekenisis’. but i’d probably use it to hit people with pies, rather than stock the fridge…

    alex – i dunno. i don’t eat. i fall down. i drink too much. i fall down. it’s a toss up. well, sometimes, i tosses up when i drink too much…

    nursemyra – i want the housekeeper robot. Rosie. My favorite episode was when the male mechanic robot fell in love with her…. RO-sie! RO-sie! poor thing…

    uncle keith – as The Girl pointed out to me last night, my blog post is the 21st century equivalent of flopping in the chair and whining about the lack of food… oh, and can you make hamburger helper without hamburger? no milk? no butter? no other shit? just add water to the box, stick it in the microwave maybe? might be worth a try…

    S – jalapeno pringles and spray cheese! a gourmet delight! dinner? you betcha!

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